Another day in the SEC: South Carolina doesn't dispute violations

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December 15, 2011 at 4:17p

Seriously? Where you at ESPiN? From a monetary perspective, these violations are WAY worse than the the Tat-5. The hotel even had a special rate for athletes! That in itself is a big NCAA no no. Six scholarships over three years? Whoa now! Let's not get crazy!

For anyone curious, this is the hotel:

I know it's overkill at this point, but it's really getting annoying that violations are going on everywhere else, but they used all their resources to crucify Tressel. What's more, someone int he athletic department actually tried to dispute that the price is comparable to what they would have paid for off campus housing. What?! Are you joking? A hotel is not an apartment. If anything, their athletic department should be charged with extreme stupidity and failure to understand why a hotel and apartment are priced differently.


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It wasn't self reported either.

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haha. sc fans don't see anything wrong with this. must be something in the water down there. poor public utilities or something.  but i wish i had their weather. :(


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Two bedroom suite for $14.95 a night?  Screw Myrtle Beach, we'll go stay in Columbia and drive to the beach for my honeymoon!  Even at "full price" it doesn't sound too bad. 

It doesn't sound much worse than the Tat-5 at first, but consider that this helped recruit players to South Carolina.  And the athletic department signed off on the whole thing.  Tattoogate was for players that were already at OSU and the athletic department didn't help allow it to happen. 

And here's the real kicker - instead of vacating games, they're going to pay a fine.  A fine!?  Really!?  A fine!?  For $18,500?  What is that shit?  And that fine is so lowballing too.  Yeah, not sure that that's going to go over too well with the NCAA.

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Where's the media uproar over this?

God I hate ESPiN.

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It's an SEC school, of course it isn't going to get an uproar.  That school shall now be referred to as Suite Carolina.

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gotta take it easy on the State of South Carolina.  Between Clemson and South Carolina, I think, the 2 schools have produced 2 conference champions in the past 20 years combined.... to go along with 5,000 tons of preseason hype.  Hell, it wasn't too long ago, the Confederate Flag flew on their State Capitol Building.  

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How in the hell is this good business for the hotel owner? Did he or she agree to this?  I would be curious if the owner is a USC booster and/or if the deal was subsidized some other way IE Tickets, passes, etc.

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Most likely the case. 

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Think Spurrier got any emails about this? Actually - I don't care. Am I going to hate every team out there who makes some sort of mistake just because my team was treated unfairly? I do wonder if the media will ever attack another team/coach the way they did tOSU & JT for similar infractions....

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The answer is No. All the scandals that took place this last year have gotten fractions of the media coverage OSU did. PSU is the perfect case study too. What happened there is beyond anything that ever took place at OSU. Still waiting to see Paterno's character get assassinated...

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Yes - most other scandals got a fraction of the coverage. I would say PSU actually got and continues to get plenty of well deserved media coverage. That was/is a case that warrants intense media scrutiny. Paterno was on the cover of SI and should have been. Cowherd ripped him and the school apart and should have. If it turns out that "Joepa" knew what it looks like he knew, then his football record means nothing. If its proven out that he protected a child molester he will be always remembered solely as a bad guy who clearly didn't practice what he preached when it counted most...In other words, it appears as though his character should be assassinated.

On the other hand I am waiting for another school (like SC in the story above) to commit fairly minor infractions and have the media unleash the kind of attack they did with tOSU & JT. Where words like "crimes", "criminals", "bribery scandal", "liar", "cheaters" etc, are used on a daily basis for weeks, months, or years on end. Won't happen again in my lifetime I bet...

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