Ohio State Football Recruiting: Class of 2007

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February 3, 2014 at 10:29p

With National Signing Day on the horizon I figured this would be a good time to catch up on the players who signed in previous classes. Today we look at what happened to the players who signed in 2007.

Below you will find the 15 players who signed with Ohio State in February 2007 and their vitals coming out of high school. You will also see where they ranked with Rivals and ESPN.

Although this was a small class, six players made impressionable contributions throughout their careers with Ohio State.

I had high expectations for this recruit. How would you label him? Did he meet your expectations? Was he a bust?

2007 15 Recruits
(* Varsity Letter)

Name Pos. HT WT 40 Stars Rivals ESPN Location OSU News Career NFL
Eugene Clifford DB 6'2 190 4.5 4 6.0 82 Colerain Arrested for Assault Played at Tennessee State 4 Games Played, 5.5 Tackles, 0.5 TFL  
Brandon Saine **** RB 6'0 200 4.4 4 6.0 76 Piqua Captain 2010 301 Car., 1,498 Yds, 9 TDs, 55 Rec., 616 Yds, 8 TDs Undrafted Free Agent to the Green Bay Packers in 2011
Cameron Heyward **** DT 6'5 264 5.2 4 5.9 78 Suwanee, GA Captain 2010, 1st Team All-B1G 2010,  Freshman All-American 52 GP,  121.5 Tackles, 37.5 TFL, 15.5 Sacks, 2 FF, 1 FF TD, 5 PBU, 1 INT Steelers 2011 1st Round
Nate Oliver **** DB 6'0 199 4.9 4 5.9 77 Lakewood St. Edward's   46 GP, 22.5 Tackles, 1 FF  
James Scott * DB 5'10 163 4.6 4 5.9 79 Daytona Beach, FL Transferred to Ole Miss Sept. 2008, Dismissed from Ole Miss 9 GP, 4.5 Tackles, 1 PBU  
Donnie Evege * DB 5'11 185 4.4 4 5.8 NR Huber Heights Wayne   16 GP, 11 Tackles  
Daniel "Boom" Herron **** RB 5'10 190 4.5 4 5.8 74 Warren Harding Captain 2011, Team MVP 2011, 1st Team Big Ten 2010, Tat Five 41 GP, 593 car., 2,872 Yds, 32 TDs, 44 Rec., 309 Yds, TD Bengals 2012 R6
Jermale Hines **** LB 6'2 205 4.6 4 5.8 79 Glenville 1st Team All-B1G 2010 44 GP, 123 Tackles, 7.5 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, 8 PBU, 3 INTs Rams 2011 R5
Brian Rolle ** LB 5'10 202 4.5 4 5.8 66 Immokalee, FL 1st Team All-B1G 2010 51 GP, 143.5 Tackles, 19 TFL, 2.5 Sacks, FF, FR TD, 1 BLK, 4 INTs, INT TD, 2-PT Conv Eagles 2011 R6
Solomon Thomas *** DE 6'4 210 4.8 4 5.8 77 West Chester Tat Five 31 GP, 20 Tackles, 1 PBU  
Devon Torrence *** ATH 6'0 200 4.4 4 5.8 79 Canton South   46 GP, 69.5 Tackles, 4.5 TFL, 5 FF, 10 PBU, 4 INTs, 1 INT TD, 1 BLK Vikings 2011 Undrafted Free Agent
Taurian Washington **** WR 6'1 167 4.5 4 5.8 77 Orchard Lake, MI   41 GP, 8 Rec., 107 Yds, TD  
Evan Blankenship OL 6'3 310 5.1 3 5.7 NR Monaca, PA Career Back-Up    
Dane Sanzenbacher WR 5'11 174 4.6 3 5.6 68 Toledo Central Catholic Captain 2010, MVP 2010, 1st Team All-B1G 2010 50 GP, 123 Rec., 1,872 Yds, 19 TDs, 1 Rushing TD, Single Game Record 4 TDs vs E. Mich.  Bears 2011 Undrafted Free Agent
Rocco Pentello DB 6'0 188 4.5 3 5.5 74 Westerville South Transferred to Ashland Jan. 2005    

Met High Expectations

Cameron Heyward

Boom Herron

Jermale Hines

Brian Rolle

Diamond in the Rough

Dane Sanzenbacher (I think Gruden has a man-crush on him)

Fool's Gold

Eugene Clifford

Donnie Evege

James Scott: Could not find a picture







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Overall this was a pretty good class considering how small it was. Brandon Saine was hard to label. I don't think he met expectations, but he certainly wasn't a bust.
I think the staff was not sure how to use him. By the time they figured out that Saine was most effective catching passes out of the backfield it was his last game in the Rose Bowl against Oregon. 
I still think he could have been a game changer if he was used properly.

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I agree on Saine -- it became obvious at the end that there were things that he did well, but he wasn't given the ball in the right instances until it was too late. I'll say this about him, though: had no wiggle. He had straightline speed for miles, but put something in his way and he was pretty helpless. For a big dude, I feel like I could count his broken tackles on one hand.

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For as big as Saine was, he didn't run between the tackles very well.  He was a great receiver out of the backfield.  It was disappointing that Saine and Herron weren't on the field together more often. 

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Agree on all the comments on Saine.  He had straightaway speed but was not shifty enough.  Should have been used more like Matt Forte.  Running Dave all day limited his effectiveness. 

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I'd love to see Dane catching passes in Meyer's spread.  He was a great receiver.

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I thought Brandon Saine did a pretty good job. He competed at a lot of the same track meets my school did in HS and he was every time. Dude was extremely fast, watching him was a lot of fun because no one was ever even close to beating him. I hope he has success in the NFL. I also would've liked to see him play the h-back role in Urban's O, he's got great linear speed, get him around the edge and he's gone. 

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Not to impressed with this class, really highlights the lack of development the Bucks coaches had on both sides of the ball near the end of the Tressel era
Heyward would've been a 1st rounder no matter where he went.

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12/15 guys finished, 7/15 multi year starters. Saban would've med RS'd Evege before 2007 was out. Oliver was a guy I thought would be a stud. Washington seemed more concerned with his Gosling photoshopped body rather than his on-field production.

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Saine would have done well in our current offense. In space he did well and there is not a LB in the B1G who could cover him on a wheel route.  Zeke Elliott has a lot of the same positives in terms of speed but as a FR demonstrated he can break tackles too. 
If you want to see a really mixed bag class, do the same thing for 2009:
Two 5* catastrophes  (Dorain Bell, Pitt Brown)
Four 3* folk heros  (Boren, Fragel, Guiton, Simon)
Only 13/25 players from that class used up their eligibility. 
Outside of Simon and Barnett the defensive players in that class were pretty bad. 
Really good OL class, RB Hyde 
Medical hardship for Fellows, Wood
Other colossal busts in addition to the 5 stars:  Duron Carter, Jamal Berry
Underachievers club: Storm Klien, Jordan Hall
Processed: James Jackson
Whoops! suspended/trouble/transfer: Jordan Whiting, Jon Newsome, Dom Clarke, Dorian Bell, Jamal Berry

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