Countdown: 6 Days Until Ohio State Football

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August 24, 2014 at 12:03a
6 Days


We are now 6 days away from Ohio State's 2014 season opener against Navy. Below you will find a list of the 22 to players to wear No. 6 since 1933. 

Today's featured players are Cie Grant, Larry Grant, Etienne Sabino and Evan Spencer.




Player who Wore No. 6 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac. All-B1G Letter
Richard Heekin 1933-35           1933-35
John Bettridge* 1936           1936
Frank Zadworney 1937-39           1937-39
Michael Dale 1970           1970
Monty Thompson 1971-73            
Tom Klaban 1974-75           1974-75
Michael Strahine 1977           1977
Tim Stephens 1983           1983
Joe Canestraro* 1986            
Jamie Holland 1986           1986
Patrick O'Morrow* 1988-89           1988-89
Craig Griffey 1990           1990
Travis McGuire 1992-93            
Steve Baird* 1994            
Jimmy Redmond 1995-98           1997-98
Willie "Cie" Grant 1999-2002           1999-2002
Tyler Everett* 2003-05           2003-05
Larry Grant 2006-07         2006, 2007 2006-07
Grant Schwartz* 2008-09           2008-09
Etienne Sabino* 2009-12         2009 2008-09, 2011-12
James Louis 2010            
Evan Spencer* 2013           2013

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 6
Sources- Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

Cie Grant

Cie Grant, LB (1999-2002)
Born: 1979 (Dover, Ohio)
High School: New Philadelphia

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 35-15 with Grant on the team.
2002 National Champion.
2002 Big Ten Title.
2003 Defeated Miami 31-24 in 2OT to win the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl National Championship Game.
2001 Defeated That Team 26-20.
2002 Defeated That Team 14-9.


My favorite Cie Grant play with Ohio State per Wikipedia:

Cie Grant played a major role in my favorite sports moment.
Cie Grant played a major role in my favorite sports moment.

During the final fourth down play in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, a blitzing Grant applied quick pressure on Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey, forcing an incompletion and clinching the BCS National Championship. 


Grant was drafted by the Saints in Round 3 of the 2003 NFL Draft.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Wikipedia


Larry Grant started every game of the 2007 season.
Larry Grant started every game of the 2007 season.

Larry Grant, LB (2006-2007)
Born: 1985 (Santa Rosa, CA)
High School: Norcross (GA)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 23-3 with Grant on the team.
2006 Big Ten Title.
2007 Big Ten Title.
2006 Defeated No. 2 Texas 24-7 in Austin.
2006 Defeated That Team 42-39.
2007 Defeated That Team 14-3.

2006 Academic All-Big Ten.
2007 Academic All-Big Ten.

Larry Grant's high school and Ohio State career per Wikipedia:

Grant attended City College of San Francisco before finishing his career at Ohio State. In 2005, Larry was named JUCO National Player of the Year.

Larry Grant.

He played in four straight national championship games (two at City College and two at Ohio State). For his entire collegiate career, Grant started 38 of 49 games he played in,
registering 244 tackles (162 solos) with 15.5 sacks and 30.5 stops for losses and caused eight fumbles, recovered three others and had nine pass break-ups. 

In 25 games at Ohio State, Grant started 14 contests. He recorded 69 tackles (43 solos) with 5.5 sacks for minus-34 yards and 10 stops for losses of 45 yards. He caused a fumble, deflected three passes and intercepted two others for 68 yards in returns. He also blocked three kicks, returning two errant punts for a total of 17 yards. 

Larry Grant.

In 2007 at Ohio State he started all 13 games, recording 51 tackles (35 solo, 16 assisted) along with 9.5 tackles for loss, and one interception that he returned for 19 yards. He had Ohio State’s only two blocked kicks of the season.

In 2006 at OSU he played in 12 games and started one game and collected 18 tackles on the season and blocked a punt and intercepted pass.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Wikipedia


Sabino went 4-0 against That Team and outscored them 126-45.
Sabino went 4-0 against That Team and outscored them 126-45.

Etienne Sabino, LB (2008-2012)
Born: 1990 (Manhattan, NY)
High School: Dr. Michael M. Kropp (Miami, FL)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 51-13 with Sabino on the team.
2008 Big Ten Title.
2009 Big Ten Title.
2012 B1G Leaders Title.
2010 Defeated No. 7 Oregon 26-17 in the Rose Bowl.
2011 Defeated No. 8 Arkansas 31-26 in the Sugar Bowl.
2008 Defeated That Team 42-7.
2009 Defeated That Team 21-10.
2010 Defeated That Team 37-7.
2012 Defeated That Team 26-21.

2012 Captain.
2009 Academic All-Big Ten.

A highlight of Sabino's Ohio State career was a blocked punt he returned 20 yards for a touchdown against Purdue in 2008. 

Sabino is currently a member of the St. Louis Rams.



Evan Spencer has helped Ohio State win consecutive B1G Leaders Titles.
Evan Spencer has helped Ohio State win consecutive B1G Leaders Titles.

Evan Spencer, WR (2011-Present)
High School:
Vernon Hills (Vernon Hills, IL)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes are 30-9 with Spencer on the team.
2012 Undefeated season.
2012 B1G Leaders Title.
2013 B1G Leaders Title.
2012 Defeated That Team 26-21.
2013 Defeated That Team 42-41. 

Evan Spencer's Ohio State career per this years Ohio State Team Guide:

Evan Spencer is a fine athlete and a technically sound football player who is consistently lauded by Ohio State coaches for his all-around abilities as a receiver … outstanding as a downfield blocker, Spencer has the skills to catch and run aswell, with 37 career receptions for 430 yards and four touchdowns with a long catch of 44 yards …

a true senior, he is an experienced performer with three Varsity O letters and who ranks second among current Buckeyes in virtually all the receiving categories … he has played in 35 games and started 14 times.


Spencer's bio per the 2013 Ohio State Team Guide:

...his first catch as a Buckeye was a ridiculous, one handed grab of a Braxton Miller pass for a 33-yard gain in the first game of the season vs. Akron …the reception, inside of the 5 yard line, was considered for a national play of the week …

Spencer also had a 33-yard touchdown reception – in traffic and over the middle– vs. Michigan State for the Buckeyes’ only score … counting a 12-yard reception vs. Purdue, Spencer had three catches for 78 yards
and the one touchdown on the season … he averaged 26.0 yards per reception which led all Ohio State receivers. 



He is the son of Gilda and Tim Spencer …his father is the third-leading rusher in Ohio State history with 3,553 yards between 1979-82 … Tim, an assistant coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also scored 36 touchdowns, fourth-most in school history, and was a member of the Ohio State coaching staff between 1994-2003.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide


No. 6 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Postion Team
Dick Heeken 1936 8 72 Back Giants
Frank Zadworney 1940 8 64 Back Dodgers
Jamie Holland 1987 7 173 WR Chargers
Cie Grant 2003 3 86 LB Saints
Larry Grant 2008 7 214 LB 49ers

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

The Game.

96 days until The Game.


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Let me know if there are any errors.

I have an interview on tap for No. 3. Great guy and I hope you guys like it. 

Can't get enough of this play:


"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Can't get enough of this play:

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Thanks Rob. +1 for you. Every time I watch that play it brings back all of the emotions. Hopefully this year's team will create similar emotions and memories.

"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Every time I watch that play it brings back all of the emotions.

No question.  I think I was like a freshman in  high school or there about, and it was one of the first times I got to go with my dad to a buddy's house of his and watch the game with "the guys".  Decked out in a replica Ohio State jersey I felt all grown-up hanging out with all the 'cool guys', talking smack, laughing & giving high-fives all evening long.   Definitely one of my fondest, if not the fondest, sports experience of my life. 

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I love this play. I always remember Cie as being a great person as well as a great player. He went to my high school and was actually my coach at high school football camp where, in the finals, we beat his brother Greg's team.  Also in high school he was great friends with a boy who had learning disabilities - I actually think OSU did a game day program article about their friendship. 

Cie was a hell of a football and track athlete in high school and was recently inducted into the New Philadelphia High School Sports Hall of Fame. One last interesting fact though, he needed something minuscule, like 6 yards rushing, in his final game to be the all time leader in rushing yards in our high school's history and Dover just stifled him and the entire team.

Great guy and athlete and he will always be remembered for that play on Dorsey in the NCG. 

OSU 2011 - Toledo Law 2014

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You must be too young to remember Tom Klaban. One of the great individual game performances vs. scUM hitting 4-4 FG in a 12-10 win in 1974.  I was 6 years old and in the Horseshoe that day and it is probably the earliest game that I have clear memories of.

Yeah. I guess that NC-winning play by Cie Grant was OK, too.

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TRIVIA QUESTION:  There is person on the above list of players whose only significant contribution at OSU was NOT catching an onside kick that was kicked at him.  Anyone know who that person is and what game i am referring to?

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Sucker for the trivia, and I have no clue on this one.

I keep thinking Grant Schwartz, but have no idea why.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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NashBuckeye, great question.

Hovenaut, I think this question refers to a game that was before our viewing time. I believe you would have been just born, one or two when the game was played.


"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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That's some serious trivia. I think you're (and ArtVandalay below) right, Remy. 

Great question, Nash.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Are you referring to the 1977 Oklahoma game? Strahine  I always remembered Woody putting in the hands team and backup QB Craig Castignola muffing the on side kick.   What a heart Break that game was. Still one of the Best games ever.

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It was the 1977 Oklahoma game. OSU was down 20-0 early and stormed back to lead 28-20 late in the 4th Quarter. Oklahoma scored a TD late but was stopped on the 2 pt. conversion.  All OSU had to do was recover an onside kick to win 28-26.  Instead, the kIck went to the 3rd (or 4th) QB Mike Strahine (#6), he bobbled it, Oklahoma recovered, and long-time Miami Dolphin kicker Uve Von Schamann put the final nail in the coffin to beat OSU 29-28.  

This game scarred a 9-year old OSU fan enough that i never forgave Von Schamann and never forgot who dropped that onside kick. 

Castignola was #7 and actually played in the game, but it was #6 that missed the kick.

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