What are the most important games in 2014?

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February 5, 2014 at 8:22p

What is your list of 2014's most important OSU football games?  For this post, the list only includes scheduled games, not the B1G championship game or playoff/bowl game(s), which would obviously be important games.

Yes, it does depend on how you define "important."  That could be part of the discussion.  And one could also say, as the cliche goes, that the next game is always the most important game.  Always true. 

Here is my list for 2014:

     #1 - November 8:  @ Michigan State.  Must make a strong statement that Ohio State is the dominant team in the B1G, in front of MSU fans and all the media attending this key 2014 B1G matchup.

     #2 - October 25:  @ Penn State.  A critical road game in the schedule, where a win helps further solidify Ohio State's dominance in the B1G.

     #3 - November 29:  MICHIGAN.  No more needs be said.

     #4 - August 30:  Navy at Baltimore. First look at 2014's team on the field.  How has the defense adjusted to 2013 problems, especially given Navy's unique offensive approach?  What does the offense look like?  Special teams/kicking?

     #5 - September 20:  VIRGINIA TECH.  Nationally known, non-conference opponent.

     #6 - September 27:  CINCINNATI. An in-state rival that will provide a early test from a football program that will "bring it" to Columbus.

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I'm with it, though I'd probably put M...igan at two.

Sparty wears the crown, for now.

Knocking PSU to third. That's going to be a huge game, moreso in their minds with all the changes and 63-14 last fall. I don't mean to sound dismissive, I just think Urban and co. go to Happy Valley and re-affirm the Nits' place in the food chain.

And they're going love LJSR wearing S&G...

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Hove, I think we were channeling each other. Wouldn't have written my post if I'd seen yours already. Well said. 


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I agree with the whole list, except I'd switch PSU and *ichigan. The rivalry is as big as it gets and last year's 63-14 lashing makes me think another dominate game could happen. Navy is the most important non-conf for 2 reasons: first game of the year, and it's arguably 1 of the 3 best teams they'll play behind MSU and either Um/PSU(again disregarding BTCG opponent). 


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1. Sparty 2. scUM 3.VT 4. PSU

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1. Tsun
2. Tsun
3. Sparty

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Every game. They all must be won. Undefeated or bust. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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1. M*chigan

2. MSU

3. Va Tech

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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1. Sparty- Bring them back to reality 
​2. TTUN- Duh?
3. PSU- Welcome Coach Franklin to the B1G

Truth & Courage, 1-17IN, 5/2 SBCT