View From 14C (Or Random Thoughts from a Heat Stroked Mind)

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September 1, 2013 at 12:25p

**Good God it was hot.  I can't imagine what it was like in lower A deck with no Breeze.  The Breeze in C Deck was the only thing keeping my daughter and me coherent. (Straight-line, much?)

** I got a text during the game from a friend in the media right before half time: "What the hell is going on?"  My honest answer:  

Too easy in first qtr.  Lost their edge.  Typical young team.  DLine getting pushed around too much.  (Emphasis now:  I'm not that tech saavy).  

Even waking up this morning, having not read or listened to any analysis other than the post game shows during the drive home, its one of my first thoughts.  What the heck was going on with the DLine?  It looked like the interior was getting pushed around and off the line too much.  THAT needs fixing fast if we want to to realize our fantasies of duplicating 2012 with the addition of a couple of door prizes.


** This I know will get me some down votes.  Even I can see some irrationality in it.  But hey, its MY irrationality.  Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, there is a brain cell or two that misses DAVE.  You know, ACE Formation blast off into the 3 hole.  The read option is like playing Ultimate Texas Hold "em at the Horsehoe Casino. UTH is like blackjack, where you play hold 'em heads up against the dealer.  The higher hands give you bonus payoffs.  The idea is to win enough heads up to be around when the Flushes and Full houses and higher hands payoff the big money.  The Read Option is designed to get 3 yards, 4 yards, 3 yards, first down until BAM! TD!  I know it works. Rationally, I trust Urban completely.  But deep in the recesses of my deranged mind, I would love to see pancake blocks and one of our backs steamrolling the defense.  Its closer to fulfilling one of my philosophies of football...physically beating the snot out of the opponent until they are too demoralized to continue.  


** Braxton's decision making still not there.  I liken it to Troy SMith's development.  There comes a game, I'm don't remember anymore which one it was for Troy, where you can see the light bulb goes off and the QB becomes an assassin.  I don't think this has happened yet for Braxton.  I have faith in our coaches that its coming though.


**The ideal situation for a coaching staff is a good win, but lots of material to allow for screaming.  We got that yesterday.  40 points and a 20 point win?  I'll take it.


**Man was it great to see the TBDBITL,  Ramp Entrance, Script Ohio, and everything else that being in the stadium brings other than inane PA Announcer led cheering.  But did I mention that it was HOT?

**Bring on the Aztecs.




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You guys, I think this might be Todd Boeckman!

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Innovative Packaging, Todd Beckman?
He's go ideas on innovative packaging. 

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I would love to see pancake blocks and one of our backs steamrolling the defense.

You're not going to see Jordan Hall steamrolling anyone anytime soon. When Smith comes back, it could happen, but I for one am looking forward to El Guapo coming back.
Did anyone happen to catch Green running for TTUN? I did. He looked impressive, I hate to admit.



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In 2005 Troy Smith had an absolutely spectacular game against Iowa in week 4, and then choked against Penn State the next week.  After that the competition fell off a bit, but the real "assassin" game for Smith was probably 2005 Michigan, which carried into the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame.  Those games of course set him up for the 2006 Heisman run, and he played amazingly until the last game of that season, but it's alright because I think I have successfully blocked the memories of that game out anyways.
Braxton will have to have his "assassin" game a lot sooner than The Game.  I'm hoping he has a big showing against Cal or Wisconsin.  Think about it- the 2005 Buckeyes were an incredibly talented team, but they lost 2 games because Troy Smith had not yet grown into the leader he became the next season.  If the Buckeyes want a chance of going undefeated this year, Braxton has to grow