DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

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August 26, 2012 at 8:59p

First they take off AMC, now with the season starting less than a week I find out they might be dropping the Big 10 Network! I lived in NW Ohio my whole life but moved to AZ the last few years, half the games are usually on espn or espn2 and the other half on the Big 10 Network... I know a good majority of you live in Ohio and get every game but there are alot of us that depend on the B1G Network to watch our beloved Buckeyes! We need your help, call and complain, send an email, ANYTHING! Its not only important to me but alot of Buckeye fans scattered across the country, its important for national exposure of the conference and the team, please help! I cant get out of the contract and I cant watch the game on Saturday!

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Go with direct'll never go back.


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this. although we had to live without some Viacom channels for a short time this summer they at least resolved it!

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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just talked to Dish and thay are confident all will be wokred out and we will Not lose BTN

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Thank you! I am so relieved, I know its not definitive but I desperately want to sit home on the couch and watch the full game from beginning to end by myself with no one else to bother me. I dont mind going to a bar or buffalo wild wings or a place like that to watch a game every now and then but for Urban Meyers first game and everything that goes with it I want to be left alone.

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I'm ready to drop Dish like third period french class.  After about 14 months they dropped ALL of our movie channels and said our six month promotion had expired, when our promotion was for just HBO and Cinnemax.  Luckily our contract just expired and we can shop without the cancellation fee.  I'm thinkin AT&T U-verse. Anyone have any experience with AT&T U-Verse.  I wish we could get Verizon Fios here but it's not available in columbus yet.  

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AT&T U-Verse is AWESOME!  

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I have DirectTV just because of the B1G Network.  Living in the south if the game isn't on ESPN, I wouldn't be able to watch it.  They have pretty good prices too. 

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One Bad Buckeye - I live in Tennessee, and although I have Comcast cable, my in-laws who live in the same city we do, have AT&T U-Verse and they really like it. They've had Dish Network and Direct TV in the past, but my father in law says that switching to AT&T U-Verse was the best decision he's made. They have a bundle deal with TV, Internet, and Home Phone. They've had it for a little over a year and all I ever hear from them is how much they like it.

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I talked to dish to get my contract end date.  Turns out to be today.  I have considered calling  DirecTV right now to change, but I think we can expect them to keep BTN in their lineup.
If they don't it's a shame the strongest action I can take to show my displeasure is drop them and never think of coming back.

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I will be extremely pissed if I don't have my Big 10 network come September.  Willing to switch to Direct TV.  For those of you in this predicament, check this link out to see what you can do to let Dish know that it would be a major f-up move if they drop BTN!!{%2210151192397331672%22%3A10151136957529770}&action_type_map={%2210151192397331672%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map=[]

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Direct TV...simple as that.

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I had DirectTv a few years ago and had lots of problems. No reception when it rained. No reception at times when the weather was fine. Had the service people out several times to check things out - no joy. I finallly canceled my service because it just didn't work well enough. DTV changed my credit card $76 for early contract termination. I got it off my credit card but DTV reported it to the credit reporting people. Took me years to get it off there. They were relentless bastards but I out lasted them. I have no problem paying an early termination charge for something that works but not for something that doesn't 1/3 of the time. 
Things may have changed with them but based on my experience I'd recommend you not do business with DTV.

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I agree with northbrook. If it even looked like rain I lost my signal. That plus a myriad of other problems and they couldn't rectify a thing. I hate derelict t.v. and will never pay them there early quit fee.  I believe they all live in SCum land. Go Bucks and Scr----- derelict T.V.

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When I first had DirecTV installed, we would often get bad reception (searching for signal) at random times and especially during bad weather.  Nothing they suggested helped, so they had somebody come out.  We were told the original installer did a terrible job and the guy said our signal should be much better, and it has been.  Overall, since the latest service call, I would say I'm very happy with DirecTV.  I imagine I'll be even happier when I can watch every single tOSU game at home this season.
Another thing I like about DirecTV is they will often offer a few different channels to cover some major sporting events (British Open, PGA Championship, etc.).  Whenever the major network goes to commercial, you can switch to another channel and always have something to watch.  I think that's very cool.

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ATT U-Verse U-200 package carries Big Ten Network and keeps me sane in Austin Texas.  I called Time Warner and they tried to pass Fox Sports Ohio as "Just as good".

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I got a great deal on Dish Network so I got it installed just recently.  I just about passed out when I read the article that I might miss the opener.  Since its a package deal with my DSL provider I can't really go to Direct TV without paying a crap ton more.  They better work this stupid contract out before Saturday!

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Feel you, bro. In the same boat.
Check that link I provided a few posts up.  Make a call and let the Dish folks know that you and many other subscribers will be pissed.  If I don't have to cough up extra cash to end my subscription, then that would be good.  However, I'm ready to switch if needed. 

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I just called. I've had Dish for a few years now and had no problems. I pretty much told them if I don't have BTN Saturday, I'll be canceling my service. The lady said they don't actually plan on shutting the service off like BTN says they will friday night. We shall see.  I was already pissed when Dish said it would cost me $100 to have the "hoppa" installed which is kind of dumb. I'm out of my contract so I should be able to cancel, then get the service as a new customer.  The whole satellite TV industry is a scam. I used to have FIOS, and it was awesome, but it's not available at my new house.

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AT&T Uverse is the ONLY way to go. As someone who has also had Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, and Dish, Uverse is unparalleled:
1) They have amazing mobile apps. You can use your smart phone or tablet as a REMOTE CONTROL!!! You can also DVR programs remotely. For instance, I forgot to record the ESPN all access Buckeye delight one day and just did it from work on my phone. If you don't have a smart phone, you can download the app to your work computer. 
2) Absolutely zero service issues. I lived in Florida, and every afternoon when it rained the DirecTV would go out. Way annoying.
3) Beautifully constructed interface. I used to like the way DirecTV looked, but since they last changed their look and layout I hate it. Uverse makes total sense... HD Channels begin at 1000 and go on indefinitely depending on your package. Non HD channels end at 1000. No more searching bewildered for HD vs non HD.
4) AMAZING sports packages. Soccer, football, MLB channel galore! I never have to go without Big 10 football. While DirecTV does have the MLB baseball package, I just get it through MLB TV and watch it on my tv through my PS3 for the same price as the DirecTV package, no loss there.
5) Internet packages are very reasonable. I am no longer pirating large amounts of music or movies since I am a grown man with a decent paying job, so for surfing the web it is just fine.
All in all I give Uverse two HUGE thumbs up! Now it is a little pricey but it is worth it to not have to deal with Comcast's HORRIBLE customer service or weather related satellite delays. Installation is a breeze too, no giant installation like with FiOS.
Just do it.
6) No fighting with AMC!!!! I totally forgot to mention this important point. AT&T gets along with everyone, so you never have to miss Breaking Bad.

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I've currently have Dish, but had Direct TV in the past. I liked Direct a little better, but both are better than cable. If I have to miss the first game of the season, I will drop Dish as soon as my contract is up, and I will let them know why. No second chances, when it comes to Buckeye football.



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So am guessing I will wake up tomorrow and not have the big ten network?

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Update: big ten network and dish have agreed to a short teem agreement, so dish customers can see the opener!!!

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I have Time Warner because that is all that is available.(No dishes allowed on the apartment building.) Verizon has been working in the area but no service available yet. I am just waiting to switch to Fios. Time Warner's customer service is god awful. And my remote died and they told me to come get another one or it would be fifteen bucks to mail me one. I looked up where they are located and as far as Brooklyn goes they are a days journey away, could be an hour away depending upon traffic. The assholes are driving around the neighborhood day and night and they can't drop off a remote. I can't wait to switch! I do have good football however, ESPNU, CBSS, Pac12, etc. For B10 I have to pay seven bucks a month.