Sit Back and Enjoy the Championship (Oversigning) Bowl

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December 4, 2011 at 10:25p

The College Football National Championship game is around the corner, happens every year.  And, we all know this is the first time both representatives reside in the same conference... and yes, it's that impressive SEC conference again.

The SEC conference is impressive, just look how they fared against the B10 last bowl season... A damn good Buckeye squad gave it their all to edge out Arkansas.  Mich St, the Co-B10 Champion (on paper at least), were overpowered, overmatched, and overwhelmed against the 4th best team in the SEC West Division, you know them as Alabama.  And, for comic relief, Miss St. hammered Michigan.

What you don't know about (from ESPN at least) is OVERSIGNING.  This blog and have hammered the issue, but it somehow eludes the national sports media.  Here's a quick breakdown: Oversigning: offering more scholarships than available spots. FBS teams have 85 scholarship spots; a spot is available when a scholarship player either: 1) graduates, 2) leaves early for the NFL, 3) kicked off the team, 4) transfers, 5) medical hardship, 6) Other... For SEC schools, the latter 4 happen a lot more than the Big 10.

Ok, where's my soapbox?  In the last four recruiting classes, which exclude 5th year seniors, here are the scholarships.  Ohio State - 78.  Alabama - 113. LSU - 105.  All three teams that recruit great players, but Alabama and LSU seem to have an extra recruiting class or two to make up their rosters.  The forgotten players just transfer outThe bigger the talent pool, the greater the end product... hence, the top SEC schools are consistently better than OSU and co.

Last year OSU was pretty impressive (minus Wisconsin's first half).  Could you have imagined the sheer dominance of Pryor's/Tressel's final year (sigh) if they had 36 more top recruits to fill the roster.  Why do I say 36?  Because that's how many more recruits Arkansas had when they met in last year's Sugar Bowl.  This makes OSU's January win (I mean July loss) that much more impressive.

Coaches like Tressel and Paterno's kid speak out against it, but don't put them on a pedastal... Big Ten rules prohibit it.  Hire them in the SEC and they'll master the Oversigning Arts just to stay afloat.

Either the NCAA needs to step in and prevent schools from treating kids like commodities, or the B10 needs to join the club.  The NCAA legislates everything from restricting a recruits's bagel toppings (not a joke) to free tattoos, hopefully SEC vs. SEC will give them the wakeup call to address oversigning.  Remember, it's the NCAA... don't hope too hard.

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My opinion, and I'm sure some will not agree with this, is that they shouldn't even bother to play the NC game.  It pains me to make this argument, because I loathe anything SEC and LSU, but I think LSU should just be crowned the national champions.  Let's face it - they're clearly the best team in America.  They're the only team that handled their business every single week.  And they did it with perhaps the toughest schedule of any team out there.  They beat everyone that is worth beating in the SEC.  They beat the champions of the PAC 12 (Oregon) and the Big East (West Virginia) handily - Oregon on a neutral site, West Virginia in Morgantown.  What more does LSU have to prove?  What's beating Alabama a second time going to prove that LSU hasn't already proven?  And if LSU loses to Alabama, can you really say that LSU doesn't deserve to be the national champions?  LSU and Alabama would be 13-1 and 12-1 respectively with a split of two games played against each other.  Plus, this year's MNC game is in New Orleans, and it's a bit of an unfair advantage that they get to play that game in their home state less than 100 miles away from their campus.  That would be like OSU getting to play the MNC game in Cincinnati or Cleveland.

Honestly, if they were to just crown LSU as the national champions right now, and have Alabama bump undeserving scUM out of the Sugar Bowl, I would have absolutely no problem with that.  That's just me, though.

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I'll be watching the 2003 Fiesta Bowl on DVD and make sure the cable box is OFF.

...or playing Battlefield 3 and pretending that each enemy is from the SEC.

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I for one will not be watching and at the same time I will be rooting for Alabama (blechhchch..... I just threw up in my mouth) so that the lunacy of this whole affair becomes even more apparent.

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I guess my only hope for the game is that the rating are terrible.  That is the only way for change to happen.  I will do my part by not watching.

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I think poor ratings are going to be a given.  The BCS games in general are pretty lack luster this year.  Outside of devout college football fans, this game doesn't have much national pull, and I think the map someone posted yesterday that basically showed that only the state of Alabama was in favor of the rematch, will reflect ratings.

I said a couple of times yesterday too, that LSU beating Bama pretty badly along with Oklahoma State winning their bowl game creates a huge shitstorm of how the BCS got it wrong again.  As much as I hate it that they are getting the rematch, I think it's better this way.  Could you imagine what would happen if Bama were left out and Oklahoma State got destroyed by LSU?  It would be worse than when Auburn were left out a few years back.  I maintain it was the best thing that ever happened to the SEC.  USC would have beaten anyone that night.  They looked like a damn NFL team playing scrubs that night.  If Auburn made it in and got blasted, it wouldn't have given credibility to any SEC coach who got on TV and whined that their teams weren't getting a fair shot, like Meyer in 2006.

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Very informative. 

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I will glady watch an Alabama/LSU rematch, the tenacity and physicality shown during the first game was impressive.


To play devil's advocate, are there some potential benefits to oversigning? Are there kids who wouldn't have earned any years on scholarship without oversigning, that were able to have a quarter or half of their college paid for?

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Enough with the oversigning whining already. How about someone actually beat those southern jerkoffs in a B.C.S title game.


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How 'bout those southern jerkoffs play some games in some cold weather.  Let me know how that turns out...

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I'm all for that.

Closest thing we saw was Alabama going up North and rolling state Penn.


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That's not the point.  LSU or Alabama would be favored over any other team in any locale be it home, away, neutral, or a deserted grassfield in northern Alaska.  Let's assume LSU was playing Wisconsin for the title game in Green Bay: whom is the hands down favorite?  Exactly.

Take two great coaching staffs in a power conference that always have top notch recruiting classes.  The team that recruits classes ~40% larger than teams that don't oversign (ie, Ohio State) have a distinct advantage.

The reason the SEC always win championship games in New Orleans, Florida, Phoenix, and Pasadena is not because the weather is 15-20° warmer.  It's because they have 30-40 more recruits in the last 4-5 years to fill out a roster.

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It does help to be able to recruit pure speed because you know you'll never have to play in certain conditions that warrant a power running game. But I do think people are figuring out the spread. Urban Meyer acknowledged as much during a broadcast this year (just look at how inept the SEC East offenses are). The fact that Urban acknowledged that lets me know that he's just one step ahead of everyone else.

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2009  Capital One Bowl    PSU vs LSU  

Though the game wasn't exactly played up north, they did have up north weather... like ALOT of snow! Which... coincidentally, PSU won 19 - 17

Hmmm...... kinda makes one wonder huh?

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I just think that it would be a much more intriguing game with OSU in the game instead of 'bama. Talk all you want about these defenses, and they are tip top, but it would be much more interesting to see a great offense like OSU's against LSU's defense. The supposed game of the century was about as exciting as shopping at Lowe's. Not watching the rematch.

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It will be interesting to see how the 4 year scholarships that are now allowed will change this.  Those schalarships aren't allowed to be revoked due to on the field effectiveness (or lack thereof).  Of course the SEC still has more transfers and medical hardships than other conferences, so that wouldn't change and may get worse.  But I have to imagine if it gets out that the SEC coaches are being even more aggressive in their tactics to force people to transfer or sit out due to "injury" there might be some recruiting backlash.  On the other hand, all of these 5 star guys think that they will be the next heisman winner and would never end up in that situation.  Only time will tell.