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August 22, 2013 at 11:45p

Throughout the years of Ohio State football, 22 players have worn the number 8.

Today's article will cover the careers of Jim McDonald, Earl Langhurst, Rod Gerald, Stanley Jackson and Steve Bellisari.

Two players who wore today's number during the mid 1990s and early 2000s caused me great hate for the No. 8.

I hope a current player donning the number 8 will help end my disdain for this digit.

Current Buckeyes wearing No. 8 are:

Noah Spence (DL)

Big, Bad and Ready to Chase

Jeff Greene (WR)


J.T. Moore (TE)

*Wore 50 last season as a DL


Today's Trivia Question:

Who had more wins at the end of their Ohio State career, Stanley Jackson or Joe Germaine?

The last time a non-quarterback led Ohio State in total yards was 1996, who was the player?

Answers at the bottom of the article.

Jim McDonald (QB) Captain

"McDonald was a halfback and quarterback for the Ohio State University football team from 1935 to 1937.
In his senior year he was a team co-captain, and was named as an All-America selection.

McDonald's most memorable play that year was only worth one point. He was kicking a point after touchdown against Northwestern and the ball was blocked.
The holder, Mike Kabealo, grabbed the ball, pitched it back to McDonald. McDonald ran the ball around the right side for the point. The final score was 7–0.

McDonald was also a three-year starter as a guard on the Ohio State basketball team from 1936 to 1938. As a senior, he served as team captain.

McDonald was inducted into the Ohio State Varsity O Hall of Fame in 1986.

McDonald was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles as the second pick in the 1938 NFL Draft, but never played for that team.
He played two seasons with the Detroit Lions, picking up a career total of 80 yards.

McDonald was an assistant football coach at the University of Tennessee under head coach Bowden Wyatt from 1955 to 1962.
He succeeded Wyatt as head coach in 1963, but stayed at that position for only one year (5-5).

McDonald remained at Tennessee as an assistant athletic director. source


Earl Langhurst (FB) Captain


Langhurst came to Ohio State via Willard, Ohio.

"He was Willard's first high school state track champion, and in his junior year of football led the state in scoring with 130 points.

At The Ohio State University he was a three year football letterman. As a sophomore in 1938, he was Ohio State's MVP and led the Big Ten in scoring.
He was a member of the 1939 Big Ten Championship Team and elected captain in 1940. 

He had a long and illustrious football officiating career highlighted by 12 years as a Big Ten Head Linesman and worked the Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowls." source


Rod Gerald (QB)

Rod Gerald earned All-Big Ten honors in 1977.

Here is an excerpt from a Sports Illustrated article about Gerald after Ohio State defeated Penn State in 1976:

"Last Saturday, Gerald made three, yea, more likely three million, people happy—and he was one of them.
For the 19-year-old from Dallas was instrumental in giving Ohio State a hectic 12-7 win over a good, young Penn State team.

Gerald, heir to the job held by Cornelius Greene, is figured to be on his way to superstardom. Offensive Backfield Coach George Chaump says frail-looking Gerald
is quicker and faster than frail-looking Greene was as a sophomore. Says Gerald, "I want to try to stay humble. That's the only way you can receive God's blessings."

The son of a Baptist preacher. Rod says his favorite Bible verse is the 23rd Psalm, although when he was sacked for a couple of big first-half losses, he could have wondered about the line that says, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures..." A change of shoes at halftime helped keep the sophomore upright the rest of the contest." Rest of the article


Stanley Jackson (QB) Captain

Stanley "Run Around" Jackson is what my friends and I called him. Had "Run Around" been at Ohio State a few years later
I probably wouldn't have the hate for the No. 8 as I do now. In fact he would have saved us from the next sad chapter
in the story of No. 8 that you will read about next.

With John Cooper and Mike Jacobs implementing a dual-quarterback system it made the fans choose sides. Unfortunately for Jackson it was
clear to everyone watching the games, except Cooper, that Joe Germaine was the better quarterback.

Here is an excerpt from a Chicago Tribune interview with Mike Jacobs about the dual-quarterback situation (MY THOUGHTS):
"If you have a kid at tailback who's having an off day, you have someone else to lean on," he said. "You do that at every other position.
But if you do it at quarterback, everyone talks about it. The bottom line is it's a good situation for us." (NO, IT WAS NOT)

That's an easy sell. The ninth-ranked Buckeyes, who face No. 4 Florida State on Thursday in the Sugar Bowl, are 21-3 over the last two years.
Jackson has started all but one game during that stretch (a 1996 loss to Michigan), with Germaine carrying the baton for the final laps.

Neither player likes the predicament. But neither can quibble with the results.

"I wouldn't want anyone to go through what we've been through," Jackson said. "No one likes to platoon. Everyone wants to be the hero."

Said Germaine: "It is very hard, but the most important thing is to win." (AFTER GERMAINE COMES IN TO SAVE THE DAY HE IS THE HERO)

It's well known that Jackson and Germaine have different styles on the field. Germaine is the classic drop-back passer with an accurate arm and the patience needed to find Ohio State's explosive receivers.

Germaine's passing numbers this season (a 64.7 percent completion rate, 1,674 yards and 15 touchdowns) were excellent--and significantly better than Jackson's, who completed 60 percent of his throws for 1,021 yards and eight touchdowns. But unlike Germaine, Jackson is a scrambler. He ran for 339 yards, if you don't include what he lost on sacks.

"Like the fans, we constantly evaluate them," Jacobs said. "We'll have different guys in the staff room throwing out positives and negatives, just like for tailbacks or offensive tackles." Entire article

 Steve Bellisari (QB) Captain

Bellisari, was a two-time captain (2000 and 2001) for Ohio State.

The three seasons that Bellisari was quarterback for the Buckeyes were hard to watch.
Every time he dropped back you were anticipating him to throw his patented punterception.

Bellisari continued to lower my expectations for anyone wearing the No. 8 on an Ohio State jersey.

After watching Run Around and Bellisari play for nine seasons I truly believed that the No. 8 should have been banned at Ohio State.

One good thing to come from Bellisari's reign of terror is that it brought Jim Tressel and the 2002 season to Ohio State.

From Wikipedia:
"Bellisari, a special teams player and a defensive back his first year, replaced Joe Germaine as the Ohio State starting quarterback in 1999.

In contrast to the accurate Germaine, Bellisari is remembered for a tendency to throw interceptions...Bellisari experienced an increasingly controversial
tenure as Ohio State's starting quarterback, culminating in a two-game suspension at the end of his senior season following an arrest for drunk driving.

He was re-instated to travel with the team to the Outback Bowl against South Carolina, where he finished his career as a substitute,
leading Ohio State back from a large deficit to tie the game before giving up an interception that allowed South Carolina to kick a winning field goal." source

Other Notable Players to Wear No. 8

Bobby Olive (WR)

Jeff Cothran (FB)

Drew Carter (WR)

Roy Hall (WR)

Aaron Gant

DeVier Posey (WR)


Today's Trivia Questions:

Who had more wins at the end of their Ohio State career, Stanley Jackson or Joe Germaine?

Answer: Stanley Jackson (18-2). Joe Germaine was 14-2.

The last time a non-quarterback led Ohio State in total yards was 1996, who was the player?

Answer: Pepe Pearson 1,702 total yards. Stanley Jackson had 1,436 total yards.


Fun With Video
Bellisari vs. John Navarre



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Derrick Ross, very good, yet underated CB. 
Sonny Gordon.

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I remember the 2000 Northwestern game at night in the Shoe.  I was there so I didn't look over the stats, but I'm pretty sure our HB Wells rushed for 350 yards and 5 TDs, because we won despite Bellisari completing like two passes for 7 yards and one pick.

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No big accomplishments for #8 like MVP, All-America, etc.?  Or at least there's no section for it.
I still remember the game at Purdue when Bellisari was in the shotgun, motioned a receiver, and the ball got snapped into the receiver as he was passing by the center.  What an idiot.

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Haha I was 9 or 10 during that game and still didn't understand how the center, QB and WRs were in sync when a wideout ran in motion.  After that play and some robust swear words, my dad explained that if we had a NORMAL quarterback, he would have waited for the receiver to run past the center before giving the Go signal instead of perfectly timing it to hit their legs.  I think it was Steve's way of saying "F*** this, I'm not about to lead a game-winning drive. Let's try to frame the center for this loss!"

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Bellisari sucked, but I have a soft spot for the guy because I was in 7th-8th grade during his "reign of terror" and that was the time when my OSU fandom first reached obsessive heights. 
The comeback against South Carolina that fell short...watching Bellisari pick apart the defense in that game is not only shocking but most likely highly embarassing for the Gamecocks.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I remember myself as a 9 and 10 year old kid in 1996 and 1997 asking "Why don't they just play #7?  It's pretty clear that he's better!"  That was just when I was really starting to get into football. 
I'll never forget walking out of the 20-17 loss to Wisconsin in 2001 and hearing a fan yell "BELLISARI SUCKS!"  Sums it all up.
I did like the guys who wore #8 afterward.  Even Tatgate's Posey has a softer spot in my heart than Bellisorry.  Outside of the games he missed for that, he was a heck of a receiver.  Certainly made some big catches in his career...if only Braxton didn't overthrow him in the final minute of The Game in 2011, we'd be talking 9 straight wins over TTUN and who knows how many days since their last win. 
And I was always a fan of Roy Hall.  Even if he may have been responsible for spraining Teddy Ginn's ankle...something tells me that Ginn not being injured probably wouldn't have made much of a difference in the outcome of that particular game.

Class of 2010.

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I had a similar experience that defined the Bellisari Era. At the game in 1999 @ Minnesota, watching them warm up, sitting in the UM student section with some buddies that went there. One of them turns to me and says:
"man you're lucky Moherman (sp?) is starting over that Bellisari guy. I've never seen anyone throw more incompletions in a warmup session with stationary receivers"
"Oh he's not; Bellisari is our starter. and don't worry, he'll complete some passes to your defenders."
Just looked back at the stats. He completed 45% of his passes for the season with 12 TD's and 9 INTs. My god.

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