Jim Bollman is Consistent

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October 13, 2011 at 1:59a

Being consistently good (not great) can open more doors because, while you may never dazzle, you still produce.  Of course, if you're consistent at something, and you're always terrible... then you're probably named Jim Bollman.

Let's take a trip back to 2005 and look back at the offensive talent.

QB: Troy Smith (Future Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL Draft Pick)
WR: Anthony Gonzalez, Ted Ginn, Santonio Holmes (ALL OF WHOM WERE FIRST ROUND NFL DRAFT PICKS!!!)
WR #4: Roy Hall (NFL Draft Pick)
RB: Antonio Pittman (First Day Draft Pick)
OL: Nick Mangold (First round draft pick, starts for Jets), Rob Sims & Doug Datish (NFL draft picks)
TE: Ryan Hamby

You may have noticed something.  TE is the only key position without premier NFL talent.  Boy oh boy, this offense must be remembered as one of the best of the decade (or all time). Could you imagine what RichRod would've done with that fleet of talent?  Now, keep in mind they were complimented with an elite defense.

So, how did they fare against top talent?
Texas: 22 points (lost by 3)
Penn State: 10 points (lost by 7)
Michigan: 25 points

Even when factoring in the crap teams (Miami Oh, SDSU, etc...) they were only 5th in the Big Ten in points per game.  That's it!  Five out of eleven.  They were a middle of the pack Big Ten offense.  They assembled the best offensive talent in recent memory but finished a notch above mediocre.

And their offensive coordinator: Jim Bollman.  How the hell is this guy employed????  Is anyone really shocked at this year's futility?  They have talent; however, he needs a future NFL unit just to achieve mediocrity.


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We know we know..Bollman sucks.


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Headline: Deadhorse beaten again. Still Dead.


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Yeah that and Jim Tressel called the offensive plays. Bollman was OC in name only.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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   Coach Fickell needs to step up and trump Bollman's terrible play calls... somebody on the coaching staff absolutely has to have more common sense than him. Maybe Coach Heacock could call plays for the offense, certainly couldn't do any worse. Or they could take votes from the fans or something. It would be awesome if somebody would just sneak up behind him in the press box one Saturday afternoon and push him out of the window. If we're lucky, they'll push him hard enough to clear the stands and land on Bauserstank and Siciliano. Three birds, one stone...  

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We play defense. This TOSU we don't need no stinkin' offense.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.