Is Latwan Anderson Leaving Miami?

By Alex on October 16, 2010 at 11:17a
“This really starting to **** me off..I’ve never regretted a thing in life, nanna said theres a first time for everything though…yeahh its bout that time make that call!” and “It is almost like freshman are invisible”. (Huuricane Sports Nation)

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Dean's picture

Seantrel Henderson isn't invisible, he's starting.  just sayin.

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Good point.

Remember those Canes fans bragging about stealing Latwan Anderson? And the dude can't even make a dent in their porous secondary? Sounds like Tress missed on a real winner.

Alex's picture

It's not even about if he played or's about how immature he is and his attitude...I am very happy we didn't take this kid (even if he says Tressel "screwed him") because he's another Ray Small waiting to happen.....Maybe he needs a positive influence like JT in his life but no way we should take him if he begs in now

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Also another true frosh starting today at MLB for Colin McCarthy

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Don't come knocking, kid.