Three Things - Indiana

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October 14, 2012 at 11:12p

I had a day to stew on this, but I had to post some thoughts on the Indiana game.  I can not give you five coherent observations and analysis like Chris, you will have to settle for three random ramblings:

1) Officiating - I hate to "blame" things on the stripes, but was Mike Hart the replay official Saturday?  The onside kick recovery still leaves me scratching my head... clearly one foot was down before the ball was shoved back onto the field.  Even worse was the overturned interception.  if anything the review showed Bryant had his hands between the ball and the ground before he was able to secure it.

2) Too Big to be Missed? - Where was Big Hank?  He made a huge impact on the game when he was in, as usual.  However, he was out on Shane Wynn's big TD and I started to look for him  more after that... he seemed to be taking a lot more snaps from the sideline than on any other game.  If that was really the case it does not surprise me at all that the Silver Bullets gave up a season high in points.

3) Guiton Knows O - Once again Kenny comes in and the offense really clicks.  It is clear to me that he makes dramatically better reads than Braxton and has a better grasp on the offense.  I am not implying that I want someone other than Braxton under center, but i do believe that what Braxton is doing now with his other-worldly athleticism is just scratching the surface of what this offense could be.


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1.  Much officiating left me scratching my head Saturday, not just in our game.  Stanford did score on ND in overtime, and the replay official did not overturn the bad on the field call - the runner never made contact with the ground as he was on top of ND players while he held the ball out to cross the goal line.  As for our game, I thought the foot came down out of bounds while the IN player was still in contact with the onside kick.  But that didn't bother me nearly as much as Roby not making sure the ball was protected/out of bounds so the IN player could not get to it anyway.  I have seen them at practice drill on that specific type of on side kick - your job on the good hands team is to make sure nothing like that can happen.  It was a freakish play, but still Roby was in position to prevent it if he just doesn't assume the ball is headed out of bounds and give up on it.  And, as far as bad officiating goes, I have always viewed them as one of those obstacles that good teams need to overcome (play so well that their crappy calls don't hurt you!)
2.  Don't know why Big Hank was not on the field more.  My guess is that with the number of plays, fast pace, and the night game it was very tiring for anyone in the game.  I know everyone on here loves night games, but there really is a tremendous home team advantage for night games.  It is tiring for the visiting team unless it is playing into their normal time zone (a west coast team playing an 8 pm game on the east coast is really just playing a late afternoon game for themselves).  Yes, OSU just came off a night game the week before, but that one was indeed a big game, and arguably the best game of the year for both the O and D.  One should expect a little let down after a game like that.  Then, you step into a night game at IN and you think you know night games are no big deal.  But, you are on the road, staying over an hour away from campus, and it really messes with your mind.  It is easy for fatigue to catch up with you. As much as all of us would like to think these players can adjust to all of this, remember they really are just teenagers or so - not pros.   And, heck, even the pros have trouble adjusting to extreme travel issues.  This is not an excuse, just an observation.  And, these issues should really not affect good teams, but they do. 
3. I have been super impressed with Kenny G coming into the game.  As much as I know that Braxton needs to be in there, I really don't worry at all if Kenny comes into the game.  In fact, I do believe that we probably would have won a couple more games last year if he was the go to instead of B'man.   Let's face it, at Nebraska last year wouldn't you have been happier to have a mobile Q replace Braxton when he went down?  Kenny is a great back up this year. 

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Agree with you on the onside kick, but the Bryant interception clearly hit the ground. There were a host of angles that were not conclusive but in the mix they hit one where it was obvious.

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Agreed on the interception. I remember seeing that angle where it showed the ball hitting the ground and the people around me at the bar and I let out a collective sigh knowing that it would be overturned.

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The people with whom I was watching the game also came to the same conclusion about Sat's officiating.
I don't know if something happened between an official and some players/coach but there was a point in the third quarter when I was pretty sure that every flag was going to be against us until the game's end. I forget the exact play now but there was one where everyone at the table thought it was going to be on them. I remarked that I bet it was going to be against us and it turned out to be 2 penalties against us.
And yes, we got hosed on that onside kick. Not only should it have been our possession but we should have gotten good field position from the out-of-bounds penalty.

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Good summary of Kenny Guiton.  Kenny isn't the athlete Braxton is, but boy does he deliver when he comes in.  I hear a lot of comments from friends (non-OSU fans) that we'd be in trouble if Braxton gets hurt, but based on how Kenny runs the offense I think we'd still be pretty good.  I'd go as far to say I'd start Kenny over about 8 of the current starting QB's in the B1G.   

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Thanks all for your comments!  I don't know why, but I do feel better that other people saw the ball drop between Bryant's hands.  I will look more closely the next time I can catch a replay.  Maybe I am only one for three, as I also thought Stephon Taylor's elbow was down on ND's OT goal line stand.
NW Buckeye makes a great point on the onside kick... Roby gave up on that play.  I love Roby's nose for the ball and how he has been playing this year in general, but that was just bad effort.
Here's hoping Braxton continues to roll and our D causes some boiler ache this weekend and gets back to Silver Bullet form.

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It's hard to say on the elbow. I actually had a discussion with one of my best friends about this same topic. I think he got a over the line, as did my friend, but the key part of that is "think". There was no decisive angle on it and based on the rules, the guy reviewing it has to be 100% positive on it. So basically whatever we "think" we saw is just speculation. He thought it should be overturned and I thought the call needed to stand as is based on the information. Tough call regardless, but it is what it is I guess.

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Kenny is a great back-up .... if he was better he would be starting let's not forget that.