Buckeye Charting Project - Cal Helmet Stickers

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September 23, 2013 at 9:13p


What a showing by Bosa! Five helmet stickers for a true freshman is ridiculous. The rest of the D-line was solid as well.

Unfortunately, our veteran players do not look impressive under this metric. Yes, it doesn't capture the balls that *weren't* thrown Roby's way... but it's very unusual and a little concerning to see Shazier, Grant, and Roby all in the negatives.

Powell was actually the player who worries me the most for this defense going forward. As Ross mentions in his writeup, he was often taking poor angles on screens to his side of the field. Even when he wasn't missing the tackle entirely, he was letting himself get blocked out of the play.

Player Plus Minus Total
Bosa 5 0 5
Hale 2 0 2
Bennett 2 1 1
Spence 2 1 1
Carter 1 0 1
Reeves 1 0 1
S. Miller 1 0 1
Bryant 3 3 0
Brown 1 1 0
Barnett 1 1 0
Shazier 2 3 -1
Powell 1 2 -1
D. Grant 0 1 -1
Roby 0 3 -3


Smooth Jazz, man, what more can I say that hasn't already been said. Quarterbacks tend to shine in this rating system.. but still, he only made 5 bad decision the whole game. 

Urban Meyer singled out Heuerman and Spencer for their amazing blocking. We see you, guys, even if the stat sheet doesn't. Hoping you get a few more touches in the future. It's always nice to see our charting results agree with what the coaches saw.

As befits a game with this level of scoring, the offense graded out almost entirely positives. Hope they can keep this up. In fact, the only net negative for the game was... a bad pass interference no-call on the refs.

It's good to see Decker rebounding, and outpacing several of his more experienced O-linemen. Somewhat sadder to see Linsley managing to negate his huge number of positives, though.

Player Plus Minus Total
Guiton 13 5 8
Heuerman 7 1 6
Spencer 5 0 5
J. Hall 5 0 5
Smith 4 1 3
Mewhort 4 1 3
Brown 4 1 3
Decker 4 2 2
M. Hall 3 1 2
Norwell 2 0 2
Fields 1 0 1
O-line 1 0 1
Vannet 1 0 1
Basil 1 0 1
Wilson 1 0 1
Vannett 1 0 1
Hall 1 1 0
Linsley 5 5 0
Refs 0 1 -1


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O seems to get more than D. Do you have total numbers through all games?

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It might be because I've been doing defense almost every week and I am a bit stingier than some :) I think it's somewhat that we're facing teams that do a lot of quick screen stuff... the only real opportunity in that case to get a plus is to have Powell or Reeves blow up the screen right away... which doesn't tend to happen. You also have a lot of invisible plusses - if the quarterback went to his second option because Roby or Grant was in tight coverage on his first... normally that's not even on the screen.
Also, our offense is better than our defense, and we've faced better offenses than defenses at this point in the season.
I can throw a running total together next evening I get some time. I've finally got a good system going in the spreadsheet now, so these were much quicker to compile.