Countdown: 65 Days Until Ohio State Football

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June 26, 2014 at 12:01a

Another article and another day closer to Ohio State playing at Navy. Below you will find a list of the 25 players who have worn No. 65 for Ohio State. Today's featured players are Ray Pryor, Justin Boren and Pat Elflein.

Today's Trivia Question:
What school did Justin Boren's dad, Mike, play college football for?


Players who Wore No. 65 for Ohio State
Player Worn All-American All-B1G Captain Academic AA Ac All-B1G Letter
Thomas Welbaum 1938-39           1938-39
Frank Parenti 1943            
Robert McGinnis* 1946           1946
Robert Brickman 1948            
Carroll Smith 1950-51           1950-51
William Jobko* 1956           1956
James Wassmund 1956           1956
Oscar Hauer 1958-60           1958-60
Thomas Jenkins 1961-63           1961-63
Ray Pryor 1964-66 1966 1965, 1966 1966   1965, 1966 1964-66
Randall Hart 1967-69           1967-69
John Hicks* 1970           1970
Timothy Wersel 1972           1972
Barney Renard 1973-76            
Keith Ferguson 1978-80     1980     1978-80
Tom Glancey 1982-85            
Erik Grimm 1986-88            
Eric Morgan 1989            
Juan Porter 1992-96     1996     1993-96
Mike Gurr* 1998-00         1998, 1999, 2000 1998-00
Steve Graef 2001-03         2002, 2003 2003
Doug Ebner 2005-08         2008 2008
Justin Boren 2009-10   2009       2009-10
Nick Humphries 2011            
Pat Elflein 2012-13            


1966 Ohio State Football Team

Ray Pryor, C (1964-66)
High School: Garfield (Hamilton, Ohio)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes were 18-9 with Pryor on the team.

Ohio State finished second in the Big Ten in 1964 and 1965.

1966 Captain.
1966 All-American.
1966 All-Big Ten.
1966 Academic All-Big Ten.
1965 All-Big Ten.
1965 Academic All-Big Ten.

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and

Justin Boren

Justin Boren, OG (2009-10)
Born: 1988 (Pickerington)
High School: Pickerington Central and North

Ohio State
The Buckeyes went 23-3* with Boren on the team.
Defeated Oregon 26-17 in the 2010 Rose Bowl.
Defeated Arkansas 31-26 in the 2011 Sugar Bowl*.
Went 2-0 against That Team.
*NCAA sanctions be damned.

2010 Jim Parker Award.

2010 All-Big Ten.
2009 All-Big Ten.

Boren's transfer and Ohio State career per

Welcome Home

Not since World War II has a football player done what Justin Boren did in 2008. After two seasons at Michigan, Boren transferred to Ohio State, crossing enemy lines in the Big Ten's most storied rivalry. Displeased with new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez's attitude and, in his words, "lack of values" and seemed to have difficulty adjusting to the physical demands of Rodriguez's new no-huddle spread offense.

As a true freshman at Michigan, Boren played in five games and made one start at right guard. He started every game as a sophomore, with eight starts at center and five at left guard.

Leading the way in The Game

After transferring to OSU he redshirted in his first year at Columbus. Boren started 11 games in his first year as a Buckeye and was named first-team All-Big Ten, then started every game at left guard while earning second-team all-conference honors.

Boren has been known to play with the nasty demeanor offensive line coaches like and was a welcome addition to an OSU line having some protection problems prior to his arrival.

Boren's NFL career per

• A second-year offensive guard who competed on practice squads with Baltimore (2011) and Detroit (2012) the last two seasons.

Raven Boren

• Appeared on the Ravens' active roster during the club's 2011 postseason but did not play in any games. 

• Started 26 career games at Ohio State University (2009-10) and was the recipient of the Jim Parker Award, given by OSU coaches to the team's Outstanding Offensive Lineman, as a senior.

• Transferred to the Buckeyes after playing his first two years at the University of Michigan, becoming just the third individual in history to play football for both teams in the storied Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. 

• Opened games at each position along the interior offensive line during his first two collegiate seasons with the Wolverines.

Boren Bronco

• Joined the Broncos as a free agent on Jan. 15, 2013. 

• Entered the NFL with Baltimore as a college free agent on July 28, 2011. 

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide,, and Wikipedia: 

Pat Elflein

Pat Elflein, OG (2012-Present)
High School: Garfield (Hamilton, Ohio)

Ohio State
The Buckeyes are 24-2 with Elflein on the team.
Elflein replaced Marcus Hall in The Game last year after Hall was ejected for showing his respects to That Team's fans.
Ohio State is 2-0 against That Team with Elflein on the team.

Elflein's performance in The Game as reported by Daniel Rogers of

The Salute

Redshirt-senior right guard Marcus Hall might steal the headlines for his two-fingered salute to the Michigan fans as he departed from Saturday’s game after being ejected for his involvement in a fight, but it was redshirt-freshman Pat Elflein who stole the show. ...

Elflein, a right guard from Pickerington, Ohio, was inserted into No. 2 OSU’s (12-0, 8-0) 42-41 win against Michigan (7-5, 3-5) midway through the second quarter, and played for the remainder of the game for the Buckeyes.

Redshirt-senior left tackle Jack Mewhort said seeing Elflein perform well wasn’t a surprise, because of how Elflein prepares for games.

The Game

“Pat did a tremendous job, I think that speaks a lot to the way he works during the week and he just prepared to go in there and win the game for us. That’s something he did and he embraced it,” Mewhort said. “He’s not a kid anymore after playing in an environment like that. You kind of grow up a little bit and I think that was a really good learning experience for him. He thrived and I think he played really well.”

Mewhort added that Elflein handled a tough situation well for an inexperienced player.

Celebrating The Win

“I’m very proud of him. He went in there under a lot of pressure, and really probably one of the tougher environments we play in, and thrived,” Mewhort said. “Obviously you’re playing against (redshirt-senior center) Corey Linsley who knows everything that’s going on out there and it’s doing a very good job of communicating calls … If those guys weren’t out there, I think he would have been fine.”

Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and


No. 65 in the NFL Draft
Name Year Round Pick Position Team
Bill Jobko 1958 7 80 OG Rams
Tom Jenkins 1964 14 191 OG Steelers
John Hicks* 1974 1 3 OG Giants
Keith Ferguson 1981 5 131 LB Chargers

*John Hicks wore No. 74 when drafted.
Sources- The Ohio State Team Guide and Jason Priestas

Today's Trivia Answer:

The Boren Boys

What school did Justin Boren's dad, Mike, play college football for? That Team from 1980-83. He finished his career 2nd on the all-time tackles list for That Team with 212 tackles. Today he ranks 6th all-time. Mike Boren played high school football for Eastmoor even though he lived in Independence's district (Walnut Heights). 

The Game

155 days until The Game.


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Let me know If there are any errors. Three Boren's have played for Ohio State. Too bad Jacoby will be the last least until their boys are recruited in 20-25 years.

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Bill Jobko - Bridgeport, OH

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I almost featured Mr. Jobko. He might be the only Buckeye with the middle name Kermit.

Kermit The Frog


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Youtube and have ruined my childhood memories of Kermit. Below is Kermit's video to Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. Warning: Not Suitable for Women and Children (TV-MA L, S, D, V) or those who don't have a dark sense of humor (think DJ).


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I'd not seen that one - I'm partial to The Man In Black's cover from his American IV album. I felt it was one of the few examples of a cover surpassing the original.

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Andy, I'm a NIN fan and agree with you on Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. We're not the only ones,  Cash's song ranked No. 2 on Rolling Stones list of all-time covers. What Trent Reznor said after listening to Cash's performance:

"I realized it wasn't really my song anymore. It just gave me goose bumps up and down my spine. It's an unbelievably powerful piece of work. After he passed away I remember feeling saddened, but being honored to have framed the end of his life in something that is very tasteful."

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Wow, that's powerful. Classy thing of Reznor to say, too. Cash's work with Rick Rubin in his final decade was pretty amazing. Not a lot of those songs got radio airplay, but they were pretty darn good tracks.

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And thanks as always, Remy. Great walk down our rich history as we count down to kickoff. 

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Looks like number 65 goes to kids from Pickerington.

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Just about at that two month window...

I think I can make it.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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