BOYCOTT ESPN, WITH BILLBOARD SIGNS THAT SAY, "BOYCOTT ESPN"!!! I also have posted companies who affiliate themselves with Espn!

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July 13, 2011 at 10:57p

Tired of ESPN always trying to discriminate Ohio State? Are you especially tired of hearing about the lawsuit ESP'ons have put on tOSU to try to get the Jim Tressel emails? Well I am & have came up some creative ideas we can pay back ESP'ons. First and foremost lets pay for BILLBOARDS Signs to be posted up along the highways of Interstate 70 & 77 that simple say, you guessed it, "BOYCOTT ESPN"!!!.

Well I Just got off the Phone with a Electronic Billboard Advertising Company in Columbus, the guy told me $500 for a week to a month, told him what it was about & the guy got all excited & wants to be apart of it! Simply put.... BOYCOTT ESPN!!! Who wants to be apart of it also?

Gonna set up an account with the Advertising company tomorrow,,, let me know who wants to donate money to post the Billboard > BOYCOTT ESPN < If a lot of people want to donate to the cause we can get more than one Billboard, although if 20 people each donate $20 it will supply enough $ for 1 Billboard in Columbus! Thanks & again BOYCOTT ESPN!!! Looking to also post one up in Cleveland, Cincinnati & Canton areas.

In light of ESPN trying to sue Ohio State to get the Jim Tressel Iv been thinking of ways to hurt Espn where their pocket is & what supports their drama, its SPONSORS that keep Espn on its feet... So its time to chop the knees off of Espn,,, Write & Call Espn's SPONSORS, Threaten to boycott their products as well if they dont put pressure on Espn to drop this thuggish girl drama!!! Sponsors are as follows >

I.N.G Direct 1 South Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801,,,

Value City Headquarters 3241 Westerville Road Columbus, OH 43224,,,

Nikon Inc. 1300 Walt Whitman Road Melville, NY 11747-3064

IBM Corporation 1 New Orchard Road Armonk, New York 10504-1722 United States 914-499-1900

Hewlett-Packard Company3000 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA (650) 857-1501

K-Swiss 31248 Oak Crest Dr. Westlake Village, CA 91361,,,

Michelin Tire 2 Patewood Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 (864) 234-5000 &

The Progressive Insurance Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Road Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143,,,

Lincoln Mercury World Headquarters 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618-3344 949-341-7500,,,

Miller Brewing Headquarters 3939 W Highland Blvd Milwaukee, WI 53208 414-931-2700,,,

Ando Media One Adams Place Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 847-801-2636

Pacific Life Insurance 700 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660(800) 800-7646,,,

HSBC GPO Box 64,Hong Kong,1 Queen's Road Central,Hong Kong SAR, ChinaTelephone: +852 2822 1111 Fax:+852 2810 1112,,,

Dove Headquarters 1819 Range WayFlorence, SC 29502 Customer Service and Tech Support: (800)968-6925

Research In Motion295 Phillip Street Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 3W8 tel: (519) 888-7465,,,

Research In Motion122 West John Carpenter FreewaySuite 430 Irving, Texas 75038 tel: (877) 255-2377,,,

BridgeStone Tire Highland Ridge Tower at 535 Marriott Drive: CEO, President John Lampe,,,

Scottrade Corporate Headquarters PO Box 31759 Saint Louis, MO 63131314-965-1555

Joseph A Bank Clothiers Corporate Office Headquarters500 Hanover Pike Hampstead, MD 21074 (410)239-2700 ,,,

Sony Corporation of America Corporate Office Headquarters550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022 (212)833-6800 ,,,

Supercuts Corporate Office Headquarters7201 Metro Blvd. Edina, MN 55439 (952)947-7777

T Rowe Price Group, Inc Corporate Office Headquarters 100 E. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21202 (410)345-2000

General Motors Corporate Office Headquarters300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265 (313)556-5000 ,,,

Capital One Financial Corporation Corporate Office  Headquarters1680 Capital One Dr. McLean, VA 22102 (703)720-1000 ,,,

The Gatorade Company Corporate Office  Headquarters555 W. Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60661(312)821-1000

Subway Corporate Office  Headquarters 325 Bic Drive Milford, CT 06460 (203)877-4281 ,,,

Ford Motor Company Corporate Office  Headquarters1 American Rd. Dearborn, MI 48126 (313)322-3000 ,,,

Geico Corporate Office Headquarters 5260 Western Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (301)986-3000

The Walt Disney Company Corporate Office Headquarters 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 (818)560-1000 Hershey Company Corporate Office Headquarters 100 Crystal A Dr. Hershey, PA 17003 (717)534-4200

Discover PO BOX 30943 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943

Discover Card Financial Services Corporate Office Headquarters PO Box 17019 Wilmington, DE 19850 (302)328-3300 Chi-fil-a 5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349 (404) 765-8000

Home Depot 2455 Paces Ferry Road Southeast Atlanta, GA 30339 1-800-654-0688.




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you should look into posting one in Bristol. Most of the residents there hate that place anyway.


Maybe 11w goods should have a shirt that says boycott ESPN and have the proceeds go to keeping these bilboards up!

-The Aristocrats!

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I want a t-shirt that says "F*&K ESPN on it.

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I have a long list of ideas that I am going to post when I have time...bottom line is we gotta be all in or it won"t work....

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Totally agree.  I like the idea of billboards, they just cost money.  Plus, I do think it could cause more media types like Rome and Cowherd and others to just keep piling on our delusional fanbase and whatever kind of junk they could spew.  Many fans may not care.  That's why I liked the idea of writing letters.  Put the pressure on ESPN's sugar daddy or daddies. 

As chief says though, if the fan base isn't all in, it won't do any good.

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More than agree!!!

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We should send one of these t shirts to Bruce Feldman.

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Not sure if making billboards will actually do anything except cost money and help our fanbase as a whole look even more thin-skinned and mockable.


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I definitely agree

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I agree as well.  I definitely would wear a F*CK ESPN t-shirt but the billboard makes us look pathetic.  It would just be throwing fuel on the fire and would prolong the buckeye bashing even longer in my opinion.


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Taking up a billboard in Columbus, Ohio is going to do nothing but get people in Ohio to nod their heads, and people elsewhere to shake theirs. You want to take it to ESPN? Look into getting signage in Bristol. Or, like you did in another post, get sponsor contact info out there.

I view it as very similar to the fight here in DC for voting rights - you can complain to people around you who have the same views all you want, but until you convince people elsewhere that it's a worthy argument you do nothing but self-gratify. Taking up a billboard in Columbus won't do anything to help.


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I think calling or writing can do some justice. Also I think everyone keeps forgetting about Disney who owns ESPN. Call them daily and tell them you don't plan to take your family to any disney park or buy any of thier retail goods.... Think about the pressure they might put on ESPN Sr Mgt... If a high percentage of people did that, I think it would get thier notice.


Walt Disney mail address:

500 S Buena Vista St

Burbank, Ca 91521


George Bodenheimer is Co-Chair of ESPN and ABC Sports for Disney.

Also note that Steve Jobs (Apple - iphone, Ipad, etc) is on the board of directors so we can also threaten to not purchase apple products.

Sheryl Sanbend is Facebook COO who is also on board of directors for Disney. Writer her also and threaten to broadcast on facebook your displeasure with her being on the board as well as quit using the service.


Just a few more options. Lets get this going. We are the largest university and have a large fanbase accross the world. If we can get a grass root effort it can have some interesting results.

Our arch rivals.... 11 National Championships, 10 before 1949 - eight of eleven shared. Trying to respect them... trying.... Ugh!