As National Signing Day closes in, what's the pulse of Buckeye Nation?

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January 31, 2013 at 11:44a

The hours are starting to seem like days themselves at this point.  It's every college football fans version of Christmas, their birthday, and their wedding anniversary (for those of us that are tied down) all rolled into one.  National Signing Day is the time when every college football fan (especially fans of a program that matters) are glued to their computer screens just waiting for the confirmation that a player has selected the school they root for to play his college ball. 

Really for an obsessed football fan it's like watching Dick Clark on New Year's eve while the ominous ball descends in the background.  You count the names on the list as they multiply, but you also scratch off names on the list of potential signees as they make their choice for schools that you don't root for.  It's one of the most organized forms of chaos imaginable. 

The image of Coach Meyer sitting at his desk, sweat beading up on his wrinkled forehead, fingers intwined, as he chews his bottom lip in anticipation of the fax machine lighting up with news is one we can only imagine as fans.  Seasons prior (no pun intended) to the last two had seen little excitement on signing day.  It always seemed as though Tress had his guys he wanted locked up, and on signing day he just sat back and let things happen.  Maybe it's not the case, maybe it's just the perception that Urban Meyer is the John Rambo of college recruiting, and he hits the recruiting road hard from the moment he offers a player, until the moment that player signs and pushes send on the fax machine.  Either way the buzz surrounding signing day has never been as electric as it is this year (at least in this writer's memory), as come Wednesday of next week there will be a number of players that TOSU fans will be waiting to hear about on pins and needles.

The big fish in our collective "buckeye pond" is no secret, it's Georgia safety Von Bell.  Right now he's the prettiest girl at the dance so to speak, and Tennessee, Alabama, and Ohio State all want to do the foxtrot like they never have before.  Not since the decision day of Terrelle Pryor has the environment surrounding a player been this closely scrutinized.  Of course the difference is, Von Bell is choosing not to be a diva about his recruitment, and he intends on announcing when he said he would, and I would imagine he would get the Ohio State moniker correctly and not put a feeling of absolute sickness in the collective guts of Buckeye Nation (see Terrelle Pryor annoucing "The University of Ohio State" which we all know doesn't exist).  The truth is, as much as we may all feel tortured by waiting on Bell's decision, he has earned this time, and we will wait patiently, or impatiently, either way to hear him announce his choice. 

Next in line we're talking about Dontre Wilson, an explosive, and athletic running back from Texas who is currently commited to an Oregon program that is without it's Admiral.  As we all know Chip Kelly left the college ranks (in a bit of a cloud of controversy as sanctions for recruiting loom over Oregon) to pursue a job with the Philadelphia Eagles.  When Kelly took off, Wilson reopened his recruitment, and sent a shockwave of excitement into Buckeye nation when he had earlier proclaimed that if he didn't go to Oregon, Ohio State would be his second choice.  I think the overall impression of most of us is that Ohio State has a great shot to land Wilson as he is very much excited about the spread offense that Urban Meyer commands.

Those are the highlights, and I guess next we talk about the low lights, and what is more distressing for Buckey fans than anything else really.  The idea that someone would want to commit to play at TOSU, but then months later rescend his commitment is almost like treason.  In truth we as fans have no reason to hold resentment towards these kids if they think they would be better suited some where other than Columbus (a thought I can't quite wrap my head around) but the truth is it happens, and in the case of EZE it may be more of a reality than most of us are prepared to bear.  To be fair to EZE he hasn't decommited, and all he did was take a visit to his home state school (Mizzou), but none of that knowledge helps Buckeye fans feel better about the situation.  It's going to be a waiting game with EZE as he has decided to go into hiding until NSD, but please, no one do anything stupid, or drink themselves into a daze over this one.  We just have to remain calm and hope for Ezekial Elliott.

So what does it all mean my fellow Buckeye fans?  What's the overall pulse and reaction to all of the ebs and flows of recruiting, and the chaos of NSD?  The truth is, there is none, and for anyone other than a college football fan, it's just another day.  My advice is to do as I do, swallow a fistful of tums, run anti-virus before the chaos starts so that you have optimal speed on your computer, and pray to the football gods for a good return on all of our hope for a successful naitonal signing day.


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Strong pulse

vacuuming sucks

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For me, NSD means relief.  With all of the aforementioned ebbs and flows is is nice to have finality.  I love recruiting (esp. Nov-Feb), but it is nice to know the final results.

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Good point, until the next day when we start obsessing over the next class :)

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I think the worst part of this particular recruiting cycle has been the visits(in the last couple of weeks before NSD) that Munger, Johnson and EzE have taken, when we all thought they were "solid" commits. If not for those gentlemen, I don't think Buckeye Nation would be stressing so much.



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i am calmly awaiting the day, feeling proud that TOSU is going to have at least a top 5 class if not better. i am so hoping bell commits.

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NSD is a day off of work for me.  Hanging out watching ESPNU with a bunch of friends.  It is going to be a great day to watch Urban and the staff go to work.  Bring on that crystal ball.

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I don't obsess over recruiting, I find it a bit creepy.  But, I am hoping we can land Bell ana keep EZE on board.  It just means to me we are another step closer to Spring.

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What's creepy about it? Is it any different than obsessing about a kid coming out of college, hoping the sign with your particular NFL team? I think the term "creepy" is thrown around too loosely. Creepy only applies if you're stalking a particular player online(twitter/facebook, etc), by phone or whatever. Anyone that does that is then qualified to be called creepy.
Is Urban Fricking Meyer creepy because he and his staff chase teenage kids all over the country? He's a man obssessed about teenage athletes, and I for one am glad he is.



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I personally think we should've offered Redfield to see what happened...  I know, I know... I need to trust the staff... And I do, but I don't like missing on kids like Redfield who say they have interest in OSU.

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As soon as NSD 2013 is in the books I'm going to start stressing about NSD 2014

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I generally let others worry about recruiting.  I keep up on the surface, but other than that, having Urban allows me to assume we will be fine  :)

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NSD means the bow can be tied on the beautiful 2013 class and we can start to salavate over the 2014 class. Oh, and it means we are one step closer to the impending national title run 

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Really great write up my friend. Enjoyed reading it and agree on all levels. My input on EzE, I'm so convinced the kid is a special talent, if he decides to go to Mizzou, I will miss him, but he is going to be a great football player no matter what. And besides my selfish wants for a high school football player aspiring for greatness, i truly wish him the best in his endecours, just would like llike to cheer him on from the south stands rather than watching him wear a black uni.

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Thanks very much.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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The thought of going 0-3 here (actually losing EZE) is un-nerving..

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It would certainly suck, but it wouldn't be the end of the world, and we'd still have a top 5 class.



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I have to admit, I'm looking forward to finally taking a break from recruiting.  I don't REALLY start to follow it until the season thru NSD, so it'll be nice to not check 11W every ten seconds like I do not for a bit.  Of course I'll probably pick up earlier this year (around the spring game) because I think 2014 will be even better than this year (I'd be shocked if we don't end up with the #1 class by a wide margin next year).

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I find that inviting Quint Kessinich to be behind the scenes at the Woody Hayes war room for NSD is a good sign.  You do that to create positive press and show that even the recruits next year need to jump on tOSU train and try and create a huge run at Ohio State like saban has done at bama

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Even if we struck out on all the other targets, tOSU has had an incredible class with kids that want to be Buckeyes and will mesh well with the abundance of talent we already have.
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If Urban Meyer can bring that team with a HORRID defense to 12-0, I have no doubts that the talented player filling the gap can reach great peaks. The man is Houdini. The man works miracles, but it doesn't take miracles to win with the talent OSU has coming into 2013. Though I believe 2014 is more likely the year (well that depends on O-line), lets not giive up on this year.


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I have to admit I never paid attention to recruiting under Tressel but with Urbz at the helm he makes it exciting!

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My advice is to do as I do, swallow a fistful of tums, run anti-virus before the chaos starts so that you have optimal speed on your computer

Good advice. I will heed.
I've always followed recruiting, but with 11W and UFM as coach, this year has been more nerve wracking than those in the past. I don't ever recall being this nervous before NSD, except TP's recruitment. I think Urban is going to have a top 5 class no matter what, but I just hope that he keeps EzE, most importantly. If we get Vonn or Dontre Wilson, that's just icing on the cake. But, even if we lost out on all three, this is still going to be a great class.