Did Cal Players Fake Injuries to Slow Oregon Down?

By Jason Priestas on November 17, 2010 at 12:35p

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you know what, who cares?  teams did that against the bengals WAAAYYYYYY back in 88, 89, so it's nothing new.  too bad it didn't help them win that game!!

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I watched this live, 1) he could have gotten a cramp, 2) he does look like he might have twisted his knee or something while looking back at the sideline, 3) the commentators at the time said the coaches were telling him to go down if he felt hurt, which I didn't see cuz they didn't have a sideline shot at the time, 4) they did this only once late in the game, and Oregon wasn't hurrying too fast at the time anyway because they were trying to go down and score and not leave time on the clock for when Cal got the ball back.

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