Countdown: 69 Days Until Ohio State Football

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June 22, 2014 at 8:54a
The 60s

Today marks a new decade in the number countdown...the 60s. Groovy man. Although I was born in the year of our nation's bicentennial, I feel as if I lived a part of my life in the '60s due to all of the movies and music I have been influenced by.

My apologies ahead of time if this post is incoherent. My friend from Pittsburgh visited this weekend (not Mark May) and I'm feeling the effects of a day of boating, booze and fun.

We are now 69 days away from Ohio State's season opener at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 28 players to wear the No. 69 for Ohio State. Today's article will feature Glen Mason.

Today Trivia Question:
Glen Mason and Jim Tressel were assistant coaches at Ohio State at the same time. What years did they coach together for the Buckeyes?



Players who Wore No. 69 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Robert Masoner* 1937            
Jean Lindsay 1939            
George Krieger 1946-47            
James Thomas 1949           1949
George Savic 1950-51            
Thomas Leo 1951            
William Slagle 1953            
Donald Frank 1954            
Richard Facchine 1955           1955
Gene Bryant 1957-58            
Fred Ehrensberger 1959            
Rodney Foster 1961-62           1961-62
William Ridder 1963-65       1965 1965 1963-65
Victor Stottlemyer* 1966, 1968           1966, 1968
Paul Jacobs 1967            
Glen Mason 1970           1970
Dan Cutillo* 1971           1971
Richard Mack 1972-74   1974       1972-74
Ernest Andria 1975, 1977-79           1975, 1977-79
William Wilson* 1981            
Jay Shaffer 1986-87           1986-87
John Schilling 1988-91            
Brian Smith 1992-94            
Jim Massey 1997-2001            
Andre Tyree* 2003-05           2005
Zach Slagle 2006-09            
Bryan Gray 2006-08           2008
Eric Kramer 2010-13           2012

 *Wore another number at Ohio State
Did not earn a varsity letter while wearing No. 69
I do not have the list of 2013 varsity letter winners
Sources- Buckeyextra and The Ohio State Team Guide


Glen Mason No. 69

Glen Mason, LB (1970)
Born: 1950 (Colonia, NJ)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes went 9-1 with Mason on the team.
Won the 1970 National Championship.
Won the 1970 Big Ten Title.
Was listed behind Randy Gradishar,Stan White, Vic Koegel, Arnie Jones, and Rick Middleton on the depth chart.
Went 1-0 against That Team.


Mason at Minnesota

Coaching Career
123-121-1 overall record.
5-4 in bowl games.
The Buckeyes were 72-23-1 with Mason as an assistant coach.
Won 3 Big Ten Titles with Ohio State.

Head Coach 
Kent State (1986–1987) 
Kansas (1988–1996)
Minnesota (1997-2006)

Assistant Coach 
Ball State, GA (1972)
Allegheny, DC (1973) 
Ball State, DL (1974) 
Iowa State, OL/TE (1975-76) 
Illinois, OL (1977)
Ohio State, OC/OL/LB (1978-85)

Mason the head coach at Georgia? Per Wikipedia:


Mason was head coach for Kent State University in 1986 and 1987 and the University of Kansas from 1988 to 1996. In 1995, as Kansas prepared for the Aloha Bowl against UCLA, Mason accepted the head coaching position at the University of Georgia.

Mason had a change of heart and stayed with the Jayhawks, but left for the University of Minnesota one season later. His first game with Minnesota in 1997 was against Hawaiʻi, at Aloha Stadiumwhere the Aloha Bowl's successor, the Hawai'i Bowl is played.

Mason was a candidate to succeed John Cooper for the head coaching position at Ohio State. At the time I thought Mason was the best choice. It's a good thing I don't hire for the Buckeyes.


So, what if Ohio State hired Glen Mason instead of Jim Tressel? Michael Rand of the Star Tribune tackled that scenario in August, 2011:

Mason HC at Ohio State?

Nationally speaking, maybe Mason's arrival at Ohio State negates the entire Buckeyes scandal that is happening right now. Would Mason have been bold or bright enough to put the kibosh on the reported tattoo and vehicle shenanigans that eventually cost Tressel his job and put OSU in hot water with the NCAA? It's entirely possible he handles things differently. But perhaps Ohio State also would have suffered the same types of maddening losses the Gophers regularly suffered in the early-to-mid-2000s.


A near-certainty: Sweater vest sales in Columbus, Ohio, would not have been nearly as lucrative for the past decade.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide,, and Wikipedia

No. 69 in the NFL Draft.
Nobody wearing the No. 69 has been selected in the NFL Draft.

Mason and Tressel

Today's Trivia Answer:
Glen Mason and Jim Tressel were assistant coaches at Ohio State at the same time. What years did they coach together for the Buckeyes?

Mason and Tressel were assistants at Ohio State from 1983-1985. 


The Game

159 days until The Game


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Let me know If there are any errors. The "what if Ohio State hired Mason instead of Tressel" question pops in my head occasionally. I wonder where the Buckeyes would be today had Mason been hired?

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