Countdown: 44 Days Until Ohio State Football

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July 17, 2014 at 12:09a

44 long, tedious and boring days until Ohio State starts the 2014 season at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 35 players who wore No. 44 for the Buckeyes. Today's featured players are Dick LeBeau and Ray Griffin.

Today's Trivia Question:
How is Ray Griffin related to Archie Griffin?
A. Brothers
B. Cousins
C. Uncle/Nephew
D. They Are Not Related


Players who Wore No. 44 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Earl Johnson 1933           1933
Millard Scholl 1934            
William Hargreaves 1937           1937
Donald Oman* 1938            
Thornton Dixon* 1939-40           1939-40
Jack Graf* 1941           1941
Gene Fekete 1942 1942         1942
Glenn Oliver 1943           1943
Thomas Keane 1944           1944
Gerald Krall 1945-49   1949       1945-49
Bernie Skvarka 1950-52     1952     1950-52
Jerry Harkrader 1953-55           1953-55
Dick LeBeau 1956-58           1956-58
Terence Hansley 1959           1959
Edward Ulmer 1960-61           1960-61
Richard Richley 1965           1965
Horatius Greene 1969           1969
John Hughes 1970, 1972-73           1970, 1972-73
Kevin Fletcher 1972           1972
Ray Griffin 1974-77 1977 1977 1977     1974-77
Harold Brown 1978            
Gary Williams 1979-82     1982     1979-82
George Cooper 1984-87           1984-87
Matthew Closson* 1988            
Tony Closson  1989           1989
Rodric Harper* 1990            
Tommy Stokes 1992-93            
Josh Jenkins 1995            
Chris Kirk 1995-99           1995-99
Collins Huitger 1997            
Robert Reynolds 2000-03           2000-03
Chris Leon 2004            
Mark Johnson 2006-07            
Jason Weihrauch 2006            
Zach Boren 2009-12           2009-12

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 44
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

LeBeau and the Buckeyes won a National Championship in 1957.
LeBeau and the Buckeyes won a National Championship in 1957.

Dick LeBeau, DB (1956-58)
Born: 1937 (London, Ohio)
High School: London

Ohio State:
The Buckeyes were 21-5-2 with LeBeau on the team.
1957 National Champion.
1957 Big Ten Title.
Went 2-1 against That Team.

1954 High School Football All-American.
1964 Pro Bowl.
1965 Pro Bowl.
1965 1st-Team All-Conference.
1966 Pro Bowl.
2005 Won Super Bowl XL as a coach.
2008 Won Super Bowl XLIII as a coach.

2008 Sporting News Coordinator of the Year.
2009 Inducted into the Varsity O Hall of Fame
2010 Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
2013 Inducted into the Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame.

LeBeau's Ohio State  and NFL career per

LeBeau was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.
LeBeau was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

A member of Ohio State’s 1957 national championship team, the legendary Dick LeBeau has spent a remarkable 51 seasons in the National Football League as a player and coach, participating in 786 NFL games. On February 6, 2010, LeBeau was selected into the 2010 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

LeBeau, a native of London, Ohio, played 14 seasons with the Detroit Lions, setting an NFL record for 171 consecutive games played at cornerback. The NFL interception leader in 1970 and a three-time Pro Bowler, his 62 career picks still rank 7th best in league history.





LeBeau getting some advice from Woody Hayes.
LeBeau getting some advice from Woody Hayes.

As a coach, however, LeBeau’s achievements are even more significant. The architect of the zone blitz, his innovations have brought changes to every aspect of defensive football. Serving as an assistant coach with Philadelphia, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, and was also the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals from 2000-02.

A coach with 10 division championship teams, he has coached in five Super Bowls, winning twice, most recently as defensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide, and Wikipedia





Ray Griffin started his Ohio State career as Archie's back-up at running back.
Ray Griffin started his Ohio State career as Archie's back-up at running back.

Ray Griffin, S (1974-77)
Born: 1956 (Columbus)
High School: Eastmoor

Ohio State:
The Buckeyes were 39-8 with Griffin on the team.
1974 Big Ten Title.
1975 Big Ten Title.
1976 Big Ten Title.
1977 Big Ten Title.
1977 Defeated Colorado 27-10 to win the Orange Bowl.
Griffin's interception in The Game in 1975 set up the winning touchdown.

1977 Captain.
1977 All-American.
1977 All-Big Ten.
2012 Inducted into the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame.

Griffin's Ohio State career per

Ray Griffin at his 2012 Varsity O Hall of Fame induction.
Ray Griffin at his 2012 Varsity O Hall of Fame induction.

Ray Griffin, a three-year starter and four-year Varsity O letterwinner for the Ohio State football team from 1974-77, was a First Team All-American and team captain as a safety in 1977. A First Team All-Big Ten selection in 1977, Griffin helped lead the Buckeyes to four-consecutive Big Ten championships, two Rose Bowl appearances, one Sugar Bowl appearance and an Orange Bowl appearance.




Ray and Archie

Ohio State went 29-6-1 in Griffin's three seasons as a starter, allowing only 102 points in the 1975 campaign. Griffin recorded 192 tackles in his three seasons in the OSU defensive backfield. He played in the Hula Bowl following his senior season before going on to play seven seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League. Griffin is the younger brother of former two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin. 

The game was tied 14-14 late in the fourth quarter when Ray Griffin made this game-winning interception. From and


Ray Griffin's Varsity O Hall of Fame Induction speech per and

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide, and Wikipedia


No. 44 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Jack Graf 1942 18 162 QB/FB Rams
Gene Fekete 1945 6 49 Fullback Lions
Thornton Dixon* 1946 10 87 Tackle Lions
Gerald Krall 1949 6 59 HB Bears
Jerry Harkrader 1956 22 261 C Bears
Dick LeBeau 1959 5 58 DB Browns
Ray Griffin 1978 2 35 DB Bengals
Gary Williams 1983 11 304 WR Bengals
George Cooper 1988 6 156 RB Dolphins
Robert Reynolds 2004 5 165 LB Titans

*Dixon wore No. 73 when drafted.
The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

Today's Trivia Answer:
How is Ray Griffin related to Archie Griffin?
A. Brother
B. Cousin
C. Uncle/Nephew
D. They Are Not Related

The Game

134 days until The Game.


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