Happy Anniversary & Numerology III

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October 26, 2013 at 12:58a

Happy Anniversary ! 94 years ago Chic Harley led The Ohio State University Buckeyes to their first win 13-3 over the School Up North on Oct 25, 1919. In 1941, James Thurber described Harley's running skills for the New York City newspaper, PM, "If you never saw him run with a football, we can't describe it to you. It wasn't like Red Grange or Tom Harmon or anybody else. It was kind of a cross between music and cannon fire, and it brought your heart up under your ears."[1] from Wikipedia.

  Games played in October tOSU is 361-131-28 (0.721), at Home 239-64-19 (0.772), away 121-66-9 (0.640), Neutral sites 1-1 (0.500). Buckeyes have won their last 8. The most consecutive games won in October is 34. The streak started on Oct 5th 1968 vs Oregon 21-6 in Columbus. It ended with a 10-10 tie vs UCLA in Columbus. Buckeyes went on to win another 9 and another tie, 35-35 (the highest scoring tie in OSU history) to SMU; Oct. 7, 1978 in Columbus. On the 14th of October 1978, the Buckeyes for the first time in 10 years tasted defeat at the hands of Purdue 16-27. From Oct 1968 to Oct 7, 1978 the Buckeyes were 43-0-2. The next best two streaks are 18 (10/7/16-10/1/21) and 14 (10/15/2002-10/18/08).

The Ohio State University has won their last 9 games played on Oct 26th. Games played on the 26th of October , Buckeyes are 12-3-2 (0.765), at Home 5-1-1 (0.786), away 7-2-1 (0.750). The last time Buckeyes played on the 26th was 2002, the beat PSU 13-7, on their way to their last National Championship.

Buckeyes are 7-0 for the 23rd time in their 124 year history of playing football. Going to 8-0 they are 17-3-1. There was one year they finished 7-0, 1916.  In game 8 at home the Bucks are 10-1-0, away games they are 6-1-1 (the tie was to Auburn in 1917). Neutral games they are 1-1. The road tie was to "mighty SEC" Auburn. The The losses were in 1900 (Ohio Medical at Home), 1920 (a Rose Bowl loss to Cal). The last loss was to MSU in 1972. Since that time OSU is 11-0, when 7-0 going to 8-0. Buckeyes were 7-0 when playing PSU in 1993 and won 24-6. sadly the streak ended in a tie at Wisconsin the next game.

 The Buckeyes are 844-316-53 (0.718) overall; at Home they are 554-157-36 (0.766), on the road 265-133-17 (0.659) and neutral sites 25-26-0 (0.490).


 In the Big Ten  All Games 469-171-24 (0.724); at Home 261-87-15 (0.740); Away 205-84-9 (0.703); Neutral 3-1-0 (0.750).


All games in Ohio Stadium 408-109-21 (0.778); Big Ten games in Ohio Stadium 249-81-14 (0.744). 


Buckeyes vs Penn St. In all games 14-13 (0.519) since PSU joined Big Ten 12-7 (0.632). 8-7 at Home in all games. since PSU joined Big Ten 7-2 (0.778), Buckeyes won first 7 at home since PSU joined Big Ten after losing first 6 of 7. PSU has won 2 of last 3.

Buckeyes scoring vs PSU

      All   Games                                Home      

        W    L     T                            W   L   T

40+  1     0     0                     40+  1    0   0

30+  4     0     0                     30+  2    0   0

20+ 11    2     0                      20+ 6    0   0

10+ 14    7     0                      10+ 8    1  0

As you can see playing at home makes a big difference in low scoring games. The only the Bucks have lost at home scoring 10 or more points was the last time a 14-20 loss.

Buckeyes when ranked at home vs PSU are 6-2 (0.750). The only other time the Bucks have been #4 and faced PSU they beat them 13-7 at home on 10-26-2002, which as I stated earlier was the last time the Bucks played on Oct 26.


100 Yard Rushers and 200 Yard Passers

  100+  Rushers                                200+ Passers

160 Jeff Logan         1976 A   W           378 Joe Germaine   1997 A (2nd best in OSU History)       L                                                                                                       

151 Raymont Harris  1993 H  W             54 Bobby Hoying   1995 A  (4th Best in OSU History)      W                  

143 Jonathan Wells   2001 A    L            302 Art Schlichter  1980 N Fiesta Bowl (19th Best in OSU History)  L                     

141 Pepe Pearson     1996 H   W           253 Todd Beckman    2007 A   W                         

134 Braxton Miller      2012 A   W           226 Terrelle Pryor       2008 H    L                           

133 Chris Wells          2007 A   W           213 Joe Germaine      1998 H    W                                           

128 Archie Griffin       1975 H    W           209 Steve Belliasari      2001 A   L                   

112 Pete Johnson      1975 H    W           203 Steve Belliasari       2000 H  L                       

110 Antonio Pittman   2006 H    W                                                          

110 Lydell Ross         2003 A    W

105 Braxton Miller      2011 H   L

105 Eddie George      1995 A   W

100 Matt Snell          1963 H    L

Hyde needs 557 yds or to average 111.4 yds per game in the next 5 games to get a 1,000. Against these teams last year he got 585, and only 55 against PSU. i think he gets over 100 yds this week, maybe even 150. He'll get a 1,000 yds this year.

Go Bucks!!

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Congrats on keeping up with and making sense of all the stats out there.  I have no idea the amount of time you devote to the numbers, but would guess it cuts into some of your other activities.  Thanks for your effort!

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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Best way to start the day off is with a good laugh.  Thanks

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Good stuff.....ready for number eight.

Still can't wrap my head around '97....how Germaine shreds their defense and OSU still loses just is beyond me.

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The Buckeyes are 844-3126-53 (0.718) overall

I think this should read 844-312-53 perhaps? I'm pretty sure Ohio State hasn't lost 3100+ games in it's 100+ year history.   :)

Still, thanks for taking the time and effort to compile the info.! Always a fun read!

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Thanks, yeah it's 316, my fat fingers, thanks I edited it. Hope everybody has a great time watching the Bucks tonight, I have to work so I'll have to catch a replay.

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Tennessee Buckeye,
Nice job.
If the Buckeyes get to 30 points I like their chances of getting to 8-0.

All   Games                                       Home     
            W    L     T                                 W   L    T
40+    1     0     0                     40+    1    0    0
30+   4     0     0                     30+   2    0   0
20+   11    2     0                      20+  6    0    0
10+   14    7     0                      10+ 8    1    0

If it stays windy tonight does that effect Ohio State's, or Penn State's, offense more?

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Remy -
In theory, cold and windy conditions should favor the team with the strongest running game as it may affect the passes as well as the qb's grip on the ball (sans glove). Advantage: Bucks.

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Seeing how our secondary plays in front of TE's the WIND could be our 12th man blowing the ball down into our secondary hands, after all Hackenberg is a FR, or by compensating for this he throws the ball over his receivers hands into our safeties hands, after watching film from the Iowa game I'm sure they won't get beat this week. (On a serious note, they got their act together in second half and got the job done. Let's remember Roby is just not fast he is very fast, and if he was in the game, that TE would not have scored.
I'll take our running game against ANYBODY in the COUNTRY. That's our bread and butter. It works even better because B Miller is a threat in the passing game. If it becomes a game in the trenches we win. 
The last time we had two backs get 100+ against PSU 1975 Griffin and Johnson, Miller and Hyde did it last week, they may do it this week.
My guess is O'Brien has a spy on Miller. If I'm Meyer, I put Wilson in and run some option. Miller either throws to TE, pitches ball to Wilson who beats them on the end, or holds the ball and runs for a few or breaks for a few long runs. This will wear down their D and Hyde takes over with crushing runs up the middle in the 2nd half again.
Enjoy the game guys and gals!
Go Bucks!

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes