Asia Doss Makes It The Fantastic Five

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October 1, 2013 at 1:13a

It was briefly mentioned in Monday's Skull Session but the news deserves it's own write up.

Asia Doss made her official visit to Ohio State this past weekend, while there she decided it was time to announce her decision and verbally commited to the Buckeyes.

Asia is a 5'7" point guard from Detroit County Day HS and most services rank her as the best senior player from That State Up North in the class of 2014.

ESPN's HoopGurlz decribed Miss Doss as...

"Confident, athletic floor leader with superb court awareness, body control to the rim; A distributor with a scorer's mentality, range to the arc; has emerged into an elite-level game manager."

The newest member of the women's basketball Buckeyes attended the Ohio State - Wisconsin football game with future teammates Kelsey & Chelsea Mitchell, Alexa Hart and Makayla Waterman.

Waterman, Hart, Westbeld, Doss, Somebody's Dad

In attendance alongside the Buckeye commits was Waterman's HS teammate & close friend Kathryn Westbeld. The Kettering duo brought home the 2013 state title as members of the Fairmont Firebirds and this past summer joined All Ohio Black 17-U for the opportunity to team up with the Mitchells.

Currently holding the #2 recruiting class, Coach McGuff still has two more scholarships to offer.

In addition to Kathryn Westbeld, top targets include:
Jatarie White - 6'4" lefty from NC, the #1 Center in the class of '14.
Kia Nurse - 6' guard, currently playing for the Canadian National Team.
Kristen Simon - 6'1" forward, tenacious rebounder & defender.
Arica Carter - 5'8" combo guard from Long Beach Poly.

Recruiting Service Rankings:
All Star Girls Report (Top 25), Full Court Fresh 50, Blue Star (Top 100), HoopGurlz/ESPN (Top 100), Prospects Nation (Top 150)

Kelsey Mitchell - ASGR #3, FC #3, BS #4, HG #3, PN #1
Makayla Waterman - ASGR NR, FC #47, BS #26, HG #69, PN #35
Alexa Hart - ASGR NR, FC NR, BS #40, HG #82, PN #21
Asia Doss - ASGR NR, FC 46, BS #72, HG #92, PN #47

Kathryn Westbeld - ASGR #25, FC #35, BS #17, HG #21, PN #33
Jatarie White - ASGR #6, FC #5, BS #3, HG #3, PN #14
Arica Carter - ASGR NR, FC NR, BS NR, HG #78, PN #62
Kristen Simon -  ASGR NR, FC NR, BS #69, HG #47, PN NR
Kia Nurse - ASGR NR, FC NR, BS #10, HG NR, PN NR

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Hovenaut's picture

Admittedly not a follower of much basketball outside of Matta's group - and I usually don't even tune in until after football. 
But it's really great to hear the progress Kevin McGuff has made since taking over the ladies program, and eager to see their return to on-court success. 

Frankly Scarlet's picture

Lol at the bowling ball helmets! 
ND's are sharp - looks like a football uniform. 

"Buclkle your chinstrap, we're gonna grind meat!" - Woody Hayes  

osubuck57's picture

McGuff is putting quite the class together. Haven't really followed the womens' team since Katie Smith was on team, but might have to start watching these young ladies now!! Glad to see they're putting in the work like Thad and Urban.


Jordan Wagner's picture

Wing Jaime Nared is another name often connected with Coach McGuff. It seems like he'd like to sign two more prospects and Westbeld seems to be the favorite for one of those spots. 

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Thanks. I went ahead and added Jaime to the list.

jwmilkbone's picture

Jaime Nared committed to Tennessee.

redfox's picture

Dose anyone have any idea when Westbeld might commit.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Her official visit with ND is coming up in the next couple of weeks and I believe she plans on making a decision afterwards.

MN Buckeye's picture

I am with Hove, I usually do not begin to follow women's hoops until after the regular season in football is over, but is seven scholarships typical for basketball? I love the quality of the recruiting and like others have commented think McGuff and company are doing a great job, but I was surprised at the number of recruits. This is a lot of reloading.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

When Jim Foster was fired he had 0 commits for the class of 2013. McGuff was hired the day before signing day and choose not to pursue any late enrollees. That is the reason for the large number of ships available for 2014.
Also remember that women's teams have 15 total scholarships (2 more than the men).

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

One of the poster's over on the The Boneyard (UConn Message Board) took the time to put together a composite ranking using the five major services...

#3 Kelsey Mitchell
#44 Makayla Waterman
#50 Alexa Hart
#53 Asia Doss

#7 Jatarie White
#20 Kathryn Westbeld
#48 Kristen Simon
#65 Kia Nurse
#77 Arica Nurse

He also compiles the individual rankings for a class ranking list.
Currently he has Ohio State at #3 (behind UCLA & Duke).