RIP, Joe Bodolai

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December 27, 2011 at 4:40p
Joe Bodolai (1949 - 2011)

Former SNL writer and television producer Joe Bodolai is dead of what appears to be a suicide. He was 63 years old.

He was a very witty and droll guy (his "headline" following the Casey Anthony verdict was about Florida's landmark decision to legalize post-birth abortions) and even in his common prose was unable to keep the sarcasm and wit from flowing. That is often the case with people who are funny for a living.

Comedy is often borne out of pain. While it's hard to pinpoint what it was that drove him to take his own life, there are a few things about Bodolai that we do know: He was a Cleveland sports fan, and he loved the Browns and the Indians. That in and of itself is the best kind of pain for a comedy writer: The tortuous, self-loathing and occasionally funny kind.

Bodolai was also a Buckeye fan and an 11W commenter and contributor, who was quite vocal throughout the Tatgate scandal about putting what was happening in Ohio State into the proper context with what was being perpetuated outside of Columbus.

He left what now obviously looks like a suicide note and leaves behind two sons.

RIP, Joe.

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What terrible news.  Joe was such a big Buckeye fan and such a nice person to me.  He found my old site early and emailed often to give me encouragement and drafts of Onion-esque stories involving Michigan players, etc.  What a talent.

I've spent the last half hour reading many old emails he sent to me. This one struck me in particular, sent right after Thanksgiving six years ago:

Happy Thanksgiving Keith,


Always happier when we carve the turkey after a win over the team up north.

Thanks for the nice comments and link.


Let's stay in touch and I'll keep the comedy up for the Bucks.


I probably didn't do my best staying in touch but he did his part with the comedy.  RIP, my friend

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Yeah very sorry to hear this, read his note and I do disagree with a quite a few of his beliefs, but nevertheless I'm very sorry to hear this.

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RIP Joe. You were always fun to interact with on Twitter.

Keith's picture

Weird, someone using Joe's LinkedIn account just connected with another person.  Why would anyone do that?