Carlos Hyde: Where does he rank?

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January 23, 2014 at 3:37p

To me this is a tricky question. Where does Carlos Hyde rank among the long list of the greatest Ohio State RB's of all time? Like I need to give anyone on here a history lesson, but for the sake of arguments I am going to post some stats below anyway for comparison. Forgive me if I leave some out.

Howard Cassady: Career Total- 2,466 yards, 37 touchdowns ('55 Heisman)

Keith Byars: Career Total- 4,369 yards, 50 touchdowns

Beanie Wells: Career Total- 3,445 yards, 40 touchdowns

Eddie George: Career Total- 4,284 yards, 45 touchdowns ('95 Heisman)

Archie Griffin: Career Total- 5,589 yards, 26 touchdowns ('74-'75 Heisman)

Carlos Hyde: Career Total- 3,469 yards, 41 touchdowns

I have seen some arguments on different forums that praise Hyde, but do not include him with some of the best we have seen at Ohio State. Some say its by what you do at Ohio State that defines you, not just stats. True, however looking at Hyde's record when he broke out as a RB I believe he was one of our best. His stats show it, but most of all his heart, dedication and determination to his teammates and The Ohio State University truly shows how great he was. This is only my opinion, I am curious to hear what the rest of you have to say. As always Go Bucks!

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I can only judge him against players I saw play live, so (of others in the discussion) anyone before Eddie is off my list. 
My top 4:
1. Eddie
2. Beanie
3. Hyde
4. MoC
I'm torn between Beanie and Hyde, but El Guapo had the benefit of a quality OL and didn't have to make the first tackler miss in his own backfield nearly every time. Also, Beanie had the albatross of running DAVE.  That said, I can see any argument that will put Hyde ahead of OR behind Beanie or MoC.  

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El Guapo wouldn't make them miss. He would crack them. I choose Hyde over Beanie because he played old school smash mouth football. Running with Hyde is like using a battering ram. The doors budge, bend, and splinter, and eventually, bust open and allow a run like Boom's vs Michigan in 2010. Most of all, Carlos Hyde football wears out defenses, even Sparty's. We all know deep inside that Sparty's D didn't decide the outcome of that game. Ours did. 

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Did you even watch Beanie?
He's a far superior back to Hyde. And he was plenty physical.

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Loved Beanie....and he was physical.....when he wasn't on the sidelines hurt,,, with a towel draped over his head.
To me, the vote is not close...with my choice being Carlos.  You could count on Hyde being in the matter what the stakes.  You could not make the same claim about Beanie. 'Simple as that.

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There was nothing superior about Beanie. I loved watching him and when healthy he was a beast. Hyde loses nothing to Beanie in terms of power, speed, or anything else, though. It'd be one thing to say you thought Beanie was better and backed it up. Saying he was "far superior" is just retarded.

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I'll always love Beanie, what an athlete.

Wells and Hyde had different running styles in different offenses too. Hyde is your classic bruiser while Beanie was more shifty, and he had one hell of a stiff-arm. A Beanie type of running back is probably what Urb wants for his offense too.

Football is complicated...

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Beanie was great, but give me El Guapo all day long.  El Guapo was a beast and Beanie would get too dinged up.

Big B

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I'll let it sink in a few more months before I rank him. I don't want to overreact.

I expected Hyde to be good, but not this good. It's unfortunate that he doesn't have a conference championship or NC.

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Didnt see anyone from Eddie before him live, did see Eddie on replays so starting with Eddie.
1) Eddie. Easy 1 here. Just looked physically superior to almost everyone on the field on the few replays I saw.  
2) Hyde. Played an entire OSU career, carried (almost) the entire team on his back for his final 2 years.
3) Beanie. A great RB that had power and speed, just like Hyde, but Hyde gets a slight nod (maybe because of his more recent playing)
4) MoClarett. May have ended up as the greatest ever at OSU and perhaps 1 of the best all-time in NCAA had he stuck it out for 3/4 years. Absolute beast and workhorse for the only title team since '60. That's saying something.


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Ok. This list HAS to start with Archie. So my list

1) Archie
2) Eddie
3) Keith
4) Carlos over Beanie and then only because of durability

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Why do people keep saying durability as if Beanie missed 10 games?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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This is exactly my thought.  Carlos missed games as well people!  His were mostly because of suspensions so everyone seems to be dismissing this fact.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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He missed almost 3 games in 2012 with a sprained knee.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I concur. Keith and Mr. Hyde are of the same cloth. Neither would hesitate to dump truck a defender. I feel like Wells was always trying to save himself for the League and his final statement about Buckeye fans never seeing his best still sticks in my craw.

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Don't forget about Keith Byers, 3176 yards, 46 TD's,  93 ypg. He was amazing. 

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Agreed...remember Keith should have won the Heisman trophy if it weren't for Flutie's hail mary against the U.  Just another reason to dislike those bums in Miami!

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My list would have to be...
1. Archie
2. Eddie
3. MoC
4. Keith
5. Tied - Beanie, Tim Spencer, El Guapo

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I would probably flip Mo and Keith, but there is no doubt that Archie is No. 1

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Archie, Eddie, El Guapo. Its as easy as 1,2,3.

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I vote Archie, Eddie, Carlos, Hop, Keith, Beanie, Mo.

Go Bucks!

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I was born in '68, so I can really only comment on what I remember. While I do recall being a wee lad and watching Archie run in the Rose Bowl, Keith Byars is really the first OSU RB I can pull out of my memory. Therefore, my list would be:
1. Eddie
2. Byars
3. Hyde and Beanie tied (Beanie more speed, Hyde more durable)
4. Mo C (amazingly gifted and electric, but lacked durability). Another season and he might be approaching Byars/George status.

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Hyde could have been top 5 for me. Definitely top 5 in my lifetime, but this is Ohio State we have such great players going all the way back. Because of that, one super season is not enough to crack the top 5 but would have been had he produced another season like his senior year.

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I'm torn on Archie/Eddie.  Eddie was just a freak blend of power, size and speed.  Archie's a legend obviously, but boy, that's a tough one.
For just one season though, I'm not sure anyone tops Clarett.  Maybe him being a true freshman brought more excitement to it all, but it was fun watching him maul people on the way to a championship.  He's a huge reason for that ring, and that counts.
I couldn't rank Hyde ahead of Byars either.  If Keith doesn't get jobbed out of a Heisman it's not even a question.
I'd have to put Hyde ahead of Beanie though.  If Beanie doesn't have the injury problems, does he finish ahead of everyone?  Does he power us past LSU?  Maybe.  But the injuries exist, and we lost that game.  I really liked him as a player, but not the legacy it could have been.

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The thing that made MoC so special was his vision.  He could see/anticipate holes and creases better than just about anyone.  I can remember watching Lydell Ross and Mo Hall take handoffs and just run straight into the backs of our offensive linemen, play after play.
When MoC was in the game, he could see cutbacks and creases no one else on the roster could.  With the same blocking, he was often breaking off chunk yardage and getting to the second level of the defense.

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If Beanie doesn't have the injury problems, does he finish ahead of everyone?  Does he power us past LSU?  Maybe.  But the injuries exist, and we lost that game.

Wells played the whole game against LSU, and rushed for well over 100 yards. He was the closest thing we had to an MVP in that game. 
I'm not sure where the notion started that all Wells did in college was miss time with injuries, but it simply isn't true. He missed a few games his junior year, and that's all. He had more carries in a Buckeye uniform than did Carlos Hyde, and I'm not saying that as criticism of Hyde, only correcting what seems to be a widespread misconception.

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It's not a misconception, chuck. I am sure if you do a detailed, statistical look at his career, there will be another argument to support Beanie's "durability".  But...when you look at some of the biggest games of his career, notably the USC game with his strange-to-this-day toe injury and his missing of much of his final Bowl Game vs. Texas, Beanie was noticeably on the sidelines....often.  
To be clear, this isn't some sort of misguided Beanie "hate" who couldn't love that dude? But in comparing the durability of Hyde vs. Beanie, the facts, I believe, speak for themselves. And as for Beanie, they continued into his NFL career....which hasn't been much of a career at all.

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Well, again, if Wells was on the sidelines THAT much, there's no way he could have had more carries in 3 seasons than Hyde had in 4.
At any rate, an injury isn't a character flaw. It seems that a lot of people still hold USC against Beanie. I guess it's a good thing for John Simon that we beat Michigan a year ago, or else he'd be having his courage and durability questioned in here too.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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I'm astounded by the people who think Hyde was better than Beanie.

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I think Beanie is better, but not by such a large margin that I find it unbelievable if people liked Hyde better.  I think both had a tremendous amount of power, but Beanie had elusiveness in college that outmatched Hyde.  Both are great running backs, but especially with Hyde fresh in our minds, people forget how great Beanie was at OSU.  Perfect for Tressel.  A shame injuries derailed Beanie's NFL career.  Hope Hyde has much better luck.

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No knock on El Guapo, but Beanie Wells goes for 2,000yrds in this offense.

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Add Hydes missing games and I would say he would have too.

Go Bucks!

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He'd gotten close, probably.

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Completely agree. 4 extra games played (including a 10+ carry game against FAMU) against some of the weaker competition on the schedule and Hyde goes for over 2,000.

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That's a close call. Beanie was 65-70 of the offense in his time, if he had the line and teammates that Hyde did I think the 'Wells' name is being put up at the Shoe in the next few years. But half of how good you are is who is around you I guess, Archie had Pete Johnson with him and Eddie had Orlando Pace and some other greats. After his Freshman year Beanie only had Boeckman and a young and raw Terrelle Pryor.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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In terms of talent wise, i think Robert Smith was the most talented back t OSU the past 25 years.Even raymont Harris acknowledged that. No one,and i mean no one can even get close to Keith Byers effort and determination.Many of you have not seen his game against Illinois   at the Shoe when we were down 24 -0. And everyone knew that he will get the ball .And oh Boy didnt he ever.He beat illinois.Archie and Edie are great but they had a great offensive line.One program i watched about Archie days playing where an OSU  O lineman said that they used to tell the opposing defense that Archie is running right  and i dare you to try to stop us.Then Archie will come back to the huddle and tell them guys  quit that.After gaining 10 yrds.


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To me, it's about stats and championships. Hardware can be the tie-breaker. But, it won't be on my list:
1. Hop Cassady and MoC: Both champs. In this case, the Heisman is matched by potential. I am convinced that had he stayed for three years, MoC would have won two Heismans and tOSU would have won two straight MNC's (at least). Had he stayed, not only would he have been tOSU's greatest RB, MoC would be college football's greatest, unless...
2. Archie. My boyhood hero and that team he was on had won the 3 MNC's they SHOULD have won. Were that reality, Archie would be the greatest (tOSU/college football).
3. Eddie.
4. Keith.
5. Beanie. 

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1. Eddie George
2. Archie Griffin
3. Keith Byars
4. Robert Smith
5. Maurice Clarett
6. Carlos Hyde
7. Tim Spencer
8. Beanie Wells
9. Raymont Harris
10. Pepe Pearson

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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This is pretty close to how I would rank them.

  1. Archie
  2. Eddie
  3. Keith
  4. Robert
  5. Maurice
  6. Carlos
  7. Beanie(tied for 6)
  8. Raymont
  9. Pepe
  10. Tim

Then at the very bottom of the all time list Mo Wells... That guy could get tackled by a blade of grass I swear.

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I was thinking about writing a couple more of these "Where does he rank" for some of our standout seniors...any objections?

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Beanie might have had more raw talent than el Guapo, but for some reason I think Carlos was the better player. Just wore people down and it was a beautiful thing. Love em both though

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I put Hyde up there in the top 5 in school history.  He is incredibly balanced and was unstoppable late in games.  He had a great career; it's unfortunate he didn't get to play more earlier in his career.
1. Archie Griffin
2. Eddie George
3. Beanie Wells
4. Keith Byars
5. Carlos Hyde

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Archie, Eddie, Beanie, El Guapo, Maurice, Byars, Smith

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I do remember a young Beanie putting the team on his shoulders against Washington. Didn't celebrate a touchdown because there was still work to do.  I think I take Beanie over Hyde. 
Archie - may have benefited from the great line, but you can't argue against the hardware
Eddie - running behind Orlando Pace will do wonders for your career, but he proved his worth in the pros. His style of running was purely awesome and brutal.
MoC - time and change will truly show how firm thy friendship
Byars - he was beast throughout his career
Beanie - had Boekman as his quarterback
Hyde - had Braxton. 

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Another whole thread where the common opinion is that "Hyde carried this team".
Nowhere near enough credit for the offense this last year goes to....O-line and the system. 
Put Beanie on this team and Hyde doesn't see the ball till the Bucks are up by 4 touches and there's 3 minutes or less left. 


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Who is Archie? Didn't he play in the SEC

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I guess I'm old school but any list has to include Pete Johnson. Playing most of his career in the shadow of the great Archie Griffin his stats took a shot. He was an absolute beast anywhere close to the goal line (not including those 3 times against San Fran in SB) and was the epitome of B1G football - hard running smash mouth!