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September 1, 2013 at 3:03a

Let me tell everyone who is absolutely freaking after today's win why everything is ok. First, when this team had their foot on the gas they scored at will and forced buffalo off the field in 3 and out most drives. Second, a lot of people wanted to see the buckeyes come out and win by 1000 today, which is awesome and everything but I think your goals for the team and the coaches goals are a little different. With the scholly reductions depth will be the one thing that can bring this team down this year. The goal was simple, come out, put them down early, and get out HEALTHY. We saw what happened when the injuries started in one game today, we are so thin at certain positions that getting the starters some rest and the young guys some reps has to be a priority during this cake of an OOC schedule. Everyone wants to run the score up on people, but when Wisconsin and Northwestern comes around and Roby gets hurt, Shazier goes down for a half, Spence is out, all the sudden your gunna wish the young guns would have got their feet wet in these games where the outcome is never really in doubt. I'm pretty sure anyone who was watching that first quarter could see if the goal for the day was to drop 70, they would have done it. So be happy fellow buckeyes, the team came out, made sure the outcome was never in jeopardy after the first quarter, and made sure none of the big pieces went down for an extended period of time while the young guys got their reps. (Disclaimer, this is all my opinion of what I think the staff wanted out of today, it could be complete horseshit)

However if you must have something to fret over here are two. First Decker got his pants beat off him continuously, no scratch that, constantly. That could be a huge issue as after him I have no idea who would step in. Second, like I said depth, this team is more talanted than everyone on the schedule, but something like Shazier going down could be disasterous. 

And one final thought, Wilson is going to be unbelievable. Anyone who has any opinion contrary to this is too drunk. 

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Just heard Brawndo is the new Buckeye Sponsor, its got electrolytes. Its what Cramps crave.

"What Kind Of Speed Does HE Have"

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I'm no botanist, but I'm pretty sure if you put water on plants they grow.

Our Honor Defend!

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"What Kind Of Speed Does HE Have"

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Plenty of nutrients there.

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Take away the 13 points Buffalo scored off turnovers and this game is looked at much differently.

Though had that fumble Brax suffered in third which was overturned by the facemask penalty on the Bulls would have altered the discussion.

They're going to have to work every week, through January, nothing is a given.

I'm also concerned about Decker, but have to give credit to Mack - he really put himself on the NFL prospect list yesterday.

But the line giving up four sacks total is not acceptable.

Reeves was outmatched against Nuetz, but looked really lost on some plays. I'll gladly welcome Roby back.

Dontre Wilson is as good as advertised (not hyped), and he looked like a freshman in his first game on that fumble.

The defense is a mixed bag. Thought the run defense did a good job, the pass defense missed two of their impact players to say the least.

Jordan Hall gets my first game ball, the second to Chris Fields, third to Brax (with nods to Kenny G and Cam Johnston!).

Going to need a better effort vs SDST, but it's win and nobody got hurt.

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just one question, did they ever use the TE to chip on Mack?  I was pretty clear that Decker needed help - if so I didn't notice
Remain calm - at least we're not in Lexington

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To answer your question, no.  Every time Mack blitzed, he was single blocked.  And he didn't just blow up Decker.  He also beat Mewhort basically every time, too.  The only guy who beat Mack on a blitz was, in fact, Marcus Hall, that I could see.

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I saw double teams on Mack later in the game. Not every time though.



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Thank the lord. Don't get me wrong I agree with everyone of your points both good and bad, but when I see posters compare our team to USC last year it drives me nuts.
I agree with Decker's issues, but also understand its his first start. More confused with Mewhort's up and down performance.
Dontre looked as good as advertised, for a freshman. He had good moments i.e. the 52 yard return, but he also had his freshman shoes on when he 1 fumbled, but more on that play was his lack of understanding that he isn't necessarily the most athletic guy on the field so spinning and such won't automatically gain you extra yards. Not the worst thing in the world, but when I see Devin Hester on the Bears never learn, it drives me nuts and I would like to make sure he understands sometimes running forward and getting 10 yards is better than spinning and putting the ball on the ground. I digress, but anyway happy to see him do well.
Overall, yes the game got frustrating at points, but we are a young team and the experience will help.

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I think the disappointment isnt in the score, its mainly in the play of the O-line and defense. We knew we'd have some growing pains with the defense but without Roby (and really Barnett) that secondary is horrendous, especially Armani Reeves. C. Grant still has a ways to go but I thought he played well and I can see him getting better providing us with some stability at LB. The d-line was alright but didnt exactly dominate as we were hoping, which is and isnt a concern. It is because this is Buffalo and their O-line shouldnt be a brick wall. It isnt because its the first game and there were moments where they got a good push. The o-line was touted as one of the best in the nation and for a few series it seemed like they were living up to the billing. After that, they were below average at best and if Decker "walked away" with the starting RT job, then they need to walk him back to the bench for some more coaching because he didnt impress at all. Jacoby Boren wasnt very good and Mewhort couldnt handle Mack (but Mack will arguably be the best defender he faces all year before the post season). 
Outside of the o-line, I thought the offense was alright. We need a true power back like Hyde just to provide that added element. Hall was great but there were times he needed to stop spinning and just run north and south. Dontre will be a stud if he works out his freshman, silly mistakes, great kick return and he is showing his speed (expect him to get faster during his career too). WR's, eh, they were about the same as last year but Philly ran harder with the ball and wasn't as fragile as he was last year with trying to break tackles (not sure why he bobbled seemingly every punt though). Braxton looked more confident but I dont know what the heck was going on for 3 quarters when he didnt want to take off. Not sure if it was his call or Hermans but running is his best weapon, even if his passing game catches up with it. When he did run in the 4th it just proved how much of a game changer he can be, so going forward we should see more of that IMO. I thought he held onto the ball a bit too much and needed to make faster reads and decisions but that can be worked out for next week so all in all it was a sufficient performance for him, nothing spectacular. 
Moving on to next week, I hope we see the O-line start be more consistent against pass rush and get a better push when running the ball. I would also like to see Braxton sort out some of those overthrows (which can be fixed pretty easily). Other than Hall, did any of our stable of RBs perform well? We claim its incredibly deep but did the other guys make any plays when given their chances (where was Dunn?). Thank goodness Roby is back next week because I couldnt handle another game watching Reeves. C. Grant continue to develop and our D-line keeps getting better. We have to be careful with SDSU, as most of us know, they are no walk-over and will be a better opponent than Buffalo. 

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Well the defense only really gave up one scoring drive, take take away the pick six and that drive where they started at what? the 25? and a lot of people are praising the defense right now. 
Everyone knows Braxton can run the ball, no question. Against Buffalo there is no reason why he should be running the ball. He should have been doing exactly what he did, staying in the pocket(wow that is the most annoying word in the world when galloway is saying it, actually second most annoying, behind beth mowins "yards"), looking downfield to work on his passing against a live opponent. The goal this year is the national championship, and there is no reason to have your franchise taking a bunch of hits against inferior opponents early in the year.
You also don't show your hand in the first game of the year either. The play calling today was very restrictive. The read option is a great weapon for this team, and it was pretty clear the running back was getting it every time it was called regardless of what the defense was doing.

Well i like college and i like football...and im gunna keep doin em both cause they make me feel good!!!

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Im not a believer in the "dont show your hand in the first game" option. This was a game to work on things, including new formations and new plays and we didnt see too much of it. If we arent going to open the playbook up a bit more then at least be consistent in this game and if we arent getting production then adjustments need to be made rather than sit back and expect the same plays to work over and over. Did we have a proper reverse called to show off this new found speed we supposedly have? Herman is way more intelligent than I am and obviously knows what he is doing but I do have to question his strategy in a game that should have been treated as a tune up rather than a practice. 

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In Ubrban's offense it is called a "Jet sweep", didn't You see it??

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In Urban's offense it is called a "Jet sweep", didn't see it??

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I'm not sure after yesterday's performance that SDSU is a better opponent than Buffalo.  Time will tell but yesterday, Buffalo came to play where SDSU clearly did not.

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Didn't SDSU just get beat by a D-II school, or whatever the frick they call it now? They could be worse than Buffalo. Actually, it's likely they are worse.



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Only solution for the problem at right tackle is switch Decker and Norwell.

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I'm just now watching the game replay (was at the game yesterday) and just noticed this little tidbit. Lou Tepper is Buffalo's D coordinator. Anyone who lived through the early '90's knows that name (DC at Illinois 88-91, HC at Illinois 91-96). This was a time when Illinois OWNED us. Just a thought.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Thnks for the info. I read something of the sorts somewhere on here about his previous positions, but did not realize the extent of his success.
Not to mention 91-96 were my highschool years, so Saturdays...well you know. Summers were all about those great tribe years as far as sports for me that I could obsess about.

BammBamm is my dog, Riley is my 4 yr old daughter, and THE Ohio state Buckeyes complete the three most sacred loves I cherish

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While watching the game yesterday, I did see Lou Tepper mentioned. He has grinded it out at small colleges in Pennsylvania the last decade or so.
Tepper was the defensive coordinator/head coach for Dana Howard, Kevin Hardy, John Holocek, and Simeon Rice at Illinois. It looks like he has another gem in Mack at Buffalo

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1) Herman stated that he took his foot off the gas yesterday and he regrets that.
2) I just checked Alabama's stats from yesterday and their offense only had 206 total yards.  Granted they had a better opponent, but that sucks any way you look at it.  We'll be ok.  It was everybody's first game.
3) I wonder if the jitters played into the dehydration issues.   In the post game interviews, everyone except Braxton talked about how nervous they were.  Speilman often tells stories about how he'd puke and couldn't keep anything down before a big game because he was so wound up.  Our locker room had to have been a very intense place (compared to Buffalo, who had nothing to lose) and frankly, that's what the coach wants.
4) If I'm a San Diego State fan right now, I'm doing a major  Scooby Doo "Rut Roh!"

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Where did you see a Herman interview? I would love to see it if you could provide a link. Thanks!

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I read it in an article in the Dispatch (online).  The player interview links were there too.

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I'd say from watching it was pretty clear they let off after that first quarter. Lots of halfback dives up the middle. Buffalo was pretty dialed in at that point.

Well i like college and i like football...and im gunna keep doin em both cause they make me feel good!!!

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I just wondered why i didn't see any plays for the tight ends? Meyer said he wanted to use them a lot this year?


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Lotta year left

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Pass plays have numerous receivers running routes. What you saw was Braxton not throwing to tight ends.

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The thing about Reeves is that he is in his second year, he should "get it" by now.  Is he playing his natural HS position or is this completely new for him?

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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I will be watching Khalil Mack to see how other teams try to handle him.  I believe he is expected to break the all time record for TFLs, which is I think I will also watch Decker to see how good he really is.  Not sure anyone can handle Mack without some help.

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Dare I say Mack might be better than Jadaveon Clowney?



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Do you live in Buffalo or northern NY?

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Leave Decker alone. He will be fine. 1st game and why is it that we think we are the only ones that see what is going on out on the field. I am sure the coaches had a good look at what was going on. I think this will make him better as the year goes. Mack is a freak and Decker wasn't the only one that had problems with him. If Mewhort gets the cut block on Mack he does not pick off Millers pass.  As the result of that play showed the cut block makes that play go.