The One & Done System

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April 7, 2012 at 9:43a

The NCAA by their bylaws rules and regulations have made a farce of collegiate athletics. The one and done dilemna that plauges universities and thier supporters is a sign of our society and the "G" factor. Greed has overtaken the better judgement of our people from the government to the sports fans that watch the events. What role models we have making money more significant than moral integrity. The shame of it all is that; will it be the undoing of collegiate athletics as we of age have come to know? Only time will tell, let's all hope that clear thinking will prevail.

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Rockford: It's the NBA that has has to change their policy...just like the NFL rule of 3 and out or years out of high school. Colleges have no say if a student athelete just quits the program.

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i agree. if it were simply a college rule, then if players wanted to leave, they could just fail out of school, and then defect to the draft

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Or why don't NBA and NFL contribute 20% of gross and distribute it as payment to the NCAA athletes that effectively opreate as their minor leagues.  Baseball has supported an absurdly large minor league system for decades.  The NFL especially should easily be able to afford this.  If kids are making money in college they are more likely to stay and enjoy it.

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THe Law of Unintended Consequences would rear its ugly head if this happened.  With 20% of their gross committed, do you think they might demand a say in how things are done?  Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?  I'm not sure the answer, but instinctively, its never a good thing for anyone, or any entity to give up even a part of their sovereignty.


How about this.  Increase the number of scholarships in basketball to something like 18.  But make them 4 years long.  If a player leaves for anywhere other than another member institution, or an injury, it is unavailable until the 4 years is up?  That would prevent the Snake Oil salesmen like Greasy-head in Lexington, from recruiting those players.  The number of schollies would have to be determined.  I've changed the number myself three times even before I hit the save button.


I would also make the number transferrable (and duplicatable) so that it follows the head coach as well as stays at the institution.

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The NFL and the NBA have minor leagues. They are called colleges and universities.  Why would the NFL and NBA create a system they already have and don't have to pay for?

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The one and done rule is awful.  If you're good enough to go to the NBA out of high school, you should be able to.  Greg Oden and Kevin Durant should never have stepped on a college basketball court.


Players should also be allowed more contact with agents so they can get a better assessment of their pro prospects.  One of the main points of going to college is to be able to get a job.  The NCAA should not prohibit the ability of players to do what is best for them.

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They should go back to how it was.  If you're good enough to go pro out of high school, then you should be allowed to.  Only one change - if you do go to college, you have to stay for 2-3 years.  That's how baseball does it.  The one and done wastes the time of the athlete with BS classes they'll never use, and the money of the university for putting these kids through those classes. 

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