The Ohio State Effect: Purdue

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November 3, 2013 at 11:46a

Another week and another opponent's stats get flipped upside down.

It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State.

Below you will be able to compare Purdue's stats before playing, and after playing, Ohio State.

Coming into the game against Ohio State the Boilermakers were statistically one of the worst offensive and defensive teams in the nation. After yesterday's game the Buckeyes made Purdue even worse statistically on both sides of the ball.

Purdue's defense was allowing just under 400 yards of total offense a game.

Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller combined for 358 of Ohio State's 640 yards of total offense.

The Boilermakers were allowing 192.7 yards on the ground, The Buckeyes racked up 345 rushing yards.

Purdue is best in the nation! Purdue's punter, Cody Webster,  averaged 49.5 yards on net punting to help move the Boilermakers to first in the nation (43.1).

2013 Stats
Stats Per Game


Before Ohio State                                 After Ohio State                          
13.1 (119th)          Points For                11.5 (121st)   - 1.6 ppg
34.4 (104th)          Points Against          37.1 (111th)   - 2.7 ppg

76.1 (119th)         Rushing Offense        70.0 (121st)    - 6.1 ypg
202.4 (90th)         Passing Offense        188.3 (100th)   - 14.1 ypg
278.6 (120th)      Total Offense             258.3 (120th)   - 20.3 ypg

192.7 (92nd)        Rushing Defense        211.8 (107th)   - 19.1 ypg
206.9 (25th)         Pass Defense            217.9 (42nd)    - 11.0 ypg 
399.6 (69th)         Total Defense           429.6 (87th)     - 30.0 ypg

                              Offense Misc.    
.295 (112th)         3rd Down Conv.       .282 (117th)     - .013
.625 (120th)         Red Zone                .625 (121st)    No Change
12.4 (24th)              Punt Return            12.4 (21st)   No Change
24.9 (19th)           Kickoff Return          22.8 (42nd)    - 2.1 ypg      

                              Defense Misc.
.466 (111th)         3rd Down Conv.       .487 (116th)   - .021     
.926 (116th)         Red Zone                .939 (119th)   - .013
130.9 (75th)         Pass Eff. Def.           139.2 (87th)   - 8.3       
42.7 (2nd)              Net Punting              43.1 (1st)   + 0.4 

Total:  14            THE EDGE                  Total:  2 

Stats Per Game                                  Stats Against Ohio State                          
13.1 (119th)          Points For               0   - 13.1              
34.4 (104th)          Points Against         56  - 21.6              

76.1 (119th)         Rushing Offense       27   - 49.1               
202.4 (90th)         Passing Offense       89   -113.4               
278.6 (120th)       Total Offense           116  - 162.6             

192.7 (92nd)         Rushing Defense      345  - 152.3             
206.9 (25th)         Pass Defense           295  - 88.1              
399.6 (69th)         Total Defense          640  - 240.4             

                              Offense Misc.    
.295 (112th)         3rd Down Conv.       .166   - .129         
.625 (120th)         Red Zone                No Attempts  
12.4 (24th)           Punt Return            No Attempts       
24.9 (19th)           Kickoff Return         12.0  - 12.9                

                             Defense Misc.
.466 (111th)        3rd Down Conv.       .667  -.201              
.926 (116th)        Red Zone                1.00  -.074         
130.9 (75th)        Pass Eff. Def.           ----                     
42.7 (2nd)              Net Punting            49.5  + 6.8              

Total:  15             THE EDGE              Total:  1 

Ohio State's defense held Purdue to 27 rushing yards and has not allowed an opposing player to gain 100 yards on the ground this season.

The most important stat? Ohio State 56,  Purdue 0

Purdue, is Ohio State still your daddy?

After winning by the largest margin in the series' history, you bet your sweet as they are.

This week's opponent: Staying healthy and out of trouble during the bye week.

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Hovenaut's picture

These are great Remy.

I keep shaking my head at how horrible Purdue is this year....those numbers are ghastly.

In a parallel universe you did a "Michigan State Effect" for M...igan and posted it on M Go Blo, garnering great interest from that readership ;).

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

Remy's picture

In a parallel universe you did a "Michigan State Effect" for M...igan and posted it on M Go Blo

Thanks Hovenaut, that made me laugh.
I don't think that could happen in a parallel universe...I would have killed myself in that parallel universe for being a fan of That Team.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

Hovenaut's picture

Lol....there were plenty of folks stepping towards the ledge over there last night.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

Nkohl13's picture

No wonder Tressel always had trouble whith Purdue. They are sooooo good at punting.

harleymanjax's picture

In the first gif, I love how the Purdue cheerleaders scatter like roaches when you turn a light on!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

Bucki78's picture

I think the one thing that stood out to me that doesn't have a stat is the way the defense controlled the line of scrimmage all day.  Oh, and not to mention the amount of Scarlet that was in Ross Ade too!
But something I wanted to add to see if anyone else that went to the game.  Did you happen to think that their sound system on the scoreboard was a bit to loud?  My ears are still ringing from that thing.

"But I don't have to rely on a lot of people to tell me about the traditions of Ohio State. I lived it, I breathed it, I know it and I love it." - Urban Meyer

Remy's picture

You must have been in the South stands as well.
We must be getting old, because I thought the same thing about the sound system.
What annoyed me the most was how they had the Purdue band playing through it.
On a couple of occasions they left the microphone on and you could hear the band and cheerleaders talking.
Other than the sound system, I did enjoy the seats, game and atmosphere.
It didn't hurt that Ohio State fans outnumbered the Purdue fans.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

BuckeyeMike74's picture

I like seeing how we impact the stats (usually to the negative) teams we play.  One thing that would be nice to see included in these statistical breakdowns is how OSU stats and ranks changed as well.

Remy's picture

Will do.
Haven't done it in the past because I was afraid it would be information overload / make the page busy.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Hmm just the Cal game...
They average 463 yards/ gm and 23 ppg.
Vs. tOsU  they put up 34 pts and 503 yards.  They put up 20 more yards passing and rushing vs. us than their season average as well as scored 11 more points than what they average.

jkrk's picture

I would love to see the Sparty Effect from last week since we've got a bye this week.