Penn State Will Pay (Literally)

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July 20, 2012 at 12:21a

Somewhere in a parallel universe the winningest college football coach/philantropist/community leader/all around nice guy (along and his assistant, athletic director, vice president, & president) dial 911 before 13 years elapse.

Even though he left the world in a modicum of controversy, as any graduate from a football mill would expect, the Penn State students "got JoePa's back".  Please withhold judgement, they're simply continuing the worship that's been in practice for generations.  After 46 years of "Success with Honor", their faith is too fanatical to be wavered.  And, while the exalted one donated $4 million over the years...

The Lawsuits, they are a 'comin.  Every 5 star Martindale Hubbell litigation expert on the east coast is feverishly polishing their resume for the inevitable.  $100,000,000.00 or more will vanish from the ledgers.  Even the gutless enablers want part of the action.

JoePa, the master strategist, planned ahead.  Even the taxpayers fork over $13,400,000.00 to JoePa's wife.  But who funds the lawsuits?  While the monthly tuition bills won't include a 'Sandusky tax', Nittany Lions can expect tuition increases, fee hikes, new fees, understaffings, and pricier health insurance, dorms, and meal plans.

Guess what Penn State Students?  This is your fate.  You're paying for the ills of your hero.

Joe Paterno once uttered, "The minute you think you've got it made, disaster is just around the corner."
I cannot not improve upon that comment.

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We get it Penn State. You are mad your hero wasn't such a hero. Their love for the man has now crossed into delusion.

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You've got to assume the victims will receive their money via civil lawsuits, regardless of anybody making PSU pay. So, when people ask about what kind of punishment PSU deserves --- I'm always surprised when people are foolish enough to say: "Just take the money from the games and donate it to charity," or something along those lines. Nick Saban was echoing that same sentiment yesterday --- calling for a tax of sorts on PSU athletic evens as the means of punishment. The problem is: that still does not punish the crimes. The victims were already going to get payment anyways. This notion of donating to a charity group is way of diverting real punishment from PSU, for the worst cover-up in history. It simply doesn't go far enough. Also, if Nick Saban had a 12-year old boy who was raped, and they asked him if he wanted those who enabled the rapist & then covered it up put in you think he'd say, "Oh, no - no jailtime for him, just take a percentage of his earnings and donate it to some charity." No way! The worst scandal & cover-up in the history of sports deserves the most severe punishment. This BS about donating to charity does not go far enough and clearly misses the point.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes