Duron Carter - The Plot Thickens

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December 21, 2010 at 1:40a

Apparently people have been bothering Duron on FaceBook for information about his plans regarding Ohio State.

I just noticed a juicy morsel in my news feed from Duron:

"People stop asking me questions about O state.... ask them..."

Before he was dominating the nation at Coffeyville (TerreLOL!) he was making waves at OSU as a crushing blocker with sticky hands, poised to make a jump in playing time. There are plenty of fans that would love to see him back in the scarlet and grey.

Perhaps I'm reading more in to this than I should, but his statement seems to indicate that Duron is waiting on OSU before he makes a move. I would assume there is still a scholarship available for him if he wanted to commit, so this makes me wonder if there are still academic issues involved.

Anyone care to offer alternate conjectures?

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I had heard rumors that he intended to go to LSU, but rumors are just that until they become fact. Would love to see son-of-Cris back in a Buckeye uniform. We need a playmaker who doesn't drop the easy ones (I'm looking at you, Devier!).

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If it is true and we haven't made a move, I do think its cool that we are taking the "I don't care who your dad is, get it together" approach.

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We sent him off because he couldn't get his act together. He still hasn't gotten his act together therefore I think Tress will keep giving him the cold shoulder.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Didn't Duron drop some easy ones too though?  I'd like him back if he's going to commit to everything it takes to be a student athlete.  At the same time, I don't want any part of him if we're dealing with another Ray Small.  Let him go to LSU if that's the case.

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If I recall, he did drop a few as a freshman. That's normal. It's only a problem when that continues into the sophomore, junior, senior years. Every receiver drops easy ones sometimes, even the Great Dane. Posey and Washington drop too many for their experience level.

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Considering we've never got to see anything but his Freshman year, I can't say if he'll be any different than Posey.   Not sure what the drops were at Juco but that ain't exactly the big state either.  Hopefully he straitens up his act and can play here, but sounds like if he were going to be back, he would have an offer by now.

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I'm sure his academic record isn't publicly available. It would be nice if someone would clear up whether or not the kid's got his shite together academically. I would assume the sweater vest would want him back if he does. Perhaps academics aren't the only problems...character issues?

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Looking at his Twitter, it's hard to believe he's done much growing up. I'd be shocked if he ended up back at Ohio State.

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Maybe he should transfer to Kent State.

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Word on the street here is that this is all Ohio State's decision. Duron is willing to come back and work harder in the classroom than he would have to at another school because he doesn't get a clean slate at OSU. That definitely shows he wants to be a Buckeye again, but JT not only has to do what's best for the team, but what's best for Duron as well. If he thinks this is a situation where it does not benefit both parties, DC9 will not be a Buckeye.

I think we can use him on the football field, but not sure if JT is going to take him back. Hazell was his biggest supporter and really no longer has any pull. That does not bode well for Duron, but I hope somehow this can work out and be a happy ending.

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I thought the issue was that his previous academic record at OSU (which is awful) would still stand.  As a result, he would still have to work really hard to stay in good academic standing.  If he were to go to another school, he would start with a clean slate.

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Looks like the Carter-OSU saga is over for good.

Per Twitter:

@Mr_Dcarter9: I wanted 2 go back..... they never offered me... so even if i wanted to go back i cant.... sorry