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October 11, 2012 at 3:46p


you're on campus today, perhaps your building is saturated with little pink business cards for the following cause:

I suppose this is an interesting idea, but I don't recall how popular it was for the Penn State game last year.  Just can't see it happening enough to make an impact.  

Welcome to the website for Pink Out Purdue! As many of you may know, last year students at The Ohio State University sold pink t-shirts for the Penn State game! These pink t-shirts benefit both the Susan G Komen and Stephanie Spielman Foundations. Ready for round 2? On October 20, 2012, we ask that you, "Let your pink POP!" Wear anything pink you can find! Decorate your clothes, cars, friends, family, and even pets!

What do you think?  Is the weight of the Spielman foundation enough to push this forward?  Personally, I feel like you'd get more bang for your buck to donate the money directly to cancer research and forgo the pink trinket.  I understand the arguement for raising awareness, but I also feel like we've put a big spotlight on breast cancer research, while other types of cancer don't merit ribbons.


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D. Anthony

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I have to admit I get really tired of the pink effort. Especially since so many only give a small percentage of the cost to fighting cancer. 
Don't get me wrong, I support fighting cancer in every way. My mother died from it at 49. It just seems like our good will is being  taken advantage of. 
That said, my charity of choice at OSU is always the Stephanie Spielman fund.



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Agree on the SS fund because the the vast majority of the money actually goes to research. The SGK fund, not so much. Only 15% of donations make their way to research.

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Why not a red shirt with a pink ribbon on it? I don't really like the 'pink out' idea. I like raising money for cancer, just not making 25% of the shoe pink


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I'll be wearing Scarlet, but if they have a Stephanie Spielman Foundation booth at the game, I'll empty my wallet into it...

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I'll be wearing scarlet as well, no offense to anyone. What irritates me is that they say it is to spread breast cancer awareness, this rubs me the wrong way because for as long as I can remember I have been told about breast cancer, the phrase is dried up. Why not something new like "to support breast cancer research"?

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Breast Cancer awareness is a great thing, but we need to raise awareness for men's cancers. Is 11W doing a Movember team again this year? We should really drive this one ladies and gentlemen.

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Being a mom with 3 teenage boys, my sons posed the question as to "why have a pink out?" as this is football season and football being a manly game, why would they have such a big push for breast cancer awareness (except that it is October), but nothing for prostate cancer?  I had no  good answer for them.  Only to reply that actually, more women die of heart disease than breast cancer, but we don't really hear about that either.  IMHO, the breast cancer thing has taken on a life of its own, while too many other cancers (ovarian anyone?) are more deadly and need more awareness and money for research.  That said, I'm all for the Movember and men's cancer awareness.


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I would say pancreatic is more deadly as well, getting it is nearly a death sentence.  My stepfather died of it, at 54, in August.  I'm happy to support the SS fund but I'd like to see more awareness for cancers other than breast too.

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I'm not supporting the "Pink Out" by any means, but I would like to point out that men can get breast cancer too (granted, it is rare).
I think it's really hard to decide which causes are most worthy of our attention (and monetary support), so we tend to gravitate to those that we have personal experience with. Two of my aunts succumbed to breast cancer (and a third is a survivor), so breast cancer awareness/research for me IS a big deal. Of course, that isn't the case for everyone, but I think it gets so much support because it is more common, and therefore more people have personal experience with it.

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I am seriously getting burnt out on any kind of outs.

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Yeah, but mostly because it seems like Buckeye fans never get it done. I mean, wasn't the Nebraska games supposed to be a red-out? At least a third of the stands was wearing black.

I think this would be cool if it was pulled off though. I've got a family member that was just diagnosed and is being treated for a very aggressive form of breast cancer, and I know she and her family would love to see something like this.

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the problem with doing a scarlet -out when its 40 degrees outside is that not everyone owns a scarlet/red winter jacket...i know you can layer and put your scarlet on over everything, but the older folks are not going to do that. they wear jackets.

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Agreed. If anything do like 1 a year for a really big game and be done with it. What's next? The tie-dye-out?

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Come to think of it, a burnout-out would be a pretty chill football game to attend in person


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you sound way to excited to participate in the burnout-out man. you're harshing my mellow. 

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At the risk of sounding like a stick in the mud, no thanks. 
I'm not down with the entire NFL pink october thign either. Prostate cancer gets one measily day of baseball players wearing wristbands, but breast cancer gets an entire month even though prostate cancer effects far more people and is far more lethal. 
I guess boobs > than obscure male body parts is the lesson in all of this. 

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I see your point. If we save all the boobies and not the prostates we would be able to do much but admire the boobies.......



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I recently got some flack for complaining about the NFL's pink accessories and my extreme annoyance with it. I've stated many times I appreciate people's interest in raising breast cancer awareness/donating for breast cancer, but the whole "pink" fad just seems like a flashy trend and I find it dumb.
I agree wholeheartedly about raising awareness for some of the other types of cancer that don't get as much publicity in terms of raising money for research. I'll gladly donate a few bucks to any type of cancer research, but I'm really sick of this "pink" thing.

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