Tressel investigator bringing down UCLA Basketball tomorrow

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February 28, 2012 at 11:09p

So, I'm a displaced Buckeye living in Los Angeles... Weather nice, beach view is nice, but damn do I miss CFB.

Anyway, heard on local Los Angeles sports radio that the same Yahoo! sports investigators that brought down Tressel are going public tomorrow with a story to bring down UCLA basketball.  It involves violations and drug abuse.

This may start a new standard for Ahtletic Directors everywhere: if Yahoo! Sports is on your campus... start shreddin' those file cabinets (or deletin' them emails)


Maybe, it's all wrong.  Maybe you all knew and I'm the last one to know.  Maybe I'm right...  Remember, before these things make the press, they make the rumor mill

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Very interested to read it, these "scandals" are compelling news. But I hope it's a whole lot of nothing and another Dohrmann yawner (i.e. players smoking weed). It's Los Angeles after all, almost everyone I know out there smokes in bunches. 

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Scandal??? What's a scandal these days.


First off, CFB & CBB isn't a kids game, it's a billion dollar industry garnered by millionaire coaches and volunteers in shoulderpads.  When money is involved, scandals are sure to follow.  But, in a media world where hype equals ratings, applying the 'scandal' label is a great hook.  Just have an anchor appear shocked to find out a poor 19 year old campus celebrity took free stuff with no strings attached.

Tressel broke a rule and got fired (well, resigned before a firing), just like any other authority figure getting caught looking the other way.  Is one violatory decision by one employee a scandal... not buying it.

Oregon buying a recruit... that's a scandal.  But, goddamn, can't all their millionaire boosters figure out how to funnel a measley $25k to a guy in Texas without having to use the University ledger?  I guarantee the SEC/NotreDame/tOSU/scUM/Texas is laughing their asses off.

Miami is a large scandal.

Penn State is so horrific the word scandal is too mild.

Cecil Newton asking Miss. St. for $180,000 for the greatest one and done QB in CFB history.  What a moron, Cam was worth way more than that.

But seriously, I wish the sports media could come to a consensus on the word 'scandal'.

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Rigging small time raffles would be a perfect example of a full out scandal.

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Not to mention that the raffles are years ago with no proof other than an unreliable source.

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Ziplock007, just curious, what the reason for you screen name?


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I am a secret agent with the glad corporation.  For those of you who thinks it's safe to just wrap that leftover burger in foil and put it in the fridge think again.  We'll find you... the ramifications won't be pretty.

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Mind, blown. What was left of it.

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How this more directly involves the Buckeye faithful, is that Tony Parker was considered a lean to UCLA basketball next year. If this is true, hopefully it gives the Bucks a better shot at bringing in another big body to help replace Sully.

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This guy didn't "bring down" Tressel. Don't know what you're talking about. 

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ehh... maybe I don't.  I'm not 100% read up on the Tressel violations... +1 DefendOhio

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The only reason I might say the SI thing "brought down" Tressel is that I believe the mag came out Thursday or Friday and he was out on Monday. It gives that appearence anyway.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Heard rumors of payment(s) being made to Kyle Anderson; but that can probably be said for just about every top basketball recruit.

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I read the article...I must say it was better written than his OSU article at least.  I don't question the sources as much, and it tells a more logical, believable story.  What is said does make sense.  He really makes this Reeves Nelson guy look like a total piece of shit.

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