Summer Reading: The Most Hated On

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May 10, 2013 at 9:06a
Warren G and his murderer floating in the Cocaine Galaxies

Eleven Warriors denizen and infrequent curator of the $10,000 Presidential Parlay DJ Byrnes has published his untold story of Blooming Grove native and 29th US President Warren G. Harding.

The Most Hated On is an 89-year journey into Marion, Ohio's inner sanctum that follows Harding's return to life decades after being fatally poisoned by his wife in San Francisco in 1923. His life is restored - as is frequently the case in resurrections - via divine intervention.

Byrnes doesn't attempt to obscure his portrayal of Harding as a Christ figure. He raises him from the dead, surrounds him with impoverished followers whose wisdom is layered in both complexity and filth and even fits him with a spouse parsed from a parallel Egyptian Coptic by way of the Rust Belt.

The Gospel, as presented in TMHO is pure and celestial - but unlike that of the New Testament - tangible, because it has been delivered in the form of illicit narcotics. The departure from a straight Biblical portrayal begins with how the Word is spread through trafficking and ends with Harding repurposing forgiveness and peace as virtues with vengeance and payback.

Harding's eventual and triumphant return is unlocked by a man named, appropriately, Lazarus, who does so on Kelley's Island, which Ohioans familiar with Put-in-Bay will quickly recognize as Byrnes' Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Byrnes' character development is rich and powerful, with each unique figure sharing one common element: They're unsavory addicts with hearts of gold (or more likely lead, gold's atomic neighbor, through which divine alchemy by way of the Cocaine Galaxies gives the false promise of salvation).

TMHO is evenly delivered, complete with cliffhanger indicating that Byrnes plans on penning a third testament. It provides all of the edge, entertainment and blasphemy one would expect out of any necropresidential narco-thriller. At a modest 299 pages, it's a fast-paced time-traveling adventure worthy of your summer leisure reading.


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This is poolside reading at its finest.  Even a partially illiterate Philistine like myself was capable of grasping the core concepts. I still can't believe history refuses to tell the story of how Florence Harding was willing to stop at nothing to amass the kinds of power that her husband should have been granted. 
I can't wait for Cocaine Christmas.

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I just spit coffee all over myself.  Thank you!

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What. The. Christ.

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Obviously you meant to type
What. The. Warren G.
; )


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I'm in.

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Warren G. Harding is the 2nd greatest president of all time at worst. Choke on THAT, haters.

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If you're not a fan of DJ, it may be hard to understand his work.  I think he's pretty damn great, so I know I will check it out. 

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Agreed.  Go back into the archives and read his weekly Warren G Harding $10,000 Presidential Power Parlay.  Absolutely hilarious.  I think his writing is a lot like listening to Jim Rome (I admittedly haven't listened to him in a few years, but always did when he still did tour stops).  It's different, and takes some getting used to.  You'll come away thinking awesome! , or WTF?  I personally loved his parlays.  The few recent blog posts he's made here aren't completely indicative of his writing, but you get a taste of it.  I myself look forward to his book.

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also best use of a line graph I have seen in some time.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Well, I am even prouder to own a degree from Warren G. Harding. (high school, that is)

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I'm in.

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DJ is one hell of a writer.  I can't wait to pick this up.

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I've had mine about 2 months, It's the goodest.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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"Quit skipping leg day bro" - Dr James Andrews

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