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July 23, 2014 at 12:27a
No. 38


We are now 38 days away from Ohio State starting the 2014 season at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 25 players who have worn No. 38 for Ohio State. Today's featured players are Harold "Champ" Henson and Austin Spitler. During their careers Henson and Spitler combined to win 9 Big Ten Titles and went 8-0-1 against That Team. Pretty impressive.



Players who Wore No. 38 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
James Romoser 1933            
Samuel Fox* 1940           1940
William Lonjak 1943           1943
E. Pete Perini 1946           1946
Kenneth Feinthal 1951            
Gary Ballinger* 1956            
Stewart Baffer* 1960            
Robert Hartley 1962-63            
Samuel Reed 1965            
Ronald Keith* 1971           1971
Harold Henson 1972-74           1972-74
Tim Voger* 1975           1975
Paul Campbell 1976-79           1976-79
Vaughn Broadnax 1980-83           1980-83
Chris Boddie 1987           1987
Matt McCoy 1989-92           1992
Dan Colson* 1992            
Mike Malfatt 1993-96           1994-95
Donnie Nickey* 1998            
Eric Klaban 1999            
Ben Steele 2000-01           2001
Brandon Joe 2000-04           2001-04
Austin Spitler 2005-09     2009     2006-09
Scott McVey 2010-11            
Craig Fada 2012-13            


Ohio State won 4 Big Ten titles and went 3-0-1 with Henson on the team.
Ohio State won 4 Big Ten titles and went 3-0-1 with Henson on the team.

Harold “Champ” Henson, FB (1972-75)
Born: 1953 (Columbus)
High School: Teays Valley

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 40-5-1 with Henson on the team.
1972 Big Ten Title.
1973 Big Ten Title.
1974 Big Ten Title.
1975 Big Ten Title.
Defeated USC 42-21 to win the 1974 Rose Bowl.
Went 3-0-1 against That Team.



Henson's Ohio State career per Wikipedia:


Henson attended the  Ohio State University  where he led the nation in scoring as a sophomore in 1972.

Henson led the nation in scoring as a sophomore.
Henson led the nation in scoring as a sophomore.

In the second game of the 1973 season, however, Henson tore the cartilage his knee and was out for the season.  Linebacker  Bruce Elia  was converted to starting  fullback. In his senior season Henson was hampered by the lingering effects of his knee injury and challenged by sophomore  Pete Johnson.

Henson was selected in the fourth round of the 1975  NFL Draft  by the  Minnesota Vikings, who then traded him to the  Cincinnati Bengals.


Champ Henson talking about Woody Hayes per Tom Levenick of

Henson went on to recall another story from the more personal side of Woody during two-a-days sometime between training table and meetings.

Woody pulled me aside and said, 'Champ, I just talked to your dad and your mom has been admitted to Grant hospital. You don't need to be in these meetings or practice, you know this stuff as good as anybody. You need to go and see your mom.'

Woody being Woody.
Woody being Woody.

Then he said, 'Here, take my car' (handing over the keys to his Ranchero pickup truck). Then Woody said, 'My truck needs gas' and he gave me a twenty-dollar bill. He said, 'put gas in my truck and oh, by the way, there's a nice little gift shop in the hospital, make sure you get something nice for your mom.'

So I go to put gas in Woody's truck and the tank is totally full. That was just his way of slipping me twenty dollars so I could get something for my mom. So I go see my mom and it's nothing life threatening, but she is going to need to be in the hospital for four to five days.

I then go back to and explain the situation to Woody and I hand him the twenty-dollar bill and tell him his truck didn't need any gas. 'Yes it did!', Woody said curtly. I told coach the tank was full! Woody said, 'You're wrong,' and turned and walked away.

Now, as Champ is telling me this, he is trying to choke back the tears again.

Champ Henson talking about Anne Hayes per Tom Levenick of

 Anne Hayes also found a way to help the players and their families.
 Anne Hayes also found a way to help the players and their families.

The next morning at 7:00 a.m., Anne Hayes (Woody's wife) showed up at our family farm and my dad says, 'Anne, what are you doing here?' To which she replied, 'You can't run a farm without a woman and I'm here to help.' My dad politely says, 'Anne, we don't really need any help, we'll get by', when Anne interrupts him and says, 'You damned fool, get out of the way and what do you want for breakfast?'

That was typical Anne Hayes. So, she stayed for three days ad made sure they were fed and that my brothers got off to school on time.

You know, we lived 30 miles away from Columbus and that was a story I'll never forget.

These were the types of things that Woody did all the time for people that the public never saw. And quite frankly, he didn't want people to see them. It was always about paying forward, never about paying any attention to him, what so ever.


Commissioner Henson per Wikipedia:

In March of 2012, Harold was selected as the Republican nominee for  Pickaway County Commissioner by a 67-33 margin. He was unopposed in the November election, where he received over 10,000 votes. He was sworn in and will serve until January 2015.


Congratulations speech per Circleville Herald and Youtube:


The Buckeyes won five Big Ten Titles and went 5-0 against That Team with Spitler on the team.
The Buckeyes won five Big Ten Titles and went 5-0 against That Team with Spitler on the team.

Austin Spitler, LB (2005-09)
Born: 1986 (Dayton)
High School: Bellbrook

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 54-10 with Spitler on the team.
2005 Big Ten Title.
2006 Big Ten Title.
2007 Big Ten Title.
2008 Big Ten Title.
2009 Big Ten Title.
2006 Defeated Notre Dame 34-20 in the Fiesta Bowl.
2010 Defeated Oregon 26-17 in the Rose Bowl.
Went 5-0 against That Team.

2009 Captain.
2009 Academic All-Big Ten.
2008 Academic All-Big Ten.
2007 Academic All-Big Ten.
2006 Academic All-Big Ten.

Austin Spitler's Ohio State career per

Celebrating a TFL

Spitler waited three years for the chance that never came. He was expected to inherit the starting middle linebacker job in 2009 when James Laurinaitis left, but he moved to the strong side to fill a hole on a defense that needed to replace 10 starters.

He started every game in '09, playing outside linebacker and recording at least one tackle in every game. Spitler was a special-teams standout in 2007 and '08 but did not see time in the regular base defense.

Spitler played behind Laurinaitis every previous season, redshirting in 2005.

Spitler destroying Sam McGuffie:

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and


No. 38 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Champ Henson 1975 4 89 RB Vikings
Donnie Nickey* 2003 5 154 S Titans
Austin Spitler 2010 7 252 LB Dolphins

*Nickey wore No. 25 when drafted.
Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

The Game

128 days until The Game.


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Woody and Anne:

Woody and Anne.

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I must drive you crazy by now with some of my questions, Remy.

So I will simply leave you with this.

It isn't about Mr Henson..but it is what I think of every time I hear his name.  Lol

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I was in the hospital with a family member, sad I missed this day! I know Champ personally (same town/high school/went to school with his kids), was hoping to see if I could add anything but it all looks good.

Obviously I never saw Champ play in person but from what Coach Gene Keel told me is that no one could ever tackle him in high school. One day at practice a scrappy kid said he wanted to play but he knew he couldn't take Champ down. So Coach Gene just told the kid, just take out one leg. The kid was able to hit Champ, slow him down while reinforcements came to bring him down. Gave me a good lesson about effort, trying, teamwork etc and that Champ was a bad mofo! He's still pretty intimidating and probably still about 6'2" or 3"

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