The Ohio State Effect: That Team

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December 1, 2013 at 10:19p

Another week and another opponent's stats get flipped upside down.

It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State.

Below you will be able to compare That Team's stats before playing, and after playing, Ohio State.

Entering The Game the Wolverines offense was awful statistically and their defense was one of the best against the run.

That Team threw for 451 yards against Ohio State's secondary. That is 217 yards more than what That Team averaged coming into the contest.

When the game was over Our Rivals gained 240.2 more yards of total offense than their average.

Everything wasn't rosy for the Wolvereenies. Ohio State's running game gashed That Team's 14th ranked rush defense for 393 yards and amassed 526 yards of total offense.

Carlos Hyde (226) and Braxton Miller (286) combined for 512 of Ohio State's 526 total yards of offense.     

The Buckeyes were also able to put up 42 points, 15.5 points more than That Team's average points allowed.


2013 Stats
That Team                                           That Team                            
Before Ohio State                               After Ohio State

33.1 (47th)               Points For             33.8 (39th)       + 0.7
25.1 (52nd)             Points Against       26.5 (62nd)        -  1.4

128.2 (100th)           Rushing Offense     130.8 (99th)    + 2.6
234.0 (62nd)            Passing Offense      252.1 (43rd)    + 18.1
362.8 (95th)             Total Offense         382.8 (82nd)    + 20.0

116.4 (14th)           Rushing Defense    139.4 (31st)        -  23.0
236.6 (80th)             Pass Defense          228.0 (60th)    + 8.6
353.0 (26th)           Total Defense         367.4 (39th)       -  14.4

                                Offense Misc.    
.378 (83rd)              3rd Down Conv.       .394 (72nd)      + 16.0
.848 (52nd)             Red Zone                .849 (51st)        + .001
6.3 (91st)                Punt Return             6.3 (87th)           No Change
22.7 (41st)            Kickoff Return          22.2 (47th)          -  0.5

                               Defense Misc.
.384 (51st)              3rd Down Conv.       .383 (53rd          + .001
.846 (80th)            Red Zone                .854 (90th)           -  .008
118.7 (31st)          Pass Eff. Def.           119.2 (35th)         -  0.5
36.6 (69th)             Net Punting               37.0 (57th)        + 0.4

Total: 6                 THE EDGE                 Total: 9

That Team                                       That Team                            
Stats Per Game                               Stats Against Ohio State

33.1 (47th)            Points For             41           + 7.9
25.1 (52nd)          Points Against      42           -  16.9

128.2 (100th)        Rushing Offense    152         + 23.8 
234.0 (62nd)         Passing Offense     451         + 217.0
362.8 (95th)         Total Offense         603          + 240.2

116.4 (14th)        Rushing Defense   393          -  276.6
236.6 (80th)          Pass Defense        133          + 103.6
353.0 (26th)        Total Defense       526          -  173.0

                            Offense Misc.    
.378 (83rd)           3rd Down Conv.     .571         + .193
.848 (52nd)          Red Zone               .857         + .009
6.3 (91st)             Punt Return            ----          No Change
22.7 (41st)          Kickoff Return       19.3          -  3.4

                            Defense Misc.
.384 (51st)            3rd Down Conv.     .375         + .009
.846 (80th)          Red Zone              1.00          - .154
118.7 (31st)         Pass Eff. Def.        124.3        -  5.6
36.6 (69th)            Net Punting            44            + 7.4

Total: 6                THE EDGE             Total: 9

Ohio State's defense still has not allowed an opposing player to gain over 100 yards rushing.

The most important stat? Ohio State 42,  That Team 41

That Team, is Ohio State still your daddy?

After defeating you 9 out of the last 10 games you bet your sweet ass they are.

This week's opponent: Michigan State.

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Always look forward to your posts, Remy.  Good work as usual!  Go Buckeyes, Beat Sparty!

"Because I couldn't go for three."  - Woody Hayes

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Thank you for the kind words.
Can't believe there will only be two more Ohio State Effect's for the 2013 season.

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We are 32-25-2  vs. That team since the invention of facemasks in 1955...

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I see what you did there, and I like it!


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Again, great job, Remy! This is one of the few weeks where our stat lines are down, yet we still won. My favorite lines:

That Team, is Ohio State still your daddy?
After defeating you 9 out of the last 10 games you bet your sweet ass they are.

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Great as usual Remy, thanks for these.

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Great post, thanks.  Looking at how a team preforms against a specific opponent and making the comparison to their averages is a good late-season measure of success.  Of course you can't control for all variables like weather and injuries but patterns will emerge.  Better yet is the comparison factoring in multiple opponents.  For example, if a team holds opponents to 75% of their average in rushing yards it is a good bet they play good run defense. 
Remy, you are a good numbers cruncher.  I am reading your "run down" next.

this is where we hold them, THIS IS WHERE THEY DIE!!! GIVE THEM NOTHING but take from them EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!