We may have to cheer for Duke?

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November 15, 2013 at 9:49p

I know that this sounds absolutely insane, but, if Duke wins the remainder of their games, they will win the Coastal division of the ACC and will play for the ACC Championship versus... Florida State. 

If Alabama and Florida State are both undefeated at the time, then we will have to cheer for the SEC East champion (Good God don't let it be South Carolina, because that's a guaranteed loss) or... DUKE. Yes DUKE. Duke could actually make it to the conference championship, no not the basketball team, the football team that hasn't won a bowl game since the 1961 Cotton Bowl against Arkansas (you know this was back in the stone age when Duke beat an SEC team in a bowl game) But Arkansas wasn't in the SEC back then (Well there's your explanation) 

But the thing is, if Duke goes to the ACC Championship, they'll be 10-2. So it's not an impossibility that Duke could actually beat Florida State. Also the ACC Title game is in Charlotte, North Carolina. A slight home field advantage for Duke (even though it'll be a "neutral site" game.) So if all that happens, and it is actually likely to happen, we as Buckeye supporters will have to do: 

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That's just depressing if our our hopes come down to rooting for Duke Football.  Been wondering myself who, if anyone, would have a shot in he11 at Florida State in the ACsuCks championship game. My thought has been Va. Tech but I zero confidence in them.  Does anyone think Florida has a shot? Because..you know...SEC!   
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I'm not kidding Duke isn't a pushover this year, They went to Va. Tech and won this year. I think they'd give FSU a fight if they played, who knows, maybe even... WIN!!

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I will take help from anyone at this point..  I have not seen Duke play at all this year but the difference in talent between Duke and FSU would be huge. You would think Va. Tech would have a better chance based on talent and Coaches that have been in big games before.  Duke is a great story though this year.  I thought Cutcliffe got screwed at Ole Miss so I am glad he is doing good somewhere else.

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I think they can beat Miami. Without Duke Johnson or Dorsett I think Duke fairs well. When Morris is forced to carry the load he has proven to be a turnover machine. Miami has to let Dallas Crawford carry them on the ground. Duke will have their work cut out for them, I'll be rooting for them. Georgia Tech could have really helped us last night as well.

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Those games aren't relevant at all. We will not be passing the teams in front of us unless they lose. 

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Wouldn't find cheering for Duke football difficult at all....that'd be a helluva story if they can make the ACC title game and knock off FSU.

Nobody could've seen that happening.

Getting to be that time of year where are no gimmes, no room for slip-ups.

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Then again this legal trouble possibility for Winston could be FSU's undoing if an arrest is made.  Hopefully he didn't commit the assault and won't be charged with a crime, that would not be the way we'd want the bucks to move up to #2.  Neat story about Duke, have not seen them play, but they would probably be the biggest underdog in the history of conference championships anywhere if Winston is still at the helm.

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I'd root for Duke in football. I think I don't enjoy watching them lose in football because their team generally sucks. But hey, if they underdog could take out FSU, I'd love for OSU to have a shot at Bama.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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I would feel better if va tech got to play fsu. Yeah I know they lost to duke, but they played Bama well so I think that they could beat fsu. Fsu would blow duke out
*edit* Wow I just realized that VT lost to Maryland today. FSU isn't losing a game this year and whoever they play in the ACC title game it is going to be a blowout. The more I look at FSUs schedule the worse it looks. The  schedule is comparable to OSU. there only hood win is Clemson, who in my eyes is just as good as Wisconsin. So the schedules are a wash

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Baylor loses to OkSU
Alabama loses to Auburn
FSU loses to Florida or Duke
Maybe my original prediction of OSU vs Oregon can still come true in BCSNCG. Bucks will use simular game plan Stanford used only with a better passing game.
Playing Alabama will be tougher, NO DOUBT Miller has improved his passing game, but it will take a short passing game with strong running (covered) to beat them. If B Miller can connect on short passes with TE's RB's WE WILL DESTROY ALABAMA, if given chance.
Unfortunately I haven't seen FSU play. 
I did see Duke, if they play the best game they've ever played and FSU makes a mistake or two, they have a chance, they are 0-18 vs FSU, you gotta win sometime, no time like the present!

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I hope im way wrong about this but Duke isnt going to beat FSU.

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Seconded.... With that said, Go Duke?!

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