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August 21, 2013 at 11:56p

Throughout the years of Ohio State football, 29 players have worn the number 9.

Today's article will cover the careers of Don Scott, Ed Thompson David Boston, Donte Whitner and Brian Hartline.

Current Buckeyes wearing No. 9 are:

Devin Smith (WR)

This year he will don No. 9. Smith wore No. 15 last season (above right).

Awards and Honors won by players while wearing No. 9:
One Team MVP.
One Captain.
Four All-American selections.
Six All-Big Ten honors.
Eight Academic All-Big Ten recipients.

Today's Trivia Questions:

David Boston made his Ohio State name wearing No. 9, what number did he wear as a freshman? Hint: Think two better than Michael Irvin's Miami jersey.

Can you name the son of a former Ohio State All-American wide receiver who wore No. 9 for the Buckeyes?

Who holds the Ohio State record for most punt returns in a career?

Answers at the bottom of the article.

Don Scott (HB/QB) Two-Time All-American

The following is from Wikipedia:

"Donald E. Scott was a star of American football. He was a two-time All-America quarterback at the Ohio State University.

He died on October 1, 1943 when his bomber crashed while he was training as a pilot in England during World War II."

High School

"In football, Scott was a two-time all-state selection at Canton McKinley High School. As a sophomore Scott was a tackle on the offensive and defensive lines.
He also punted and kicked extra points. As a junior and senior he was named the left halfback in a single-wing formation offense, making him the team's primary ball handler.
He completed 58 percent of his passes (48 of 93) for 991 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also rushed for 657 yards on 74 carries. He kicked 34 extra points.

In basketball, Scott twice helped lead the school team to the state semifinals.


  • Following his death, Canton City School's track field was renamed Don Scott Field.
  • Scott was a second-year inductee to the Stark County High School Football Hall of Fame.


Scott was a two-time All-America selection for the Ohio State University Buckeyes football team.
He was called the most versatile back in college football because he was a brilliant passer, blocker, and ball carrier. His head coach, Francis Schmidt, later said,
"I can’t remember a back as dangerous in so many departments of play.”

Scott lettered for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in 1938, 1939, and 1940.
In 1938 he was a starting halfback. He became the Buckeyes' starting quarterback as a junior in 1939 and led the team to the Big Ten Conference title.
In 1938 he received his first All-American selection. He returned as quarterback in his senior year and was again named as All-American.


  • Scott was a 1988 inductee to the Ohio State Varsity O Hall of Fame.
  • In 2000 Scott was one of five quarterbacks named to the Ohio State Football All-Century Team.


Scott was ninth overall selection in the 1941 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Chicago Bears. Scott decided to volunteer to fight in the war in Europe.
Scott had participated in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, while at Ohio State.
When he entered the United States Army Air Forces it was as a commissioned pilot.

On October 1, 1943, Capt. Don Scott died when his bomber crashed while he was in training.
The following month, Ohio State University trustees named the school's new airport after him.


  • The airport, like the Canton football field, is named Don Scott Field." source


Ed Thompson (LB) Captain

Thompson was a captain in 1976, his senior season.
He finished his Buckeye career with 338 tackles.

Today he resides in Portsmouth and owns a carpet business. source


David Boston (WR) All-American

I remember David Boston as a go-to receiver for Joe Germaine and Stanley Jackson.

Unfortunately, I also remember him talking smack before The Game and this happening to him:

When Boston's Buckeye days were over his name was all over the Ohio State record books.

From this years media guide:
"In three seasons, David Boston set or tied 12 Ohio State receiving records, including most
receptions (191), yards (2,855) and touchdowns (34) in a career and most receptions (85) and
yards (1,435) in a season (1998).

His records also included most 100-yard receiving games in a career (13) and season (8 in 1998).
In 1998, he earned first team All-America honors.

But what separated him from other receivers in OSU history is the way he stood out in big games.
With 19 seconds left to play in the 1997 Rose Bowl, he caught the game-winning touchdown.

One of my favorite Ohio State moments

In the 1998 Michigan game Boston made up for 1997.
He torched the Wolverines with 10 receptions for 231 yards and two touchdowns.

He capped off his career by being named MVP of the 1999 Sugar Bowl. The
Humble, Texas, native played eight seasons in the NFL." 

Career Statistics
Year GP Rec. Yds.   Avg. TDs

1996 12  33    450     13.6   7
1997 13  73    970     13.3  14
1998 12  85    1,435  16.9  13
Total 37  191  2,855  14.9  34

Unfortunately, David Boston got into some legal woes during his NFL and post NFL days:

"On August 23, 2007, Boston was arrested in Pinellas Park, Florida and charged with DUI after a failed sobriety test was conducted.
Boston was released on his own recognizance. A video of Boston's field sobriety test was released through the local Tampa Bay media.

The video depicts Boston asking to contact an attorney and being denied, and on several occasions asking to submit to breath and
blood tests in lieu of the standard field tests. Boston's breath test resulted in a reading of 0.00 BAC.

On September 10, 2007 it was released to the media that David Boston tested positive for GHB, a recreational drug with questionable ties to bodybuilding.
After learning of the drug charges the Buccaneers quickly came to an injury settlement with Boston allowing him to be released.

On September 12, 2007, Boston was officially released by Tampa Bay when they decided to sign Mark Jones.

On December 1, 2011, Boston was accused of beating a woman after a night of drinking Tuesday night in Boca Raton.
Boston allegedly punched the woman twice in the head, leaving a gash big enough to require 10 stitches according to a Boca Raton police.

Donte Whitner (S) All-American

"When Whitner was 6 years old he was hit by an oncoming car after chasing a loose football down the street.
He had up to 30 fractures in his legs from the impact and was told that he might not be able to walk again.
The oncoming car suffered significant body damage. He spent 3 months in a full body cast but managed to recover from the ordeal.

What I imagine the car looked like after hitting 6 year old Donte.

Whitner was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Glenville High School in Cleveland.
After his senior high school football season he was invited to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl game." source

The following is from Land Grant Holy Land:
"If Whitner stayed at Ohio State for his senior season, who knows what No. 9 could have accomplished.
Another hard-hitter, Whitner made his presence known for the two seasons he started for the Buckeyes.

After seeing plenty of action on special teams as a freshman, Whitner burst onto the scene in 2004, recording 69 tackles and making a name for himself despite an 8-4 year for the Buckeyes.
His performance as a junior solidified him as a first-round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft (No. 8 overall).

Ohio State's defense was stifling in 2005, and Whitner played a major role in that dominance.
He recorded 74 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions, earning All-American and first-team All-Big Ten honors at the end of the year." source

Brian Hartline (WR)


"Hartline redshirted his freshman year, but played in all 13 contests in 2006.
In 2007, Hartline played an integral part in getting the Buckeyes to the 2008 BCS National Championship Game,
averaging 13.3 yards per reception with 52 catches for 694 yards.

In 2008, his final season, Hartline averaged 22.8 yards per reception with 21 catches for 479 yards.

He graduated from Ohio State in June 2009 with a degree in Communications, but elected to forego his final season of eligibility to enter the 2009 NFL Draft." source

Today Hartline plays for the Dolphins and owns a gas station in Canal Winchester and one in Reynoldsburg.

Today's Trivia Questions:

David Boston made his Ohio State name wearing No. 9, what number did he wear as a freshman? Hint: Think two better than Michael Irvin's Miami jersey.

Answer: 49

Can you name the son of a former Ohio State All-American wide receiver who wore No. 9 for the Buckeyes?

Answer: Duron Carter

Who holds the Ohio State record for most punt returns in a career?

Answer: David Boston 98 returns for 959 yards.

His punt return against Pitt in 1996 (I was there)

This lady followed Boston's NFL workout regime:


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Donte has always been a personal fav...

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I absolutely lost my sh.t watching Donte doing that last one live.
Thanks for sharing Remy - didn't know Whitner was in a serious car accident as a kid. Single digits now fellas. Can't wait to see the scarlet and gray back on the field!!!!!!!!! 

I like football

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And I love that he rocks the Bloc O tat & honors his Buckeye #...

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Donte Whitner and Mike Doss were two of the best safeties in the 2000s.
A shame Whitner didn't come back for his senior season like Doss did.
Perhaps the championship game against Florida would have been different.
Then again, perhaps not.

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Single digits!  Thanks Remy.

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Not that he isn't/wasn't good, but if you told me the OSU WR post-2005 who would be having the best career at this point in time would be Brian Hartline, I would most likely have not believed you. I think his success at the NFL level is awesome.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Let's not forget this hit from #9 Tito Paul.  I was at the game in East Lansing.  I didn't realize this was Derrick Mason until watching the replay.  Would have been a big time flag today.

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This is awesome! I can't believe I haven't looked at these before... Thank you.

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Man Remy .. you did it again!  What .. do you sleep with a book of TOSU history and facts?  I have been to Don Scott Field and never knew anything behind the name .. thanks for the info!

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David Boston's punt return with OSU having only 8 guys on the field...hilarious.  That might have started Mark May's women's underwear wearing habit.

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Didn't Hartline have two seasons of eligiblity left?
Whitner has represented OSU well, especially at Media Day this past Super Bowl.  Would have been huge in '06 if he stayed (who were the safties? Brandon Mitchell? I'm blanking).

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Mitchell and Russell.  Definitely would have been nice to have Whitner!

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Man, nobody wore the # 9 in scarlet & gray like David Boston. One of my all time favorite players. And I've watched a lot of college football in my days but that punt return ranks very high on the list of greatest plays for me. Maybe not Holy Buckeye or MoC vs Sean Taylor level, but it's certainly up there.

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Man, I've been waiting for the single digits! I can almost taste it!

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Great article!  I just got my tickets today to the game.  I'll be flying in about a week to see the opener.  So glad that we are finally in the single digits! 
Go Bucks!!

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I sat behind Hartlines mom at a game once. We were in aa. I had the seat next to the isle. I seen her wearing his jersey. She got up to leave and I seen that she was wearing his gold pants necklace. Her jersey was cut very low. And the pants were resting in deep cover of her large breasts. Without thinking I asked " are those real". My dad, father in law, and wife all asked "what!!" At the same time. She said " excuse me". I was very nervous replaying what I just said in my brain so I managed to spurt out " the pants, the gold pants, are those real?"  Everyone one except myself got a chuckle. Even she laughed. And said " yes they are real". And untucked them so I could get a better look. We played Youngstown. And that was the most excitement of the game. On our way out SCum was getting beat by Appalachian St. So we stayed at the river watch to watch the ending. I will never forget that one Saturday afternoon. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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Ummm- I have no memory whatsoever of Boston wearing 49 at all during his freshmen year. As a matter of fact I have a highlight video of the 1996 season and every time Boston was on he was wearing #9.
Are you somehow referring to a brief moment during summer practice where he dawned 49?