2014 Offense

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February 6, 2014 at 5:46p
As we all know towards the end of the year the offense became unbearably predictable. In the two postseason games I was able to call damn near every play before the snap (screen to Philly, read option, bomb to nobody) Completely unsat for a team that did what it did for the majority of the season albeit against less than spectacular competition. My question to you is what style of offense would you like to see in 2014? I personally want them to spread the field and get the ball out quick. Give our burners some space to work and unload the box so Miller and EZE or whoever is back there can work their magic. We have too much speed coming in to stick with the conventional power run game. Of course this all circles back to the exhausting thought of Braxton being able to improve this offseason. This team should be loaded with options so there is no excuse for us to have to watch the same one dimensional offense we saw in the latter portion of the year. Given this year's failures and the amount of young guys coming in I expect a hungry team so let them eat. What say you?

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I would think that you would first want to build an offensive philosophy around the player skill set that you have.  That is one of the primary objectives of spring ball . . . find out the offensive skill set that you have.  What are you likely to do well with the players that you have . . . then develop it and do it.
With Carlos Hyde gone, maybe the power run game is less of a factor next year.  With Braxton Miller returning for his senior year, can he improve his passing technique and reads, so that the passing game becomes a more central part of the offense?  How does the offensive line stack up . . . strong at run or pass?  How do we get the experience and capability at tight end more central within the offense scheme, with Jeff Heuerman returning?  How do you utilize the skills that you have, especially developing offensive plays using multiple backs, perhaps one in the slot given all the speed and talent at that position next year.
There is too much offensive talent on the 2014 team not to use it both broadly and extensively.  Broaden the offensive approach, within the skill set that is displayed in the spring.  You're right, there is too much talent on the offensive side of the ball, so many options on this team, for it to be predictable.  Diversify the play set, while not making it too complicated, seems to be the key for next year's offense.

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It will all come down to Braxton, period. He has all the weapons now and he has to prove he can get it to them. There's slot guys, red zone threats, deep ball guys, post route guys, speed sweep guys, etc. All the speed and talent in the world and Braxton has to distribute. Meaning he must step up and be the Alpha Male of the offense and I truly believe he will. He HAS to get better at determining reads, not being selfish, throwing a guy open, when to take off and run, when not to take off and run, etc. I cannot wait.

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Some of it is up to Herman to change. If he has a choice he will run for it.

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Only worry about offense is Braxton's health

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I'm afraid they will have some problems. A lot to replace but they will get more help from the defense.

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Love Braxton, glad he is coming back. But I don't think he is or will be a distributor.