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November 23, 2012 at 11:43p

My father is the reason I went to Ohio State.  He graduated from Ohio State in 1969.  When I was 8, he started taking me to the local alumni club in Houston, TX to watch the games.  By the time I was 18, I was brainwashed. 
Like many father/sons, we didn't communicate well.  Really, the only thing we ever talked about was Ohio State.  My father was a blatant homer, and it annoyed the crap out of me when he would say things like Dustin Fox is a 1st round pick or that Ohio State's line would dominate Miami's in 02 even though they lead the NCAA in sacks allowed (turns out he was right on that one).  I remember in the Rose Bowl against Arizona State, he left the bar after Jake the Snake scored in the last two minutes.  Then he had to come back in because I refused to leave.  We celebrated together, fought over games, commiserated over every Cooper loss.  My final year in college, I took him up to Ann Arbor to watch The Game (2003-we lost so we never did that again).
I had to take my Dad to the ER two weeks ago, and before we leave, he is telling me which Ohio State shirt to grab him and to make sure he has his National Championship hat.  As things looked more and more serious, we were able to talk about things other than Ohio State, but I still remember the last thing I said to him was that I hope we kick the crap out of Wisconsin.  After that he slipped into a semi-coma and never regained consciousness. 
My father passed away today, one day before The Game.  I wish that he would have had the opportunity to see one more game.  He could talk about how Gardner hasn't played anyone, and I could bitch about Ohio State's offense inability to operate for quarters at a time.  We would enjoy the game, and regardless of the outcome, sing Carmen Ohio while holding hands with other Buckeye fans after the final whistle blows.  Tomorrow I'll be watching the game for the first time without my father.  I'll be cheering for them as hard as I ever have.  And I know that it’s exactly what he would want me to be doing.
Love you Dad.
Go Bucks, Beat Michigan

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Hey BuckeyeinAnnArbor: I hope your comment wasnt meant to sound as sarcastic as it did.
It's Thanksgiving, it's The Game, and regardless of who you root for, stories like this one tug at all of our heartstrings. My love for OSU, my decision to go there, all began with my dad as well. So to Dads everywhere, who taught us how to be passionate about our schools...WE LOVE YOU. Go Buckeyes...and by the way, this girl is sure grateful that we just beat the shit out of Michigan.
Thanks for your post, YAMOSU - we are all better for it.
- Beth.
EDIT: I just went out to see the other comments posted by "buckeyeinannarbor". Unfortunately, I was wrong. This person is a michiscum homer troll on our website. After behavior like his, to a guy who just lost his dad - and after behavior like their coach exhibited, when he didnt shake hands after the game...I never, ever EVER want to hear about classless OSU fans. You have plenty of classlessness at TSUN.

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Wow - trolling a sports blog is one thing. Mocking a mans loss of his father is another altogether. That's some truly weak stuff right there...really weak. 
Yam: Very sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is no easy thing, my condolences..

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Sorry for your loss...

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YAMOSU ---- that is very touching & well-written. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I will keep you in my prayers, like many others on this website. Of course there are more important things in life than football, but it's kind of crazy how a football game like OSU vs. UM, can help make things better.
God bless your father, you & your family ...  & Go Bucks!

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Sorry for your loss!

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I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It's not easy to lose a loved one, I am sure he will be watching The Game from above. May he rest in piece.

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I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It's not easy to lose a loved one, I am sure he will be watching The Game from above. May he rest in piece.

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@Yamosu That was a good post man..  Ignor BuckeyeinAnnArbor he is a asshole and wont be here much longer.

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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Thanks for sharing...damn, that was tough to get through...had something in my eye

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Thanks for sharing and our thoughts will be with you and your family when the Buckeyes make your father proud today.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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You have an amazing father! Go Bucks.

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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Awesome post, Yam. Sorry for your loss. I'm sure you father watched the game fom above, maybe with Woody. And I know they're both happy with the outcome. 

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There's nothing more unifying than the love of your university.  Go Bucks! 
Thanks for sharing, will keep you and your father in my thoughts. 

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@YAM, your pops would've been happy today! Hope he's dancin' with Woody up above. God  bless. 


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@YAMOSU - Thank you for sharing your story. Definately touched me. Take care & God bless you & your father.
P.S. Buckeyeinannarbor - WTH? You get my vote for the ban hammer from the site.

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me too. #banhammer


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@YAMOSU - Thank you for sharing, sorry for your loss. One of the better reads I've seen on this site, just an excellent example of how strong we Buckeyes stick together through thick and thin over generations.

To the troll with the first comment - you're an @ss, and your team sucks.