Countdown: 89 Days Until Ohio State Football

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June 2, 2014 at 12:57a
School's out Bitches

Today is my first day of summer vacation and Ohio State is 89 days away from its season opener at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 23 players who wore number 89 for the Buckeyes. Today's article will feature the careers of John Frank and Stanley White Jr.

Today's Trivia Questions:
John Frank helped establish an Olympic bobsled team for what country?

What college team did Stanley White Jr.'s dad play for?


Players who Wore No. 89 at Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac. All-B1G Letter
Jameson Crane* 1946-47           1946-47
Richard Walther 1950-51           1950-51
Walter Corbitt 1952            
Frank Guzik 1953           1953
P. William Michael* 1954-55           1954-55
Ted Katula* 1956            
Charles Deyo* 1959            
Elwood Rayford 1960-61            
Thomas Anderson 1964           1964
Thomas Calloway 1965            
Nicholas Roman 1966-69           1966-69
Theodore Powell 1972-73           1972-73
Leonard Willis 1974-75           1974-75
Bryan Ferguson 1976-77            
Charles Hunter* 1978-79           1978-79
John Frank 1980-83   1982, 1983 1983 1982, 1983 1982, 1983 1980-83
Chris Skipper 1986            
Jeff Ellis 1987-88, 1990-91           1987-88, 1990-91
D.J. Jones 1992-96         1993-96 1992-96
Mike Baker 1993-94            
Darnell Sanders  1998-01           1999-01
Stanley White Jr. 2002-06       2006 2003-06 2003-06
Garrett Hummel 2007-10           2010
John Frank

*Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 89
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Sources- Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide

John Frank TE (1980-83)
Born: 1962 (Pittsburgh, PA)
High School: Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh)

Ohio State
Finished his Ohio State career with the most catches of any tight end to that point.

1983 Captain.
1982 All-Big Ten.
1983 All-Big Ten.
1982-83 Academic All-American.
1982-82 Academic All-Big Ten.
Named to the Ohio State All Century Team.
1998 Inducted into the Ohio State Athletic Hall of Fame.
2006 Inducted into the Natoinal Jewish Hall of Fame.

He is a board-certified Otolaryngologist.
Co-founded the Israeli Bobsled Team.
Won two Super Bowls as a member of the 49ers.

Why did John Frank choose Ohio State? Per Wikipedia:


He was an All-State Tight End in high school but because of his strong interest in science and medicine, he turned down offers to attend and play college football at the University of Southern California, Yale University and the University of Virginia in order to enroll in The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. David Schuller, chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology in the medical school at Ohio State, helped convince Frank that he could be successful both academically and athletically.

Dr. Frank per Wikipedia:

After retiring from football, Frank earned his M.D. from Ohio State in 1992. He is an Otolaryngologist, board-certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

In 2009 he became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and in 2010, he became an Assistant Professor of Clinical Otolarygology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeon.

He has performed over 2000 hair transplant procedures in Northern California and New York City since 1998 and in 2006 he opened Anapelli Hair Clinic in New York City, specializing in surgical hair transplantation as well as Biocapillation.

NFL Career per Wikipedia:

Frank with 49ers

During his five-year career, he caught 65 passes for 662 yards and became the starting tight end during his fourth and fifth season. In Super Bowl XXIII he caught two passes, including a key pass thrown by Joe Montana during the winning touchdown drive.

Following the game and during what was considered to be the height of his professional football career, he announced his retirement to devote himself full-time to medical school. 

A Sports Illustrated article from 1-31-13 that describes John Frank's life today.

Sources- Wikipedia and The Ohio State Team Guide.

Stan White Jr.

Stan White Jr. FB (2002-06)
High School: Gilman (Baltimore, MD)

Ohio State
Member of 2002 national championship team.
Gained 78 yards on 11 career receptions in 48 games with the Buckeyes.

Received the John W. Galbreath Award for excellence in academics.

Was one of the nation's top-ranked linebackers in high school.
Stan White Sr., his father, played for Ohio State, the Baltimore Colts and then served as a television commentator.


No. 89 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Bill Michael 1957 2 16 DT Steelers
Nick Roman 1970 10 241 LB Bengals
Leonard Willis 1976 4 118 WR Vikings
John Frank 1984 2 56 TE 49ers
Darnell Sanders 2002 4 122 TE Browns
Israeli Bobsled Team

Sources- Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

Today's Trivia Answers:
John Frank helped establish an Olympic bobsled team for what country?

What college team did Stanley White Jr.'s dad play for?
Ohio State.


Touchdown Against That Team

179 days until The Game.


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