Perception of UFM vs perception of TOSU

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November 17, 2013 at 9:25a

Is anyone else a little surprised (disappointed) that the cache of urban hasn't done more for our national perception? I had hoped his star status would have tempered some of the national reluctance to believe we are actually a championship caliber team, but that hasn't been the case. Anyone else surprised that a 22 game winning streak by a Rock star coach at a blue blood program isn't enough to hold off Baylor? Are we Boise? I didn't really have a problem with FSU or Bama or even an Oregon jumping us if that's what voters truly felt .... But Baylor? Yeah, that Baylor! Wow, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this with an urban coached team. Does no one remember what this guy has done everywhere he has been?  I'm not saying that past performance necessarily guarantees future success, but I truly felt the media would view us differently with him as our coach and they simply haven't. They moved from the tired and played out theme that we didn't have the athletes to compete to the new theme that our conference stinks too bad for us to be good. News flash, the B1G stunk when we were going to championships before. 

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Buckeye backlash seems to trump any individual coach's star power.

Not something (re: Urban's clout) I have thought much about, as far as that translating to instant karma for the Buckeyes.

Between the overall perception of the conference, strength of schedule, suspect defense and so on, I guess Urban's mojo wasn't enough to overcome all of that in the polls.

I patiently wait for the day where the Buckeyes get their well-deserved, overdue opportunity to prove themselves on the field.

It's going to happen, whether this season or no, it will happen.

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Did anyone else think the montage of Urban as the Gator coach during our game was a little strange?  Seriously espn?

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Great point, I was wondering the same thing, perhaps it was SEC's Extremely Shi$$$ Propaganda Network, mocking Meyer for leaving SEC (we're going to do everything we can to keep you for playing for a NC since you are no longer in our conference).

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Good post UBHomer. I totally agree with your comments. I'm not a wacko conspiracy theororist(?) or anything, but when you watch a game on ESPN and all you hear is the incessant beating, beating, beating of the drum by announcers that "OSU hasn't played anybody" or "the B1G is so weak," you really have to wonder. 
When OSU is not even in the conversation for the MNC, like last week when Jesse Palmer was suggesting how well a one-loss Stanford(at that time) and Baylor would match up against Alabama, but not even mention a 21 win a row Buckeye team, there is definitely a concerted effort by the media to disrespect Ohio State and the B1G and build this perception that Ohio State doesn't deserve to have a shot at the MNC if they go undefeated.
As another 11W said on another thread, "OSU was #2 at the beginning of the season, when the voters already knew what OSU's SOS looked like."
It's all bullshit, but it's out of our control.
Life is short. Football season is too short. Enjoy the journey. Urban has it under control.



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I truly believe there is more at play here than just Baylor is a better team because they have played a tougher schedule which to this point is very debatable. Oklahoma has as usual  proved to be overrated. The powers that be at ABC/ESPN and CBS have a great disdain for the B1G because they know it is more powerful for 2 reasons.
    1. BTN is far and away the best Conference produced network and will continue to be so  as  they are the standard for such programing. 
    2. The fact that BTN is owned 51% by Fox really pisses them off!
You see they know that the B1G has more money than the conferences that they have aligned themselves with over the past few years. They also know that just like when Fox News came on the scene in the mid 90s and was a joke that in the future FS1 will be a formidable competitor to ESPN. Roger Ailes built Fox News into the most powerful Cable News Network in the world in less than 10 years and he is going to build FS1 into the same entity.
All of this means that the B1G with all of their money will be more powerful as time goes forward. Throw in the fact that B1G teams are being forced to step it up on the recruiting trail by one Urban Frank Meyer as well. They know with all of that this is the last year they can keep tOSU out of NC Hunt and so they are going to do everything in their power to do so. Does anyone truly believe that Wiskey deserves to be ranked where they are today??? Or even MSU for that matter. We all know MSU would wipe the floor (to use a line that is very popular this week) with South Carolina, Clemson and the like with their defense.
This is why you see ESPN commentators openly discussing tOSU being passed over by a 1 loss Stanford team (opps forgot to think that maybe they weren't that great already having lost to Utah) or Baylor the entire 4th quarter until of course El Guapo did his stuff late in the 4th. They will do their best to keep tOSU out of the NC Game this year. I mean and ESPN studio person really did say that the Utah loss shouldn't be factored in because Stanford didn't play Stanford football that day.
There is a true national bias going on here. But next year they can't stop it! I believe unless tOSU is the only undefeated team (sans Fresno St. & N. Illinois) they will be jumped by a 1 loss team.

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You are 100% correct. Herbie the stooge also gives them credibility, by having an ex-(God I hate saying this) Buckeye lead the charge .

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I guess Stanford didn't play Stanford football again yesterday, since they lost again. LOL  Isn't that the point--if you don't play the way you should you will probably lose the game, and you probably don't deserve what you would get if you hadn't lost?  Geez.  

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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People hate winners. Ohio State has never been irrelevant. At least in the 23 years I've been on this Earth. Just like Urban Meyer. You pair those two, people hate you. Embrace it, that usually means you're doing something right.

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+1.  I literally LOL'd when scrolling down and this caught me off guard.
No respect I tell ya.

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I think going to the NCG game in back to back years and being beaten by the best of the SEC doesn't help the situation. 
I think there is a bias towards the SEC, but if you objectively think about it, it's well deserved. An SEC team has won 80% of the NCGs the past 10 years. 
Which conference or team is even close to their caliber? Over the past few years, USC has gone away, Oregon is the best team in the country except if they go against a team that can run the ball and play defense, Stanford has been good, but not GREAT, Texas has gone off the map, Oklahoma hasn't be relevant in a long time, Florida State just came out of the Bowden end of the career slump...........and then when you look at the Big Ten, you get Wisconsin who keep losing rose bowls, Penn State is recovering from turmoil, TTUN hasn't been good for over 10 years now, and Ohio State, as I mentioned above, is coming off back to back NCG loses 5 years afo  and a tumultuous time of its own. 
Best we can do is keep winning and when we get into big games/bowls, just win! Next year there will be no excuses, we will be top 3, and our destiny will be in our own hands. 
Lets keep the streak alive and go bucks! 
*SEC dominance = LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Florida (historically) and now Texas A&M. Rest of SEC is no better than our bottom dwellers. 

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What's dumb is that the rankings are supposed to be a micro level of THIS YEAR ONLY.  Yet where it favors Bama and the SEC, the get the benefit of a macro look at the past few years.  Where as for OSU, we get the stigmata of losing 06 and 07 titles and that's about it.  All the other BCS wins are disregarded and our current 22 game win streak where we are undefeated under our current coaching staff is completely dismissed.
You factor in that an ALL TIME doormat, Baylor, runs a gimmicky basketball on grass offense, and suddenly they have more respect than an all time collegiate blue blood.  A never was is given the benefit of the doubt over an always present power.  The all time power coached by probably a top 2 mind in the game and we are held ransom by politicks of network television rights.
This happened to the SEC is 04 when Allbarn was left out.  It's time for the B1G to do what the SEC did from that point forward and circle the wagons.  We need to embrace the us vs the world attitude and just rock it HAM...the only way we can shove it in their faces is to just keep winning.  When they jump on the bandwagon, just tell em all to eat shit.  Very burned out about all this "AAAHHHHHH so and so said we suck" talk.  
We need to embrace the ride and sit back and let the good times roll.  I'll take 60-35 wins all day, every day.  If you dont like it, you're an a$$hole.

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Did anyone else hear during the UGA/Auburn game when they cut to MSU Nebraska clip and said "Well there is one SEC level defense in the Big Ten!"   I laughed out loud as Bama is the only consistent defense on a good team. Florida is pretty good but they are terrible on offense

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Once you realize everything in CFB is about money and think about it from that perspective things start to make a little more sense.  The ACC is up this year and the media stands to make more money by driving that narrative.  B1g fans/viewers will tune in every week no matter what because we're kind of like football's just in our DNA.  It's those fairweather ACC fans the media has to actually work for so they can deliver higher ratings and charge more for commercial time. 

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I dont think Meyer has gone full on assault yet. He doesn't want the team to look past anyone so he isnt "worried" about the standings right now. No need for him to talk about it yet. I think we will see some epic quotes by Meyer if we run the table beating MSU in the Big Championship game. I'm hoping it will be exactly what all of us have wanted to say.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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I know I'm in the minority but I feel Urban is secretly pleased with all the media bashing as he can use it to fuel the fire under his team and keep them focused and angry to the end!  Nothing worse than a complacent team that feels they are entitled to a reward.
just win son!

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ULTRABUCKEYEHOMER, this post is exactly what I have been thinking about recently... It's shocking that todays tOSU is getting so little respect with UFM as its Head Coach. The guy has a career win percentage of .846 (which ranks in the Top 10 All Time), he's won 7 out of 8 bowl games (including a perfect record in 4 'BSC' bowls, 2 being National Championships), and has proven he can make an "underdog" team a winner on the biggest stage. Oh yeah, and he has not lost since he became the Head Coach at Ohio State.
It seems evident that tOSU is still (geez, how much longer?) being perceived as the 06', 07', 08' bowl teams with little regard for wins since then against teams like Oregon, Miami (FL), and Arkansas (please, don't even...). What confuses me is the same media that has given tOSU recruiting rankings in the Top 10, Top 5, or even better the last few years (wait, where are Baylor, Stanford, Oregon on those lists?) for some reason doesn't think that one of, if not the, best coaches in college football the past decade can't maximize their potential and talent on the field. It's getting old... Wake up, it's a new era in Buckeye football.
Anyway, felt like I had to finally get that off my chest. It has been brewing for a while... However, I'm sort of done with the whole BCS, metrics, analysts, computers, polls, style points, SOS, blah blah blah... I love Ohio State football. I just want to enjoy it again on the edge of my seat cheering during every big play, without worrying if who we are playing even matters or how much we win by. They just keep winning! Urban Meyer is our Head Coach! Just keep winning Buckeyes, I'm loving it so much. Please, just win...

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