Countdown: 55 Days Until Ohio State Football

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July 6, 2014 at 12:43a
55 Days


In 55 days Ohio State will travel to Navy to start the 2014 season. Today's article will list the 34 players who wore the No. 55 for the Buckeyes. Featured players are Jack Dugger, Aaron Brown, Jerome Foster and Nick Mangold.


Players who Wore No. 55 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Jack Cashell 1933            
Angelo Luckino 1934            
James Mason 1935            
Edward Hofmayer 1938           1938
William Vickroy* 1942           1942
Jack Dugger* 1943-44 1944 1944 1943     1943-44
Ray Baker 1945           1945
Ronald Wulf 1948            
Thomas Rath 1950-51           1950-51
Robert Thornton 1952-54           1952-54
Edward Breehl 1957           1957
Donald Vogelgesang 1958-60           1960
Wayne Betz 1961-62           1961-62
James Fraraccio 1963            
William Rutherford 1966           1966
Michael Radtke 1967-69           1967-69
Kevin Fletcher* 1970-71           1970-71
Dwight King 1973            
Aaron Brown 1974-77 1977 1976, 1977 1977     1974-77
Jerome Foster 1979-82   1980, 1982 1982     1979-82
Ray Holliman 1984-85, 1987           1984-85, 1987
Tom Scholl* 1987            
Stormy Warner 1988           1988
Rodric Harper* 1989            
Ron Lachey 1989         1989 1989
Ken Green 1991-92            
Will Connery* 1992-95           1995
Tam Hopkins  1997-2000           1997-2000
Nick Mangold 2002-05 2005   2005   2003, 2004, 2005 2002-05
Curtis Terry* 2006- 08           2006-08
Terry Curtis 2006-07            
Andy Miller* 2008-10         2008, 2009 2008-10
Jonathan Newsome 2009-10           2010
Tommy Brown 2011-13            

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 55
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

Jack Dugger

Jack Dugger, DE (1942-44)
Born: 1923 (Pittsburgh)
High School: Canton McKinley 
Death: 1988

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 21-7 with Dugger on the team.
1942 National Champion.
1942 Big Ten Title.
1944 Big Ten Title.
Undefeated in 1944. 
Lettered in football, basketball and track from 1942-45.
2-1 against That Team.

1942 Basketball Captain.
1943 Football Captain.
1944 Football All-American.

1979 Inducted into the Varsity O Hall of Fame for football and basketball.

Jack Dugger's Ohio State career per

A two-sport star, Jack Dugger was known primarily for his gridiron accomplishments. A starter on the 1942 National Championship team, Dugger was captain of the 1943 squad and earned All-America honors in 1944. He was voted MVP on the 1942 basketball team and was a starter in 1944 when the Buckeyes won the Big Ten Championship and advanced to the NCAA Final Four.

Sources- The Ohio State Team and

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown, LB (1974-77)
Born: 1956 (Warren, Ohio)
High School: Western Reserve

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 39-8-1 with Brown on the team.
1974 Big Ten Title.
1975 Big Ten Title.
1976 Big Ten Title.
1977 Big Ten Title.
Defeated Colorado 27-10 in the 1977 Orange Bowl.

1977 Captain.
1977 All-American.
1977 All-Big Ten.
1976 All-Big Ten.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and


Jerome Foster

Jerome Foster, DE (1979-82)
Born: 1960 (Detroit)
High School: Kettering

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 38-10 with Foster on the team.
1979 Big Ten Title.
1981 Big Ten Title.
Defeated Navy 31-28 in the 1981 Liberty Bowl.
Defeated BYU 47-17 in the 1982 Holiday Bowl.
Went 3-1 against That Team.

1982 Captain.
1982 All-Big Ten.
1981 All-Big Ten.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and


Nick Mangold

Nick Mangold, C (2002-05)
Born: 1984 (Centerville)
High School: Kettering Alter

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 43-8 with Mangold on the team.
2002 National Champion.
2002 Big Ten Title.
2005 Big Ten Title.
Defeated Miami 31-24 to win the 2003 Fiesta Bowl (National Championship).
Defeated Kansas State 35-28 to win the 2004 Fiesta Bowl.
Defeated Oklahoma State 33-7 to win the 2004 Alamo Bowl.
Defeated Notre Dame 34-20 to win the 2006 Fiesta Bowl.
Went 3-1 against That Team.

2005 Captain.
2005 All-American.
All-Pro in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Pro Bowl in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Mangold's Ohio State career per Wikipedia:

Center of attention

Mangold attended Ohio State University, and was a three-year starter at center for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. He was rated on a par with former Buckeye All-American and 2001 Rimington Trophy winner LeCharles Bentley by offensive line coach Jim Bollman. "Most guys you get out of high school have to be taught to play center. He already knew the mechanics of the position. That was a big, big advantage," said Bollman.[5] Ohio State's most durable lineman, Mangold logged over 300 minutes of action in each of his last three seasons.


In his true freshman year, Mangold appeared in eight games as backup for Alex Stepanovich. In 2003, Stepanovich suffered a knee injury in the second game of the season vs. San Diego State. Mangold moved in and started the final 11 games of the season.[6] When Stepanovich returned, he shifted to guard while Mangold continued to man the center position.

He earned second-team All-Big Ten Conference honors in 2004, when the coaching staff named Mangold Offensive Lineman of the Week seven times and Offensive Player of the Week vs. Northwestern. Mangold was again chosen second-team All-Big Ten in 2005. He closed his career with 33 starts in 45 games.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Wikipedia

No. 55 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Bill Vickroy 1943 12 105 C Rams
Jack Dugger 1945 2 12 End Steelers
Aaron Brown 1978 10 252 LB Buccaneers
Jerome Foster 1983 5 139 DT Oilers
Nick Mangold 2006 1 29 C Jets

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

The Game

145 days until The Game.


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Let me know If there are any errors.  Not only does Mangold make millions of dollars as an NFL player, but he also gets to make videos with Kate Upton:

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Thanks Remy.  Great, as always.  Nick Mangold is one of my All-Time favorites. 

Although, he is wearing a lot more clothing than the videos that I would make with Kate Upton.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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thanks again for all the great info, Remy....55 days and counting!!!....Correction, listed under Nick Mangold is the 2004 Alamo Bowl against Okie St...that should  actually be changed to 2005. Thanks and keep up all the great work....GO BUCKS!!

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Walkman33, I double checked and confirmed that Mangold played in the 2004 Alamo Bowl. The game was played 12-29-2004. Thanks for the kind words and reading the series, Remy.

2004 Alamo Bowl

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good catch, bad!! I must have been thinking it was played in January for some reason. lol

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All good. The year bowl games are played are the most difficult things to keep track of.

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