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August 21, 2013 at 12:04a

Troy Smith (QB) Heisman Winner, All-American, Captain

Today's Trivia Question:

Troy Smith is the second Ohio State quarterback to get three wins against That Team, who was the first?

Answer at the bottom of the article.

Troy Smith is arguably the best quarterback to wear an Ohio State uniform.

He had some of his biggest games against That Team.

For that I am forever grateful.

Let's take a trip down memory lane on Troy's Ohio State career.

From this year's Ohio State media guide:
"Troy Smith may not have been Ohio State’s star recruit in the spring of
2002, but by the end of the 2006 football season there were few Buckeyes
with a brighter aura.

A standout quarterback at Cleveland Glenville High School, the 6-0 Smith
was renowned for his athletic ability and mental toughness. But his lack of
size was a concern for some college recruiters.

Not so for Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel.

“The one thing I knew for sure after seeing Troy play in high school was
that I wanted him on our team,” Tressel said. “There was something special
about the way he carried himself.

“I didn’t know if he was going to play quarterback or some other position,
but I knew I wanted him on our side.”

A gifted runner and passer, Smith was redshirted as a freshman in 2002
and saw limited action the following year, appearing in 10 games at slash
back and returning kickoffs.

The talented sophomore broke into the 2004 starting lineup in week
seven and led the Buckeyes to a 4-1 record down the stretch, including a
37-21 win over Michigan in which he accounted for three touchdowns and
386 yards in total offense.

In 2005, Smith guided the Buckeyes to a 10-2 record that included a
thrilling come-from-behind victory at Michigan and a decisive win over
Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl.

Celebrating another win over That Team

Smith threw for 16 touchdowns and
rushed for 11 more in his first full season as a starter.

But the Cleveland native saved his best for last, piloting the No. 1
ranked Buckeyes to a 12-0 regular season record and a spot in the national
championship game as a senior in 2006.

With one remarkable performance after another, he threw for a school
single-season record 30 touchdowns and became just the second quarterback
in Ohio State history to post a 3-0 record against Michigan as a starter.

In a see-saw 42-39 win over the Wolverines, Smith threw four touchdown passes
and topped the 300-yard mark in total offense for the third consecutive

Following the regular season, the consensus All-American was a
landslide winner in the Heisman Trophy voting, recording the second
largest margin of victory ever in the balloting.

In becoming Ohio State’s seventh Heisman winner, Smith, who recorded a 25-3 record as a starter,
had eliminated any-and-all doubters."

In his three games against That Team, Troy Smith gained 1,151 yards of total offense, seven passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns.

Today's Trivia Question:

Troy Smith is the second Ohio State quarterback to get three wins against That Team, who was the first?

Answer: Tippy Dye

Troy is the only quarterback in Ohio State history to win three-straight as a starter.

Fun With Video:


The Game 2004 (4:58)


The Game 2005 (6:36)


The Game 2006 (5:57)



The Game, The Catch 2005 (0:20)


The Penn State Throw 2006 (0:22)

2006 Fiesta Bowl Notre Dame (1:36)


Highlights of 2006 (4:59)


Texas 2006 (3:46)

Heisman Presentation (4:11)



One Bad Buckeye's picture

How in the world were we 6-4 going into the game in 2004? We had whitner, smith, ginn jr, holmes, gonzales (to name a few)....

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

buckeye56's picture

Because Tress was going to live and die with Justin Zwick. The team started out 3-3, and one of those 3 wins was a last second win when Mike Nugent kicked an 81 yard (that may be exaggerated) field goal to beat Marshall.  Troy only saw the field after Zwick hurt his shoulder in the ass-kicking at Iowa and JT had no other choice than to play someone other than his golden boy. I have said before, and I will take to my grave, I firmly believe that if Zwick never gets hurt, Troy doesn't play and transfers at the end of the season.

TheShookster's picture

It will be difficult for anyone to ever replace Troy as my favorite buckeye football player of all time. I have a freaking #10 Smith Ravens jersey for god's sakes. 
It's unfortunate his OSU career had a Shane Falco-esque ending. For me, I've been over the loss for a long time, but it's still tough to think about possibly the best QB in OSU history going out like that.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

Knarcisi's picture

Told ya ... August Heisman ... we beat scUM again!

FROMTHE18's picture

Just looking at those videos...thank God for HD eh?

Dougger's picture

Troy Smith... straight baller. Every throw on point in The Game 2004. 

I like football

Larryp713's picture

Leader and winner. That is all you need to know about Troy. And he will always represent, to me, the everlasting legacy of Jim Tressel and Ginn Sr. In case you missed it, my favorite all time offering from the greatest, Ramzy: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/2011/05/the-man-who-wasnt-there
A young man who may have went in a thousand directions, but you hear him now and can be nothing but proud he is a Buckeye. That 2006 season still swells me up. And that was all Troy... great players around him, but never a doubt who the leader was.
If Brax can mature the same way, 2013 should be just as exciting.



CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Great player, great Buckeye!  Troy was one of the better all time players in college football.  Sure am glad he was on our side for those games. 
Go Bucks!

Melissa's picture

One of my favorite Buckeyes. His introduction at Senior Day is THE BEST!

pjtobin's picture

We were all lucky to watch him play. And all lucky he played here. At the time I didn't know he was "great". I thought he was better than zwick. But who didn't?  I wish he would have had some sort of a gameplan in the nc game. It was like him and zwick switched bodies. Thanks Remy for this special edition TS # 10. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad.