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August 9, 2013 at 12:45a

*This is Andy Vance's series, just trying to fill in today*

Throughout the years of Ohio State football, 25 players have worn the number 22. However, only one of those players can claim to be a Heisman Trophy winner and have the number 22 retired in his name.

Honors and awards won by Ohio State players while wearing No. 22:
One won the Heisman.
One earned All-American honors.
One was named to the All-Big Ten Team.
One was a captain.
One was named to the Academic-All Big Ten Team.

Today's Trivia Questions:
Dan Colson was the last player to wear the number 22 for Ohio State. What year did he wear it?
Hint: The sum of the numbers in the year equal 22.

A former Ohio State basketball player also donned the number 22, can you name him?

Answers at the bottom of the article.


Leslie "Les" Horvath (QB)
1940-1942, 1944

Les Horvath was Ohio State's first Heisman Trophy winner. He remains the only player in history to have not played the season before he won the award.

"Horvath attended Ohio State University on a work scholarship, but managed to make the school's football team in 1940. Horvath was small for a football player – he weighed just 160 pounds – but was a quick runner and had a strong arm.

Ohio State's football team was a disappointment in 1940, however, finishing the season with a 4–4 win–loss record under head coach Francis Schmidt. Schmidt was fired after the season and replaced by Paul Brown, an Ohio high school coach who had guided Massillon Washington to a series of undefeated records and state championships.

Brown simplified Ohio State's offense, but imposed a level of discipline and organization that had been absent under Schmidt. Horvath was a reserve halfback in the Buckeyes' single-wing offense in 1941, when the team posted a 6–1–1 win–loss–tie record and finished second in the Big Ten Conference standings. He played in many games, but senior fullback Jack Graf and senior halfback Tom Kinkade got most of the carries for Ohio State.

Despite his small frame, Brown recognized Horvath's potential as a senior in 1942 and made him a regular starter at halfback beside Paul Sarringhaus and fullback Gene Fekete. While Sarringhaus and Fekete were Ohio State's main offensive weapons, Horvath averaged eight yards per carry in a victory over Pittsburgh* and scored two touchdowns and passed for 109 yards in a win over Illinois in Cleveland.

Ohio State was ranked first in the country in the AP Poll early in the season, but fell in the rankings after a loss to Wisconsin in October. The team won the rest of its games, however, including a 21–7 victory over arch-rival Michigan at the end of the season.

Horvath passed to Sarringhaus for a 35-yard touchdown and caught another 32-yard touchdown pass from Sarringhaus in the Michigan game. Ohio State's 9–1 record put it on top of the Big Ten standings and in the final AP Poll, giving the school its first-ever national championship.

Horvath expected his college football career to be over in 1942. He finished his undergraduate degree that year and enrolled in a graduate program at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Ohio State's football program, meanwhile, struggled in 1943 after Paul Brown and many of its best players entered the military during World War II. Carroll Widdoes, an assistant under Brown, was appointed the acting head coach and led the team to a 3–6 record.

The following year, Widdoes asked Horvath to return to the team, taking advantage of a wartime rule that allowed college programs to use graduate students if they had not exhausted their four years of college eligibility. Widdoes promised Horvath a leading role as the team's left halfback, a level of prominence he had been denied under Brown.

Horvath agreed to come back and be a veteran leader for a team that was composed mostly of freshmen because of older players' service in the war. Horvath had a breakout season in 1944, gaining 669 rushing yards and 1,200 all-purpose yards as the Buckeyes turned in a 9–0 record and finished second in the national polls. The highlights of Horvath's season included scoring the winning touchdown in Ohio State's annual matchup against Michigan. Calling all of Ohio State's offensive plays, he was nicknamed the "playing coach".

Horvath was named a first-team All-American by sportswriters and the Most Valuable Player in the Big Ten after the season. He was voted by his teammates as Ohio State's Most Valuable Player. He also won the Heisman Trophy, an award given each year to the best college football player in the country.


Horvath striking the Heisman pose many years before that guy from That Team.

Horvath was the first Ohio State player to win the Heisman, and he remains the only Heisman winner not to have played football the previous season.

Horvath was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1969 and became a member of Ohio State's athletics hall of fame in 1977. Ohio State retired his number 22 uniform in 2001, six years after his death." source 
*Pitt was losing to Ohio State back then as well. Cry Mark cry.


Francis T. Kremblas (QB)


Frank Kremblas led Ohio State to its third national championship by defeating Oregon in the 1958 Rose Bowl.

He was a captain of the 1958 team.

Information on the 1957 championship team:

"Going into the 1957 season fans had a feeling of rebuilding. The feeling was made stronger with an opening loss to unranked TCU. To make matters worse, Michigan State, Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa were all ranked in the Top 6 of the AP Poll Rankings while Ohio State would not be ranked until late October.

Coach Woody Hayes rallied the team every week and made them better following this loss.

The Buckeyes came back with a big win at Washington and victories over Illinois, Wisconsin and Purdue, along with crushing victories over Indiana and Northwestern.

A shocking Purdue upset over #2 Michigan State, a tie between Michigan and Iowa, and Minnesota’s unraveling season after a loss to Illinois continued to help the Buckeyes.

It was a late star performance by sophomore fullback Bob White against unbeaten Iowa that pushed the team even further. Trailing 13-10 and on their own 32-yard line, White ran on six of the eight plays for 66 out of the 68 yards, capped off by a 5-yard touchdown run..

A victory over Michigan moved the Bucks up to #2 in the AP, behind Auburn. However, the UPI Coaches' poll voted OSU #1 and Auburn #2. The Bucks were also declared #1 by the Football Writers Association Poll.

In a hard fought Rose Bowl game, a late field goal by Don Sutherin in the fourth quarter sealed the victory over the Oregon Ducks. The Buckeyes finished the season 9-1.

The Buckeyes were awarded the title by the UPI Coaches Poll and represented the Big Ten Conference in the Rose Bowl." source


Today's Trivia Questions:
Dan Colson was the last player to wear the number 22 for Ohio State. What year did he wear it?
Hint: The sum of the numbers in the year equal 22.

Answer: 1993

A former Ohio State basketball player also donned the number 22, can you name him?

Answer: Jimmy Jackson



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