Agent Alleges Santonio Holmes Took Money While at Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on October 12, 2010 at 2:20p

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• Through a New York Jets spokesperson, Santonio Holmes denied taking money from any agent while in college or telling Luchs and Steve Feldman that he had taken money. Feldman confirmed to SI that Holmes told him and Luchs that an agent was paying him.


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And so it starts...the main reason not to be number one.  What no Mo Clarett to kick around anymore?

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Has nothing to do with being #1. It was an article that called out about 30-40 different players.

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Correct.  Nothing about blasting tOSU.  Looks like a guy who was shady and got busted doing what he can to make a buck.

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He just wanted to help the kids out, just him and mother teresa looking out for the downtrodden on this earth. 

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Chicanery!  This guy got his tit in the ringer and now is squealing like a little piggy.  This entire article sounds like bullcrap.  I'm sure there are players, even at our beloved OSU, that have taken money.  This story just doesn't sound genuine.  It doesn't pass the smell test. JMHO.

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Just please, please, please, please, please, please, please tell me this won't affect our football program in any way (if true)!

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Alright, I officially have a new paranoia, and its Terrelle Pryor taking money from an agent.

Just read this below, and then think about Pryor for a second.

Pryor never fails to have nice shades, clothes, and even the occasionally full suit on from time to time. If you've ever seen his mom, she looks much better off than written in that story. It just raises the very suspicious "how?" from me, especially in these times in college football.

Its just...

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I don't have firsthand knowledge about the Pryor's financial situation, but private lenders (banks) are more than willing to extend credit/loan money to surefire NFL talent based on their earning potential post-draft.  The private lender takes a calcluated risk that a player will play in the NFL and make a great deal of money (not that much of a gamble for many top flight OSU products). 

Beanie Wells did something to this effect during his time at OSU and my understanding is that there is nothing untowards about it.  I have a close friend who lives a block from Doc Tressel in German Village, and each fall he holds a dinner for the RBs.  Beanie initially drove to the event in his beat up clunker car, and eventually had a nice SUV by the time he was a junior. 

A bank will never loan money to JakeBuckeye or Matt because of how well (or poorly) we throw a football, but there are a select few to whom they will.

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LeBron and "LRMR" are what worry me the most, I guess. Its very easy for me to see him hooking TP and his family up with a lot of stuff.

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This story completely passes the smell test to me.  Self-serving and/or bitter for the author? Sure.  Completely bogus? Not likely.  Enough people independently verifying parts of the story for it to be total fabrication.  More than just about any other on-line sports article I can recall, this appeared sourced without a bunch of anonymous "sources close to team x" BS

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Oh, and by the way, I probably would be claiming total BS on the story if it included something that could hurt the Buckeyes (in all honesty).  But, nothing in the story indicates the confessing agent ever paid any player at OSU, or has any first-hand knowledge of any OSU players that accepted benefits from any other agent.  I don't think it is sanction-worry for a player to lie to an agent, as was alledged here, even if the contact itself was improper according to NCAA rules.

I'm glad the author was a west coast guy   

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This guy is scum. I'm glad this guy is being punished, it's karma. I really don't think you should be proud that you pimped "LA girls" to Ryan Leaf to put food on the table for your children that weren't born yet. I hope that teaches your daughters to go sleep with college football players that eventually fail out of the NFL and do drugs.

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