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October 16, 2012 at 5:01p

I was taking a look at BM's stats on the season and just realized that his pass attempts so far this season are just about where BM finished the season last year with.


PC/PA: 85/157

PCT: 54.1%

Yards: 1159

TD/INT: 13/4

Sacks: 39

Efficiency: 138.4


2012 (7 games to date)

PC/PA: 96/159

PCT: 60.4%

Yards: 1271

TD/INT: 11/4

Sacks: 12

Efficiency: 145.3


Thank God for much better O-line play, much better game planning, and better coaching across the board! His completion percentage and sacks taken are much better this year than last year's total. He also has about a 100 yards more passing this season but with 2 fewer TDs through the air. I know BM didn't start every game last season, but for him to have already surpassed last year's  passing attempts with a full half the season left to go speaks volumes.

While I'm at it and since I need more wordage to post, here's his rushing yards as compared to last year.


Attempts: 159

Yards: 715

Avg: 4.5

Long: 81

TDs: 7

2012 (7 games to date)

Attempts: 129

Yards: 912

Avg: 7.1

Long: 72

TDs: 9


He's averaging quite a bit more per run this year and already has run for more yards than he did through all of last year. A lot of this can be attributed to not having that extra 27 sacks that he did a year ago. But a lot of the yards he picked up on the ground last year was him just making plays out of nothing. And although that's been seen quite a bit this year as well, the offense has been tailored to his strengths. Again, he's also taking advantage of the improved play from the O-line group. He's on pace to get 3500 total yards (~2000 yards throwing and 1500+ yards rushing). Not bad considering last year the offense just barely surpassed the 4k mark in total offense.

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2011 wasn't horrible considering he wasn't the starter until week 4, got injured against Nebraska, and didn't have Posey until the last two weeks of the season.

It's just amazing how much the sack difference is. Felt like 30 of those sacks in 2011 came against MSU. I think a lot of them came from him holding the ball too long. But he was a freshmen, so eh.

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Notice he doesn't hold the ball as long with a competent scheme with underneath passing options and play action off of base running plays rather than telegraphed by formation.  Beating a dead horse here.

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it also helps that Brewster, Shugarts and Adams are not playing too. Brewster had his worst year last year, Shugarts is Shugarts and Adams was out for almost half the season. Braxton is having more consistent help with the Oline this year. Not taking anything away from Braxton because he is a much better player this year and the scheme is helping. But the line has done awesome so far this year especially compared to expectations after last year.

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It's also encouraging as hell that Linsley and Mewhort are the two guys other than Fragel that are getting the most praise, and neither of them are seniors. Having Hyde as a senior with two of the most important blockers as seniors will make for one heck of a rushing attack

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If he exceeds his pace (remember he didn't run for as many yards vs. UAB/Cal after high # of carries vs. UCF), he could run for more yards than Beanie Wells ever did in a season.  You also could easily project him to pass Pat White for all-time QB rushing yards in NCAA if he stays healthy for the next 2.5 seasons.  Btw, 1500 yards would be a single season NCAA rushing record by a QB.  That's ahead of guys like Brad Smith, Pat White and several triple option guys at tiny schools.

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Not to be that guy, but 1500 yards actually wouldn't be a single-season rushing record.  Several QBs have done that.

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Denard has the record with 1702 yards but braxton is almost on pace to break it

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Braxton could do it. He's @ 1,271 right now with 6 games to play. And meanwhile Denard is on pace to break Pat White's career rushing record of 4,480. Right now he's @ 4,033.

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Only five regular season games left.

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1271 is Braxton's passing yards so far, not rushing. Rushing is 917 and far from 1700!
Still, I think he can do it. Needs a 200 yard game in there somewhere to have a chance.

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Yeah, my bad, I reversed the numbers. He'd have to run for his life to get to 1700 in five games.

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Braxton won't break Denards record this year, and given the offensive playmakers coming in next year, I don't think he ever will.  That's a good thing.

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I agree. I don't necessarily believe he'll break Denard's record, but he could. I would much rather him lead us to wins (and championships) than break records. 

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Good idea for the comparison

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Thanks, I was struck by the similarities in passing attempts and some of the other numbers and figured it was worth sharing.

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If Devin Smith didn't drop the easy ones Braxton would be close to 65%

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Yeah, the drops haven't helped.  At the same time, Braxton himself would admit he still has room to grow as a passer.  He certainly still makes some poor throws occasionally.  It's actually pretty exciting to me to know how much better he can get.

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Braxton has alot to learn about the intricacies of throwingt he ball but Devin Smith and C. Brown need to hang on to the 'catchable' passes in order for the offense to flow smooth and efficiently.

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I think we tend to forget, every QB suffers from drops. I think we have probably had slightly more than the average number of drops this year, we just tend to remember them better because it seems Devin Smith is the guy dropping them most of the time and they are often big plays.
That said I think he has gotten better with his mechanics, just by watching the games and seeing his throws. They just look better. If he can get better at reading defenses and we can get more consistent at WR watch out.

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I obviously did not have an updated site when I googled single season QB rushing records.  1494 is 2nd place behind Denard's 1702.  So if Braxton gets 1500 he will be second only to Denard.
That is very achievable given that he is unlikely to be held under 100 yards by remaining opponents.
Also keep in mind that the postseason ban is hurting Braxton's opportunity to break the record.  Denard had 13 games in 2010.

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I remember a certain Heisman Trophy winning QB from Ohio State that no one thought highly of, especially his arm, early in his career. I think he turned out okay for the Buckeyes.