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October 9, 2011 at 2:45a

As my username indicates, I am a Buckeye from the great state of Texas. I am currently a student here at OSU and I have to say I am proud to be a Buckeye.

Yes, I know. We are all frustrated after what happened these last couple of weeks. I understand this. But, even after all this, I still can hang my head and proudly tell people I am a Buckeye. Do you know why? Because for me, going to a school like this is a dream come true. Now, at the beginning of my senior year of high school, OSU was not one of my top choices. But as the year went on, and after a couple of visits, I really started to warm up to the idea that this could be my school for the next 4 years of my life. Finally, I narrowed it down to two choices: Ohio State and Texas. When I found out that I had earned a scholarship to The Ohio State University, I couldn't believe it. My hard work in high school had paid off and I had been given the opportunity of a lifetime. In my year plus that I've been a student at Ohio State, I've already gone to two different countries, got to be part of the student sports radio station, and I've made many friends that I know I'm going to have for the rest of my life. I would say that I've done pretty well so far, but I've been blessed because none of this would have happened without the support of my parents, my friends, and so many others that have made a positive impact in my life.

I always have been a die-hard sports fan. I knew that a big sports scene was part of what I wanted in a school and OSU certainly has that. When I stepped in Ohio Stadium for my first Buckeye football game last year, I was completely overwhelmed. As last year went on, I realized that I was part of something bigger than myself. Whether it was a football game, basketball game, baseball game, or any other sporting event, I fully embraced that I was a part of a community that would always support them no matter what.

Move forward to this year and yes, it's been frustrating, brutal, tough, painful and any other adjective you can think of to see the Buckeyes struggle like this. We can complain all we want about Bauserman, Fickell, Bollman, and any other player and coach that comes to mind. Complaining, venting, and ranting aren't going to solve anything with this football team. We may feel better about ourselves at that moment, but then the cycle repeats itself when losses like this keep happening. Player/coach makes a questionable decision that ends up playing a key role in a loss, we say what we want about it, and then move on to the next game. I've seen and heard people quit and give up on this team. But I'm not one of those people. I will always be loyal and supportive of Ohio State because it's my school and I'm proud to tell people that. Right now, this team needs our support, even after everything that's happened since December. Regardless of what others do, I will guarantee that I will be in the stadium rooting for the Scarlet and Gray. No matter what happens the rest of the season, I will be there to support my school. I am forever grateful to The Ohio State University for giving me the opportunity to receive a quality education from the most AMAZING school in the country. Columbus has become a second home for me and I thank God that I get to be at a place like this. Ohio State is not just about athletics, it's about learning who you are as a person and gaining knowledge and power to make the world a better place. I know will be given the support and guidance needed to do just that.

So with that in mind, good luck to the team and.... GO BUCKS!

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It's nice to see fellow students on this site, it makes me feel less out of place maturity wise with some of the people on here. Not that I'm immature, but no one seemed to laugh at my jokes...and that's disappointing, because dammit I'M FUNNY. Eh well, somewhat. So by my count, that makes 3 students, and I'm not the youngest.

Anyways, I commend someone able to choose OSU over the home state school, especially Texas. Me it was easy because I'm from here. I would have never even considered a school that far away. I suppose the scholarship helped though, even more if you didn't get one from Texas.

I'll admit, I wish I had the same passion for the school itself as you do though, but maybe I just got used to it after so many years of living in Columbus.

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Listening to 97.1. Herbstreit just said, "Ohio State fans are spoiled."

No we're not.

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Spoiled by what, a semi competent QB who doesn't throw the ball into the stands every play? 98% of the FBS has one of those.

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Yes we are.  We love to hang our hats not just on how good our football team is, but how good they've always been.  When you look at the football schedule every August and circle one, maybe 2 games as toss-ups, expecting to cakewalk through the other 10-11 teams (lately those would include Michigan)?  Yes, that's what we do, and it's spoiled behavior.  This year, we are staring down the barrel of an unexpected losing record, and maybe I speak for myself when I say I'm not dealing too well with it.

Woody Hayes once said, "There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."  I don't like the feeling, you don't like the feeling, no one likes the feeling.  But, maybe it's necessary.  We definitely are spoiled by the last decade.


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Agreed.  We are spoiled.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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We cheer for the fourth of fifth most successful college football team of all time.  I would say we're pretty spoiled.

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if we're spoiled what does that make herbie? SEC homer!!


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if we're spoiled what does that make herbie?

The only mid-30's dude in America that still has frosted tips? The 90's called, but he's just not answering....

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haha, frosted tips. Gerry DiNardo should wear a BIG Network hoodie and tea bag him.


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Nice to see another student commenting on here as well. My girlfriend also chose OSU over Texas. I had to do the same with OSU and UNC, definitely don't regret the decision.