Countdown: 39 Days Until Ohio State Football

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July 22, 2014 at 12:15a

Welcome to the 30s. In 39 days Ohio State will start the 2014 season at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 25 players who have worn No. 39 for Ohio State. Today's featured player is Jamar Martin.

An Ohio State player wearing the No. 39 has never earned All-American or All-B1G honors. Only one player has ever been drafted while wearing the No. 39 during his senior season. Hopefully a future Buckeye will end the drought.




Players who Wore No. 39 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Robert Lightburn* 1934            
Russell Dietrich 1937            
Donald Oman* 1939            
Jim Gentile* 1968-69           1968-69
Richard Ferko 1970-72           1970-71
Howard Thornton* 1973            
John D'Amato 1974-75            
Leon Ellison 1980           1980
Robert Manning 1981            
Denman "Sonny" Gordon* 1983           1983
Tim Coleman* 1984            
Bobby Olive* 1987           1987
Joe Hazelbaker 1989            
Tyrone Harrison 1989-91           1989-90
Will Connery* 1991            
Matt Calhoun 1992-96           1993-96
Joe Cooper* 1997            
Jamar Martin 1998-2001     2001     1998-2001
Andre Tyree* 2002            
Michael Dougherty 2004-07            
Steve Fender 2004            
Andrew Good 2006-07           2007
Derek Erwin 2009-11           2011
Jordan Whiting 2010-11           2010
Kyle Clinton 2012-13            

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 39
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

Jamar Martin

Jamar Martin, FB (1998-2001)
Born: 1980 (Canton)
High School: Canton McKinley

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 32-16 with Martin on the team.
1998 Big Ten Title.
1999 Defeated Texas A&M 24-14 to win the Sugar Bowl. 

Captain 2001.






Martin's draft preview per

Martin running the ball

Positives: Has a thick, compact frame, with solid arms, hips and thighs…Has the short area explosiveness to gain advantage on the defender as a lead blocker…Shows the strong forearms needed to sustain his blocks in pass protection and delivers a crunching hand punch to jolt his man back…Very light on his feet, displaying good acceleration to the perimeter…quick to get out front and cut block the linebackers on the move.

Negatives: More of a straight-line runner, showing poor hip snap and wiggle…Lacks the ability to find the rush lanes, as he tends to run with his head down, which results in balance problems… Does not have the leg drive needed to consistently break tackles… Shows no explosion when getting to the second level (loses steam past the line of scrimmage)…Will sometimes get careless running with the ball and needs to do a better job of shifting the pigskin away from the defender.


Winning The Game

REMINDS ME OF…SAM GASH, ex-Raven: No question this guy can block, but he appears a little too top-heavy to suit my tastes.

GAZING INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL: If it is a pure blocker you are looking for, one that should never touch the ball, then Martin is your man. If he gets rushing attempts, something has to be wrong with that team's offense.

CAREER NOTES: Finished his career with 61 carries for 226 yards (4.0 avg) and four touchdowns in 47 games (29 starts)…Caught 22 passes for 211 yards (9.6 avg) and a pair of scores.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide, and Wikipedia

No. 39 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Sonny Gordon* 1987 6 157 DB Bengals
Bobby Olive# 1991 11 300 WR Chiefs
Jamar Martin 2002 4 129 FB Cowboys

*Wore No. 7 when drafted.
#Wore No. 8 when drafted.
 The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

The Game

129 days until The Game.


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Martin and McKinley went 14-0 and won the state title his senior season:


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