Letting it out.

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July 18, 2012 at 1:38p

Yes, I am one of those people.  I wish summer away after a month because I get the fever, which may be a bit early this year thanks to the triple digit temperatures.   I really can't wait for vegetable soup. Beer. Chili. Brats. Artichoke Dip. More beer. Chips and dips. Cornhole with friends.  And no, I am not waiting for football to drink my favorite beverages.  I can't wait for this to be the norm for Saturdays at my house.  I want to take that step outside and finally get to take that deep lung filling breath with cool crisp air hitting me in the face and say to myself, yes it is FALL.  I still have over a month to wait till the first game and even longer for that crisp football Saturday, but my excitement continues to grow.  Bust out the Scarlet and Grey plates and the Solo cups.  And of course the Brawny paper towels,  I am starting to organize the "Woohoo it's College Football!" party...just in case I am not the only one with the fever and making plans.

My husband?  He feels the same way, only about the West Virginia Mountaineers.  I did drag him last season to our first ever OSU game and he loved the atmosphere in Columbus.  I got him to commit blasphemy by wearing not only an OSU shirt, but a baseball cap as well.  We live in Marietta, but we both work in West Virginia.  I know, I know they got tattoos. Sold the items given to them and the Sweater Vest "covered it all up." Nothing but a bunch of no-good-criminals that come out of Ohio State.  You name it, I have heard it.  These fans hate Ohio State with a passion.  In fact, my dear husband was the same way.  His sister, still does.  You know what they say about people who live in glass houses?  These people are SUPER excited about the upcoming year, they are going to dominate and the Big 12 better look out.  That's like me expecting a National Championship Title this year, knowing dag gone well that we won't even be playing in a bowl game.  But you can't convince them of that and I no longer try.  I smile and nod as they ramble on about their QB, RB and how fast...yada yada yada.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  One thing is for sure when it comes to WVU's football season, I am not ready to hear my husband yelling obscenities at the television, just to have our 3 year old son repeat them at daycare.  Granted, he could have heard those same "ugly words" come out of my mouth just a short year ago.  And I have no idea if WVU plays that first Saturday, the party I am planning is about OSU.  Sorry honey, this is not about you and your Let's Go Mountaineers cheer.

Speaking of former Big East teams, how about Penn State?  Paterno?  Utterly disgusting and unforgiving.  That is all.

After that last sentence, I have lost steam and focus for this little rant.  But I should not worry my pretty little head, I know there will be more tomorrow.





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"I want to take that step outside and finally get to take that deep lung filling breath with cool crisp air hitting me in face and say to myself, yes it is FALL."

Uh, yeah...so much THIS.

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You had me at...

Beer. Chili. Brats. Artichoke Dip. More beer. Chips and dips. Cornhole with friends.

Along with tOSU football of course.

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I should have ended that with "with even more Beer."  Although, I don't think that would given my "mommy juice" as my son calls it, the full attention it so rightly deserves.

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"mommy juice"


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***Side note, this does not make me happy that he calls it this.  It was in our refrigerator, my son asked my husband about it and he said it was mommy's juice. It was not said to him to be funny, but rather explain to him that it wasn't his.  I also don't take his using ugly language lightly.***

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No worries, it's hilarious. I'm sure your husband gets a kick out of it every time he hears it.

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Yeah, because he gets to act like he never drinks it. The mind of men, so confusing.

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It's ok. We have "Daddy Pop" in our house. So you're not alone.

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It's definitely an ice breaker. And I DO like my Yuengling mommy juice.

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Man, when I was at OSU, Yuengers were worth their weight in gold. I never quite grasped it. Good read-always fun to see when a team hates Ohio State but doesn't have any real history with them. Michigan I get. Penn State even, but West Virginia? C'Mon Man!

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For what it's worth, I did hear that when Rodriguez was boarding a plane out of Morgantown, headed for the greener pastures of Ann Arbor, the entire crowd broke into "OH-IO" chants, along with singing "We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan".

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I don't understand either.  I used to travel to WV (or near enough it didn't matter) for work on a weekly basis and was always astounded by how butthurt WVU fans were and are about tOSU.  I quickly changed from not really caring about their team to rooting for thier defeat every week.  I suppose that gives me more stake while watching more games on Saturday, so win-win?

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Thanks for your rant. I enjoyed reading it. I cannot wait for this season to start. It simply cannot get here fast enough.
Go Bucks!

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My West Virginia co-workers are telling me to slow down. Maybe they have some reservations about this upcoming season after all..

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amen rcs 
I cant wait for the feeling immediately following a buckeye victory.  For me its like when good triumphs over evil and all is right with the world.    

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Great read! Thank you.

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This is probably why they hate us lol.  Good read RCSVICKERS, that 1st paragraph was giving me fits, in the best way possible. 


"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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I remember the 98 game, it was my senior year of high school and my dad's family in WV kept calling and telling us that it was their year, their time to shine.  We ALL know how that turned out. 
You would think, as anyone in their right mind would, that a win 115 years ago is nothing to get worked up about (sorry again honey, but Let. It. Go.)  There was only a brief time, a few years ago, that WVU fans (including my husband and co-workers) thought that WVU was going to play OSU in the Championship game.  WVU was going to show "us" how to play football.  OSU did play that year, but not against WVU.  And for some reason, that is our (The state of Ohio, Ohio State Unoversity, Ohio State fans and even The Best Damn Band In the Land.) fault.  Have I mentioned that living with a WVU fan can be a bit interesting?
I keep re-reading that first paragraph too and I am in utter awe that I wrote it.   ;)  Thank you for your kind words.

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I lived in WV for a year (Martinsburg, eastern panhandle) in 2006. I found myself rooting for WVU, everyone around there kinda poisened my mind. Fortunately since we were all the way on the other side of the state no one over there really gave a damn about the Buckeyes one way or another. I was REALLY rooting for an OSU-WVU championship game the next year, I think it would have been a long night for the folks in Morgantown.

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I live in Charleston, and I've never been able to wrap my head around the OSU hate here.  I don't expect them to like us, but in reality, we rarely play in football, and we're not in the same conference.  When I moved here over 5 years ago, I think I expected indifference to Ohio State.  You could see the steam coming out of the WVU fan's ears after they lost at home to 4-7 Pitt in '07, enbaling Ohio State to play LSU in the NC game, and even more so after we got semi-steam rolled while they clobbered OU.  So, because of the abuse I take here, I've naturally grown to hate WVU.  I detest the "Let's go........ Mountaineers!"  shit.  Shut.  The F***.  Up.
That being said, I kinda disagree on WVU's prospects this year.  I think they will make some noise and have solid season returning Geno Smith with a semi-down Big 12.  I don't think they win the conference by any means, though.

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I have family in West Virginia and yeah, them hillbillies hate us Buckeyes!...lol I have two cousins, one who went to Marshall and the other to WVU and they probably hate Ohio State more than they hate each other. I can remember when my cousin would mouth off about how great Major Harris was....lol
I cant honestly see them doing very well in the Big 12 though. I could be wrong but I don't really see them even in the top half. I think they made a big mistake going into that conferance!

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My friends & I were chased out of WV in 1991 for being.....from Ohio. They hate Ohioans in general I think & so I return the favor by not loving them so much either...

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big 12 is over-rated , so they should fit in just fine