Conference Bowl Records

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January 6, 2014 at 11:48a


I have found myself feeling down this bowl season. I wasn't sure if it was post Christmas blues, not getting my Red Ryder BB Gun or because I felt a little piece of my fan pride being eaten away after each bowl game. After doing this conference bowl record breakdown I found my answer.

To save you some reading the synopsis is: This bowl season has been rough for fans of the B1G, MAC and the state of Ohio.

The Big Ten, MAC and Cincinnati went a combined 2-10 (.167) and were outscored 385-274. That's an average of 32-23.

College teams from the state of Ohio went 0-4.

On the bright side 2014 is a new beginning and the bowl game slate will be wiped clean for next year. the FBS will also have a four-game playoff system in place. So, It can't get any worse for fans of the B1G, MAC and state of Ohio, right?

On to the records. With one game left in this bowl season let's take a look at the conference standings.

Conferences are ranked by winning percentage.

1.  Sun Belt 2-0 (1.00)

2.  SEC 7-3 (.700) 

3.  Pac-12 6-3 (.667)

3.  Independents 2-1 (.667)

5.  Big 12 3-3 (.500)

5.  Conference USA 3-3 (.500)

5.  Mountain West 3-3 (.500)

8.  Atlantic Coast 5-6 (.455)

8.  American Athletic 2-3 (.400)

10.  B1G 2-5 (.286)

11.  Mid American 0-5 (.000)


The conference with the best winning percentage this bowl season.

Florida State put an end to the SEC's run.

A breakdown of the winning and losing teams by conference and the Vegas prediction.
Team (team played) and Vegas Prediction

Sun Belt 2-0 (1.00)               Vegas Prediction: 0-2
Arkansas State  (Ball State)
Louisiana-Laffayette  (Tulane)

The Sun Belt proved Vegas wrong.


SEC 7-3 (.700)                     Vegas Prediction: 8-2
LSU  (Iowa)
Mississippi  (Georgia Tech)
Mississippi State  (Rice)
Missouri  (Oklahoma State)
South Carolina  (Wisconsin)
Texas A&M  (Duke)
Vanderbilt  (Houston)

Alabama  (Oklahoma)
Georgia  (Nebraska)

With a win by Auburn Vegas will have nailed the SEC.

Who predicted this? Definitely not me.

Pac-12 6-3 (.667)            Vegas Prediction: 9-0

Arizona  (Boston College)
Oregon  (Texas)
Oregon State  (Boise State)
Southern Cal  (Fresno State)
UCLA  (Virginia Tech)
Washington  (BYU)

Arizona State  (Texas Tech)
Stanford  (Michigan State)
Washington State  (Colorado State)

Vegas was a little too bullish on the Pac-12. Still not a bad showing.

Rich Rod led Arizona to a 23-point victory.

Independents 2-1 (.667)             Vegas Prediction: 2-1

Navy  (Middle Tennessee)
Notre Dame  (Rutgers)

BYU  (Washington)

Vegas was perfect with the Independents.

Big 12 3-3 (.500)                     Vegas Prediction: 2-4

Kansas State  (Michigan)
Oklahoma  (Alabama)
Texas Tech  (Arizona State)

Baylor  (UCF)
Oklahoma State  (Missouri)
Texas  (Oregon)

The Big 12 was a little under-valued by Vegas.

Kansas State overwhelmed That Team 31-17 for the Big 12's largest margin of victory this bowl season.


Conference USA 3-3 (.500)        Vegas Prediction: 4-2
East Carolina  (Ohio)
Marshall  (Maryland)
North Texas  (UNLV)

Middle Tennessee  (Navy)
Rice  (Mississippi State)
Tulane  (Louisiana-Lafayette)

One game below Vegas' expectations.


Mountain West 3-3 (.500)                      Vegas Prediction: 0-6

Colorado State  (Washington State)
San Diego State  (Buffalo)
Utah State  (Northern Illinois)

Boise State  (Oregon State)
Fresno State  (Southern California)
UNLV  (North Texas)

Vegas gave the Mountain West the Rodney Dangerfield treatment. Three wins later and the Mountain West earned some respect.

Why you should never bet on sports. Mike Leach, just take a knee and win the game.


Atlantic Coast  5-6 (.455)                     Vegas Prediction: 1-9

Clemson  (Ohio State)
Pittsburgh  (Bowling Green)
North Carolina  (Cincinnati)
Syracuse  (Minnesota)

Boston College  (Arizona)
Duke  (Texas A&M)
Georgia Tech  (Mississippi)
Maryland  (Marshall)
Miami  (Louisville)
Virginia Tech  (UCLA)

Rodney Dangerfield Part II. If Florida State wins the ACC will be 5-6. Much better than Vegas' 1-9.

North Carolina defeated Cincinnati 39-17 in the Belk Bowl.


American Athletic 2-3 (.400)                  Vegas Prediction: 1-4

UCF  (Baylor)
Louisville  (Miami)

Cincinnati  (North Carolina)
Houston  (Vanderbilt)
Rutgers  (Notre Dame)

The American Athletic Conferences new slogan? "A little bit better than expected."

It was a great night for UCF. A horrible night for those with 35 points on Baylor.


B1G 2-5 (.286)                                   Vegas Prediction: 3-4
Michigan State  (Stanford)
Nebraska  (Georgia)

Iowa  (LSU)
Michigan  (Kansas State)
Minnesota  (Syracuse)
Ohio State  (Clemson)
Wisconsin  (South Carolina)

We knew who we thought you were...except for Ohio State.

The B1G's best bowl win this season.


Mid American 0-5 (.000)                        Vegas Prediction: 3-1

Bowling Green  (Pitt)
Buffalo  (San Diego State)
Northern Illinois  (Utah State)
Ohio  (East Carolina)


The MAC's chances for a win were dashed by this blocked field goal.


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Damn it hurts to read it laid out like that. I nearly died when Spielman's play-by-play partner during the Fiesta Bowl broadcast declared that "it was a good day for the Big Ten" after the conference went 2-2 on New Year's Day with wins by Sparty and the Fightin' Bo Pelinis... I thought then that there was no way absent a Buckeye win in the Orange Bowl that this was going to be considered a good season for hte B1G, and I was pretty much right.That said,
if you actually watched the games, Iowa and Wisconsin each had a shot to win their respective games, as did Minnesota. None of them got blown out, but they couldn't close.

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You are correct about the games being close.
The B1G was outscored 186-152 in the seven bowl games. That is an average of 27-22.
The largest margin of defeat was That Team losing to Kansas State 14-31.
Without that That Team the average score was 26-23.
The conference could have had a winning record this year if  some plays could have been played differently.
Then again if  my aunt had something else she'd be my uncle.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Thanks for the nut tap.  Just when I was starting to get over the Clemson loss. 

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Sorry to bring you down. Besides the obvious of Ohio State losing, I was just trying to figure out why I had such a bad experience with this bowl season.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Woulda coulda shoulda.. thats been the big tens tune for as long as i can remember 

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Always cracks me up when people say oh the Big 10 isn't THAT bad.  Or the SEC isn't THAT good.  7-2 in bowl games and probably going to wrap up this national title for the 8th strait. 

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Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska all either started or finished their games without their starting quarterback.  The B1G went 1-4 in those games.  But that shouldn't have been surprising, should it have?  What's surprising was that only 1 was a blowout.

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Bowl games are a pretty poor source of comparison. The only game that matters is the NC. Otherwise the bowls are intended as rewards for the players/coaches/families. The sports media creates the comparisons simply because they have 24 hours of TV time to fill and nothing meaningful to say.
Allowing the talking heads to influence your emotions and/or state of mind is simply capitulating to the power of up free will.
I watched the Big Ten a lot this year. I also saw a good bit of SEC/ACC games. The Big 10 teams were no worse, nor particularly better, than the other conferences throughout the season. I did not see as much Big 12 or Pac 10 as in the past (in fairness).
OSU has damn fine offensive talent. Stoppable only by athlete mistakes (which happen) and poor coaching during the game. It was pretty fun to watch! OSU's defense has been plagued by any number of problems throughout the season. The athletes inherent talent and the great coaching effort gave OSU the chance for victory in every game. We lost 2.
And life goes on. Turn the TV off and read a book, go bowling, have'll give you new perspective!

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Personally, the bowl games mean nada to me, I only care how the season ends, at that my friends is how you go 24-1

Go Bucks!

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I too felt "down" this bowl season... I even attended my first ever bowl game (BG/Pitt, which was a lot of fun despite the BG loss)... I just did not have much enthusiasm because the ONE bowl game I looked forward to (Bucks of course), I had no confidence it would be a positive outcome. Our defense was the reason. The other bowl games were not worth watching.

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The B1G didn't play terribly this bowl season, at the end of the day thought its about W's. The scUM loss to K state was imo the most embarrassing for the conference.  

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I know you are just taking favorite = vegas predicts a win but it is really more like 0.6 wins predicted for a 3 point favorite etc.

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Only way to shut up the mouth pieces is to win in these bowl games.  BIG stunk it up again, perpetuating the weak BIG story line.  Just the way it is. 

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Delaney has watched as other conferences have gotten even stronger with additions (ie ACC and SEC) and BIG thinks it is a good idea from a money standpoint to add Rutgers and Maryland.  How about we think a little bigger than that.  No reason we could not or should not have gone after Missouri.

3-yrds_and_a_CLOUD's picture

Well that was torture to read and we gave the media (ESPN) more reason to rip on OSU and the B1G

“Success is the inner satisfaction and peace of mind that come from knowing I did the best I was capable of doing for the group.”
- Jim Tressel