Countdown: 29 Days Until Ohio State Football

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August 1, 2014 at 12:20a
No. 29


We are now out of the 30s and into the roaring 20s as we get another day closer to the start of Ohio State football. Below you will find a list of the 29 players who have worn No. 29 for Ohio State. 

Today's featured players are Inwood Smith and Pepe Pearson. An interesting note on Inwood Smith is that he placed third in the Discus Throw at the 1935 NCAA Men's Track and Field Championships. Jesse Owens won the Broad Jump, 100-Yard Dash, 220-Yard Dash and the 220-Yard Low Hurdles at the same event. 






Players who Wore No. 29 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Max Padlow 1933           1933
Inwood Smith 1934-36 1936 1936       1934-36
Frank Clair 1938-40           1938-40
Robert Zimmmer 1946            
Charles Robson* 1954            
John Lepley 1955            
William Conley* 1970 1970         1970
Louis Cameron 1971            
Darwin Ashley 1972            
Jerome Davis 1973-74           1973-74
Thomas Blinco 1976-77, 1979           1976-77, 1979
Raymond Myers* 1981-82           1981-82
Greg Rogan 1984-87           1984-87
Buster Howe* 1988            
Bryan Cook 1989-92           1989-92
Jeff Cothran* 1993           1993
Pepe Pearson 1994-97           1994-97
Willie Grand 1998            
Cie Grant* 1998            
Andre Griffin* 1999            
Jesse Kline 1999-2001         2000, 2001 2001
Devin Jordan* 2003            
Shaun Lane 2004-08           2005-08
E.J Underwood* 2004           2004
James Aston 2005            
Jordan Hall* 2009           2009
Chris Maxwell* 2009            
Taylor Rice* 2010-12           2010-12
Jayme Thompson 2013            

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 29
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

Inwood Smith helped Ohio State win a title in 1935.
Inwood Smith helped Ohio State win a title in 1935.

Inwood Smith, G (1934-36)
1915 (New Jersey)
Died: 1995

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 19-5 with Smith on the team.
1935 Big Ten Title.
Smith went 3-0 against That Team outscoring them 99-0.

Smith's Ohio State career per Wikipedia:

(Smith) was an All-American football player for the Ohio State University Buckeyes in the mid-1930s. A native of New Jersey, he moved with his family to Mansfield, Ohio as a boy. In addition to football, Smith was a competitive swimmer, basketball player, and track and field athlete. At the end of the 1935 college football season, Smith was selected as a first-team All-American by Grantland Rice for Collier's Weekly and by a board of coaches for Pathé News.

Smith's life after football per Wikipedia:

After graduating from Ohio State, Smith was employed by the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Cleveland. During World War II, Smith became district supervisor of the Office of Price Administration in Columbus, Ohio.

1936 All-American.
1936 All-Big Ten.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Wikipedia

Pepe Pearson rushed for
Pearson rushed for 3,121 yards. That is good for sixth on Ohio State's all-time list.

Pepe Pearson, RB (1994-97)
1975 (Euclid, Ohio)
High School: Euclid

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 41-10 with Pearson on the team.
1996 Big Ten Title.
1997 Defeated No. 4 Arizona State 20-17 to win the Rose Bowl.
Defeated Notre Dame in 1995 (45-26) and 1996 (29-16).
1996 Defeated No. 4 Penn State 38-7 in Columbus.
Pearson is third all-time at Ohio State with 659 rushing attempts. 
Pepe ran for over at least 100 yards 13 times in his career.


Pepe Pearson's Ohio State career per Wikipedia:

Pearson led Ohio State in rushing yards in 1996 and 1997.
Pearson led Ohio State in rushing yards in 1996 and 1997.

A four-year letterwinner at Ohio State, Pearson is the Buckeye’s sixth all-time leading rusher (3,121 yards) as of 2008, trailing only Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Tim Spencer,Keith Byars, and Chris Wells. His 1,484 rushing yards as a junior is the sixth highest season total in team history. With 17 touchdowns, Pearson is eleventh on the Buckeyes' scoring list. Pearson's had a 173-yard rushing performance in Ohio State's 1996 victory over Notre Dame.


Pepe Pearson's coaching career per


Pepe Pearson returns for his 10th season as the running backs coach for the Panthers. Prior to joining ODU’s coaching staff in its inaugural season of 2004, Pearson served as an assistant coach at St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus for one year.


Pearson has been an Ohio Dominican assistant coach since the school started playing football in 2004.
Pearson has been an Ohio Dominican assistant coach since the school started playing football in 2004.

The Panthers have rewritten the school’s rushing records over the past two seasons as running back Mike Noffsinger was named a Harlon Hill Trophy Candidate as one of the best Division II players in the country. Noffsinger set school single-season and career rushing marks for yards and touchdowns as the Panthers finished 2011 with the best rushing offense in program history. ODU also ranked third in the conference in rushing yards per game.


After Pearson’s decorated playing career came to a close, he jumped into the coaching arena. Pearson was the head coach of the Daytona Beach Hawgs in 2005-2006, formerly of the National Indoor Football League Arena Football Team, and was the Head Coach and General Manager of the Marion Mayhem, a member of the Continental Indoor Football League from 2007-2009. He led his team to the 2009 conference championship with a record of 9-3.


Pepe Pearson's pro football career per

The Rhein Fire won the World Bowl Championship in 2000.

After completing his college career, Pearson played in the National Football League (NFL) for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. He also played in NFL Europe, where he won the 2000 World Bowl Championship with the Rhein Fire, scoring the game-winning touchdown.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide, and Wikipedia


No. 29 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Inwood Smith 1937 5 50 Tackle Rams
Jeff Cothran 1994 3 66 RB Bengals
Cie Grant* 2003 3 86 LB Saints

*Wore No. 6 when drafted.
Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas


The Game.

119 days until The Game.


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Let me know if there are any errors.

Pearson rushed for 103 yards and 3 touchdowns in Ohio State's 72-0 beat-down of Pitt in 1996.

I will post a Where in Central Ohio is my Craig Krenzel Doll? sometime after 2:00.

In my house

Not playing yet. This picture is of Craig in my house.

Pearson against Pitt

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Hell, I ran for 103 yards vs Pitt in 96!

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Good-bye 30's, hello 20's!


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Remy that last photo with UM face down in the turf is excellent!

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When I remember Pepe, the play I think of most wasn't for Pepe but was the one where he went around the right side for a long td run, and Orlando Pace met some poor db at the 5, 50 yards down field throwing a final block

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Seems like these are a lot of work.  Thanks for doing this everyday.

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Thanks, Remy.  Nice to be under 30.  Loved Pepe Pearson, never knew Cie Grant wore #29.  

Does anyone know if Jordan Hall is in camp with anyone?

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Last I read was that Hall was with the Steelers. His signing per on June 18th:

The Steelers added another versatile player to their roster today by signing the former Ohio State running back, Jordan Hall. To make room for Hall on the roster the team released cornerback Deion Belue.

Hall was given an open try out during the Steelers' 2014 rookie minicamp and his versatility jives with the direction the Steelers are headed as a team.

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REMY, I love that you do this!  Every day, the list brings back memories.  It also got me thinking.....just how many numbers did Jordan Hall wear during his career?  29, 7, 2.  I think I remember him wearing 42 (or was that former OSU BBall great Steve Hall?)

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NashBuckeye, I checked 42 and that is one of the few numbers Jordan Hall did not wear. Thanks for reading these, we're almost finished.

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Not soon enough! Then you scare the he11 out of me with the Gary Williams article. I thought the schedule was changed and we were back to 44 days away.