The Series History: Ohio State/Wisconsin

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September 25, 2013 at 6:57p

If you're a numbers geek like I am you might enjoy the compilation below.

This article chronicles every year and score that Ohio State and Wisconsin played football.

You will find the overall series, last ten games and other spans of games between the two schools.

A breakdown by decade is also covered. Listed in the decade breakdown are the overall record, home record, away record, total points scored and average points scored per category.

Below the overall, home and away records you will find Ohio State's record against Wisconsin when the Badgers enter the game as a ranked opponent.

The history of Ohio State versus Wisconsin

Home = Columbus
Away = Madison

Series Overall
Record: 58-18-5       
Points:  1,735-974     
Avg:     22-13

Last Ten Games 
Record: 6-4 
Points:  220-196  
Avg:     22-20 

Last Ten Home Games
Record: 7-3
Points:  274-205
Avg:     27-21

Last Ten Away Games
Record: 6-3-1
Points:  164-115
Avg:     16-12

Home Record When Wisconsin is Ranked
Record: 8-1-1
Score:  264-140
Avg:    26-14

Home Record When Ohio State and Wisconsin are Ranked
Record: 5-1-1
Score:  194-90
Avg:    28-13

The Series by Decades  

Win, Loss, Tie,
( ) = Wisconsin's ranking going into the game.



2010  A   18-31   (No. 18)
2011 H  33-29  (No. 15)
2012 A  21-14  (OT)

Record: 2-1 
Points:  72-74     
Avg:     24-25

Home: 1-0      
Points: 33-29
Avg: 33-29

Away:  1-1   
Points: 39-45
Avg:    20-23

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Ranked: 1-1       Home: 1-0       Away:   0-1
Points:   51-60   Points: 33-29    Points: 18-31
Avg:      26-30   Avg:    33-29    Avg:    18-31


2000 A  23-7     (No. 22)
2001  H  17-20
2002 A  19-14
2003  A  10-17    (No. 23)
2004  H  13-24    (No. 15)
2007 H  38-17   (No. 21)
2008 A  20-17   (No. 18)
2009 H  31-13

Record: 5-3         Home: 2-2        Away: 3-1
Points: 171-129   Points: 99-74    Points: 72-55
Avg:    21-16      Avg:    25-19    Avg:    18-14

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Ranked: 3-2        Home: 1-0        Away:  2-2
Points:  104-82   Points: 38-17    Points: 66-65
Avg:     21-16     Avg:    38-17    Avg:    17-16


1990 A  35-10
1991 H  31-16

1992  A  16-20
1993  A  14-14  (No. 15)
1994 H  24-3
1995 A  27-16 (No. 21)
1996 H  17-14

1999  H  17-42

Record: 5-2-1      Home: 3-1        Away: 2-1-1 
Points: 181-135   Points: 89-75    Points: 92- 60 
Avg:    23-17      Avg:    22-19    Avg:     23-15 

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Record: 1-0-1      Home: DNP        Away:  1-0-1
Points:  41-30     Points: DNP        Points: 41-30
Avg:     21-15     Avg:    DNP        Avg:    21-15


1980 A  21-0
1981  A  21-24
1982  H  0-6
1983 H  45-27
1984  A  14-6
1985  H  7-12
1986 A  30-17
1987  A  24-26
1988 H  34-12
1989 H  42-22

Record: 5-5           Home: 3-2         Away:   2-3 
Points:  238-152    Points: 128-79    Points: 110-73  
Avg:     24-15       Avg:     26-16     Avg:     22-15 

Did not Play When Wisconsin was Ranked



1970 A 24-7
1971 H  31-6
1972 A  28-20
1973 A  24-0
1974 H  52-7 (No. 13)
1975 H  56-0
1976 A  30-20
1977 H  42-0
1978 A  49-14
1979 H  59-0

Record: 10-0      Home:  5-0        Away:  5-0 
Points:  395-74   Points: 240-13   Points: 155-61 
Avg:     40-7      Avg:    48-3       Avg:    31-12 

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Record: 1-0       Home: 1-0          Away:  DNP
Points:  52-7     Points: 52-7        Points:  DNP
Avg:     52-7     Avg:    52-7        Avg:     DNP


1960 H  34-7    (No. 11)
1961 A  30-21
1962 H  14-7    (No. 5)
1963 A  13-10  (No. 2)
1964 H  28-3
1965 A  20-10
1966 H  24-13
1967 H  17-15
1968 A  43-8

1969 H  62-7

Record: 10-0         Home:  6-0          Away: 4-0 
Points:  285-101    Points: 179-52     Points: 106-49 
Avg:     29-19       Avg:     30-9        Avg:    27-12 

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Record: 3-0        Home:  2-0        Away:  1-0
Points:  61-24     Points: 48-14     Points: 13-10
Avg:     20-8       Avg:    24-7      Avg:     13-10


1950 H  19-14  (No. 15)
1951  A  6-6
1952 H  23-14  (No. 1)
1953 A  20-19

1954 H  31-14  (No. 2)
1955 A  26-16  (No. 15)
1956 H  21-0
1957 A  16-13

1958  H  7-7      (No. 13)
1959  A  3-12    (No. 12)

Record: 7-1-2         Home:  4-0-1        Away: 3-1-1 
Points:  172-115     Points: 101-49      Points: 71-66 
Avg:     17-12        Avg:     20-10       Avg: 14-13 

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Record: 4-1-1        Home: 3-0-1       Away:  1-1
Points:  109-77     Points: 80-49       Points: 29-28
Avg:     18-13       Avg:    20-12       Avg:    15-14


1941 H  46-34
1942  A  7-17    (No. 6)
1944 A  20-7   (No. 19)
1945 H  12-0

1946  A  7-20
1948 H  34-32
1949 A 21-0

Record: 5-2            Home: 3-0          Away: 2-2 
Points:  147-110     Points: 92-66      Points: 55-44 
Avg:     21-16         Avg: 31- 22        Avg: 14-11 

When Wisconsin was Ranked
Record: 1-1       Home:  DNP       Away:  1-1
Points:  27-24    Points: DNP        Points: 27-24
Avg:     14-12    Avg:    DNP        Avg:    14-12


1930  H  0-0
1931 A  6-0
1932  H  7-7
1933 A  6-0

Record: 2-0-2      Home: 0-0-2         Away: 2-0 
Points:  19-7       Points: 7-7           Points: 12-0 
Avg:     5-2         Avg: 4-4             Avg: 6-0  

Did not Play When Wisconsin was Ranked


1920 H  13-7

Record: 1-0       Home:  1-0             Away: DNP 
Points:  13-7      Points: 13-7           Points: DNP 
Avg:     13-7      Avg:    13-7           Avg:    DNP

Did not Play When Wisconsin was Ranked


1913  A   0-12
1914  H   6-7
1915  A   0-21
1916 H  14-13
1917 A  16-3
1918  H   3-14
1919 A   3-0

Record: 3-4           Home: 1-2            Away: 2-2 
Points:  42-70        Points: 23-24        Points: 19-36 
Avg:     6-10         Avg: 8-8               Avg: 5-9  

Did not Play When Wisconsin was Ranked


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If you find any interesting facts by looking over these scores please post them below.
For example:
21- Ohio State's longest winning streak against Wisconsin (1960-1980).
3- Ohio State's longest losing streak to Wisconsin (1913, '14 and '15).

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Anybody have a favorite or worst Ohio State Wisconsin game?
My favorites were last year (the hit), 2011 (the throw) and 2010 (the run). 
Worst was 1993's tie.

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By "the run" do you mean the 2008 game?

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Oops, yes.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Worst was 1999. OSU got up 17-0, then Wisconsin scored 42 unanswered. At the 'shoe, no less. I remember that Wisconsin kicked a couple of FGs late in the 2nd quarter to make it 17-6, but we were okay because OSU was getting the 2nd half kickoff. But then Michael Wiley fumbled the kickoff and Wisconsin recovered inside the 5-yard-line and everything - everything - just went to shit. Ron Dayne and Brooks Goddamn Bollinger just ran all over the Buckeye D. I hated this game so much.

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As much as I hated that game, I was even more pissed at their traveling fanbase that day...

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Worst was 2004 when those bastards danced on our "O"....i feel like this was Ohio State's "Aw HELL no!" moment in the rivalry.  I know it was for me.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

Remy's picture

Good call. I can't believe I forgot about that.
The Buckeyes must protect Block O this weekend:


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One Bad Buckeye's picture

Haha! I don't think that'll happen again, at least not this weekend. 
Thanks for the awesome write up Remy.  This is great. 

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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One Bad Buckeye,
Thanks for bringing up the 2004 game.  The 2013 Ohio State Media Guide has 2004 as an away loss.
I just fixed it above and adjusted all of the home and away records, points and averages.
If I could only fix it in the Buckeye Media Guide.

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You are right the Media guide has some errors. If you add up the Big Ten records from when we joined with what the say it's one win short. And wins in Ohio Stadium are wrong as well

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That was the year Wisconsin made my 'hate' list.
Dontez Sanders needs a serious boot in his rear end.

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In case anyone needs a refresher:

After Wisconsin beat Ohio State 24-13 three years ago, a Badgers linebacker danced on the big Block O that straddles the 50-yard line at Ohio Stadium, touching off a bunch of pushing, taunting and shoving between the teams.
Buckeyes fans were aghast.
Ohio State has not forgotten. Neither, apparently, has Wisconsin.
"We had a little postgame situation because Dontez (Sanders) felt the need to dance around on the O," said Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema, who was the Badgers' defensive coordinator in '03. "We obviously discourage that behavior.
"Tez called me this (week) and he wanted, I think, 32 tickets. He's now a high school coach in Ohio. So we'll keep Tez away from our guys."
Bielema laughed long and hard. Sanders' action might have angered Ohio State, but it underscores how Wisconsin has owned the Buckeyes on their home turf. The Badgers have won their last three games at the Horseshoe.

Sanders was also the HS coach who was trying to poison Kyle Dodson against Ohio State.

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I remember that OSU danced on the midfield 'W' at Wisconsin after winning there in 2000. They responded by doing it to us after they won at the 'shoe in 2001. Tressel apparently snuffed that out on our end; they kept it going, I guess. Either way, I'm 90% sure the Bucks are the ones who "started it" with regard to the midfield dancing.
ETA: from an article prior to the 2002 game:

In 2000, Ohio State won at Camp Randall and celebrated by dancing on the "W" at the center of the field. The favor was returned last year, when the Badgers won at Ohio Stadium.
"I don't think we care a whole lot for each other because of some incidents that have happened in the past," Ohio State linebacker Matt Wilhelm told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
If the Buckeyes win Saturday, don't expect another jig at midfield. Coach Jim Tressel tried to instill more discipline in his players since taking over for John Cooper before last season.
"Our feeling about celebration, whether it is after a touchdown or a big win, is the celebration has to be contained within those who are celebrating," he said. "In no way shape or form should it be pointed in another direction. From a conceptual standpoint, our celebration has to be positive."

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I like stats too. I hope I didn't goof up.  Since 1942 against Wisconsin
Buckeyes with a 100 yd rusher are 34-2-1, (at Home Bucks are 19-1-1).
Buckeyes when they give up 100 yds to Wisconsin are 9-7-1, at (Home 3-3).
When both have a 100 yd rusher Bucks are 8-1, (at Home Bucks are 3-0).
When neither team have a 100 yd rusher Bucks are 14-6, (8-2 at Home).
Buckeyes have had 2 100 rushers in the same game 2 times 1971,72,74 and are 3-0 in those games.
As far as passing Bucks are 5-4 overall , 3-2 at home when passing for over 200 yds. We are 9-2 overall when the Badgers throw over 200 yds and at home when they pass 200 or more we are 4-1.
Only 1 time have both teams passed 200 or more in 1992 we lost and are 0-1.
Keith Byars 174 yds rushing in 1983 and Stanley Jackson's 265 yds passing in 1996 are the tops against Wisconsin.
Also I don't want to se a 17-0 lead; 13-0, 15-0, 21-0 but please not 17-0 I remember being up 19-0 and losing 42-17 at home, and I think we did it another time. Also hope it's not raining. Don't have stats for those, but for some reason there are two teams I always get a bad feeling playing in the rain Wisconsin and Illinois. 
Go Bucks!

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Woody Hayes

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Nice job Tennessee Buckeye.
17-0 leads against Wisconsin, late nineties or early 2000s, and MSU (1998) turned out very bad.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Man, I hope we kill these dbags.

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The only thing appropriate for a fan base that has a history of throwing frozen batteries at opposing fans is a blowout loss.  I hope they get curb stomped.  

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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Thanks Remy,
  I was bored so here are a few more stats and facts. When Bucks are ranked #3 they are are 2-2-1 vs Wisconsin. When Bucks #3 and Wisconsin ranked 0-1-1, the tie at home, the loss at Madison. The tie the Badgers were #15, the Loss they were #23. So Saturday we get to balance things out with a win. Purdue and Wisconsin are the only two of the original Big Ten Schools not to get a win in Ohio Stadium their first visit (Chicago beat us at home their first visit as well). While Purdue got their first win in 1938 it took Wisconsin until 1982 to win in Ohio Stadium, I was there in C deck student section. Since then you can say I hate Wisconsin more than scUM, who I at least have a respectable hate for. The chart is a breakdown of pts scored, use to be in programs and media guides, haven't gotten any in a while so they may be back in. These stats are for games played at Ohio Stadium against Wisconsin:
Tried using chart didn't work
Go Bucks!

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

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Not as even as I thought, or how it might be projected to be over the past 20 years.  15-5-1 in the 90s and 2000s is pretty one sided.  I do remember getting trouble from them in the 80s before they were "good".  Great piece, Remy.  Thanks for all the good work. 

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Tennessee Buckeye and Knarcisi,
Thank you for the kind words.
Hopefully Ohio State will add another tally on the win side Saturday.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Why not start sense the modern era?

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.