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Article Tabs 4 B1G Assistants as Kansas Candidates Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports covers the sorry state of Kansas football... Basically a team that hired an offensive minded coach has ZERO offense. Charlie Weis had a uniq...
28 Sep 2014
by ziplock007

OSU vs. UC: Significance of This Photo?

Ok OSU Fans... In honor of the University of Cincinnati vs. THE Ohio State University game... I have a quick trivia question... This question should be really easy to answer. Question: WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PHOTO BELOW? The UC WR is George Murray & the OSU defender is Cie Grant. H...
25 Sep 2014
by ziplock007

New QBs, Hype, and Small Sample Sizes

Let's not pretend any of us know how successful JT Barrett or Cardell Jones will fare in 2014.  In 10 days we'll have an idea. OSU will beat Navy about 31-17... and let the hype begin... we'll say his 2 TD passes are 'way ahead of schedule' for someone his age... His leadership and athleticism ...
20 Aug 2014
by ziplock007

Strength of Schedule: Dead Horse Beaten Edition

Schedules Matter. The FBS division: 125 teams, 12 regular season games. Harder Schedules are Harder: For example, last year both LSU & Ball State finished 10-3.  Which team is better?   Football seasons are brutal.  Tough schedules have a higher accumulation of collision...
16 Aug 2014
by ziplock007

The Last of the Tresselites

In high school my devoted sophomore history teacher was set to retire.  His biggest fear was becoming a member of "The Who."  For years he saw teachers devote over 30 years as a teacher, coach, mentor, and leader; yet, when he'd mention their name 2 years after their retirements, the newco...
30 May 2014
by ziplock007

Why NW Players get a 6 figure salary... ALREADY!!!

Ask anybody who ever entered the real world... It sounds exhilarating, until the bills are due.  Life costs money, and Northwestern players want $$$.  Who can blame them?  They work very hard in a billion dollar industry and have zero income. Here's a solution.  Stop the freeb...
18 Apr 2014
by ziplock007

OSU Kickoff times - Weird Stuff

UPDATE: According to 11W Staffer Kyle Rowland (comment below) The Purdue, Indiana and Illinois game times have not been announced. The Big Ten will announce those decisions two Mondays before the game. For example, Purdue will be announced this coming Monday.   Original Story: Apparentl...
17 Oct 2013
by ziplock007

Jim Bollman (Dead Horse Beaten)

Ok, I get it. We all get it. Jim Bollman was, is, and forever shall be a terrible football mind.  Jim Bollman was so bad... How bad was he? He was so bad ElevenWarriors devoted several articles highlighting the black belt of ineptitude. The Last Refuge of Failure 1st Annual Jim ...
11 Sep 2013
by ziplock007

The Opponent's Week Befores

If you haven't figured it out, Buckeye fans are loyal to W's; the Fightin' Urbans need precisely 14 of them to win a title.  Now that pesky opening day is over, we're in the "middle" of the season.  the middle is that span from week 2 to the last game before the b...
03 Sep 2013
by ziplock007

Big Ten State Beer Consumption Rankings

Good Evening Buckeye Fans.  I know we're all enjoying 11W's own Johnny Ginter's Big Ten State Ranking list of... whatever it is state's have official things of.  It's nice to know Ohio is first in official state birds, state flowers, and state mottos.  There's ...
06 May 2013
by ziplock007

Which Big Ten Team Is Your Favorite?

Despite all the bad press, the Big Ten teams have some of the best fans in the country.  When you get great universities that pump out lots of great degrees, the students spread across the country and accomplish great things.  I've lived in Las Vegas and now Los Angeles and I see OSU a...
16 Oct 2012
by ziplock007

My Cat Disapproves of the PAC12

Guys, Yeah it's a down year for the B1G (again).  Yeah, the defense is a sieve.  Yeah, the B1G has less respect than Rodney (Dangerfield, not King). Sick and tired hearing the same hyperbole over and over again?  I bet all B1G fans are.  I live in Pac12 country (L...
28 Sep 2012
by ziplock007

Penn State Will Pay (Literally)

Somewhere in a parallel universe the winningest college football coach/philantropist/community leader/all around nice guy (along and his assistant, athletic director, vice president, & president) dial 911 before 13 years elapse. Even though he left the world in a modicum of controversy, ...
20 Jul 2012
by ziplock007

Arkansas learned from Tressel's exit

Ok, this is a College Football blog so the 4 people that read this already knew about Bobby 'Admiral Moron' Petrino. Anyway, this reminds me of springtimes past when the 'Tressel Knew' Story hit the waves.  Boy oh boy, don't we remember.  But, OSU, full of resili...
14 Apr 2012
by ziplock007

OSU 1 and Done? It has happened...

Ohio state is a #2 seed.  History says #2 seeds only have a 96.2% chance of victory.  Tasting victory a mere 104 times out of 108 opportunities.  Ok, you can smell the sarcasm... but #15 seeds have won 4 times. #15 Seeds are never feared, they are the unwanted, the untalented, ...
15 Mar 2012
by ziplock007

Bret vs. Urban: The Aftermath No need to read the story, here's a recap. The B1G coaches were snacking at TGIFridays as they reminisced on the coaches of yesteryore.  Tressel and Carr and Til...
05 Feb 2012
by ziplock007